Barco’s Coolest LED Video Wall Wins Red Dot Award for Outstanding Design

From the folks at Barco- their OL-521 has won the prestigious Red Dot award. The OL-521 is an LED-lit, rear-projection display cube designed for fixed video wall installations in command centers and control rooms. The OL-521 is part of Barco’s LED video wall series launched in 2010, which tackles some of the biggest issues (e.g. screen size restrictions, color imbalances…) in video wall design today. These LED-lit video walls integrate cutting-edge DLP™ technology and a Barco designed projection engine for use in 24/7 mission-critical applications. They’re not just the coolest figuratively, they’re the coolest literally. This model is part of their liquid-cooled series and because of this, it’s the brightest display cube on the market without shortening the system’s lifetime. Additionally, by using mercury-free and energy-efficient LEDs, the OL produces less waste and allows recycling for future use as it comprises recyclable materials only. Check out the video on this page.

The OL-521 is the most space-saving display cube in Barco’s LED video wall offering. It’s a 50″ 4:3 with a depth of less than 45 cm (1.5 ft) and a weight of less than 44 kg (97 lbs), so the OL boasts significant fuel and cost savings during transport and installation. Barco’s OL is also available with front accessibility, which removes the need for a rear maintenance access, allowing a highly compact control room design. Furthermore, the OL display cubes can be stacked to a video wall of practically any size without sacrificing image quality or detail.

I need a couple for the mission-critical command center in the Projectionfreak HQ basement, except maybe I’ll go for the 70″ model.

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