Bordos.Artworks Amazing 3D Projectionmapping at Mapping Festival 2012

The moniker “3D” is nothing new to projectionmapping, and in fact, the term has been over applied and misused so much that it’s sometimes hard to find ‘real’ 3D stuff. Not the case with Bordos.Artwork. Their recent display at Mapping Festival Geneva 2012 is jaw-dropping. 3D for real in all it’s 3D-ness. You can hear the crowd reaction at a couple of really killer moments in the video. Granted, it’s hard to tell the depth in the video, but the sheer scale must’ve been awesome! Bordos did a great job with this one, but it wasn’t without it’s challenges. 3D, while stunning, poses a lot of issues with brightness as well as viewing angle even under the best circumstances, let alone on the side of a building with a very short throw! Bordos explains:

“The stereoscopic content was fully created within 3d softwares, not in post production. The stereoscopic effect is coming from two renderings from two different (virtual) cameras. The final content was composited into one video file. So, the projectors projected the same signal. We used 2 Christie projectors of 20K each, stacked (or converged) in order to increase the light power. Doubling the projectors is always a good thing, but here was a necessity too, since the anaglyph glasses “took down” thousands of Lumens. We used 0,8 lenses, since the distance was really small, this has also negatively affected our light power, so this was the second reason to have 2 projectors instead of one.
The biggest technical issue we had in this project was to define the good inter-axial distance of the virtual cameras we used, because the viewing distance between the audience and the facade of the building was very short. Well, the final effect was still as watching stereo from the first row in Imax.”

Having just finished an opera where I used the .8′s I can tell you- it’s no easy feat to converge these beasts. There is a finite lens range and anything even remotely resembling unlevel or out-of-axis will wreak havoc on convergence. You might be able to get away with a liiittttle bit being that the content was 3D, but not much. It’s probably harder to do……but these guys get a big thumbs up for accomplishing this crazy task!

Bordos.ArtWorks is the artist name of László Zsolt Bordos, a 3d artist living in Budapest, Hungary. He started as a VJ, performing in the underground party culture of Budapest, since year 2000. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest and at MediaLab UIAH (University of Art and Design) in Helsinki. With the time his artist name became a famous company in Hungary, Bordos.ArtWorks –
With his early 3d-vjing and outrageous video projections, including his first video mapping projects in 2006 and 2007, he became a pioneer of the genre. Since year 2006 he is working together with Ivó Kovács – and year by year the team grew. Since 2010 his projects are running under the name: Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists. Nowadays, beside vj-ing and 3d art, Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists are internationally recognized as eminent representatives of video projection mapping.
Make sure to check out the Showreel.

This is one of (hopefully) many videos/projects that will be forthcoming from Mapping Festival 2012….stay tuned!

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