Basketball Courts are the next Projectionmapping Playground

I know- it’s Superbowl week and I should be posting about all the great projection happening there (not much) but that’s a different story-
Well it was bound to happen at some point. Ever since the first one of these I saw featuring the original HES Orbital Head I thought it was a great idea. Basketball courts in arenas are the perfect medium for projection…controlled light, loud sound systems, giant canvas, captive audience. I can only hope the half-time stuff gets creative with motion tracking on the cheerleaders and mascots, etc. Team intros could be taken to the next level pretty easily. Not to mention the advertising potential- to wit, the Georgia State Lottery vid that follows. Again, it’s not so much about the “mapping”….there isn’t any really…it’s more about the content production. Although the HES stuff had the player’s headshots projected and some live video highlights, which I’d like to see more of when this takes off again. And you know it will!

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