Car Mapping

Audi’s New Digital Showroom

I know- not technically projection….but there’s a lot to look at here. An interactive pad that you step on to change the features of a car, multiple digital surfaces to interact on, and a display that is screaming for no seams. I guess I get it on a lot of levels, but wouldn’t you think a brand like Audi would opt for a more seamless digital display? Or at least a more slick way of presenting the product? Don’t get me wrong- if I had the scratch I’d buy an Audi in heartbeat….but I’d still like to see a seamless display. Or maybe map the features to an analog car in the actual showroom…LIKE THIS? Kudos to Audi for making the whole painful-carbuying-experience a little more slick….and granted, I might be in a minority, but if I wanted to buy a $50,000 car and use a Kinect-based, interactive, input-enhanced, 9-screen display system to do so, I’d want a damn seamless screen. Again, I might be in a minority….BUT…..

We can expect this sort of thing to become commonplace as the marketing folks get more entrenched into AV and control. In fact Aston Martin, BMW, and Infiniti are rumored to be working on the exact same thing. Let’s just hope they invest in Microtiles or maybe an RP alternative.

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Mapping a Supercar? Use a Hippo!

You know we like carmappings- especially when they involve concept racecars! During the 2012 Toyota motorsports program – which includes four races at different locations around Thailand – Toyota organized various events centered around and complementing the actual races and paddock. ‘Theatre shows’ and other delights provided entertainment for all those visiting the tracks. One such show was the “Toyota 86 3D Mapping Theatre” which ran every 15 mins between the hours of 9am and 6pm. Hippotizer HD and HippoCritter units (more…)

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Leviathan Dart Case Study

Quality production of any kind, projectionmapping or not, always requires so much more than people think. This video is a great example of that. We ran a piece a while back on Leviathan’s Dodge Dart campaign for Union Ad Works that showed a ridiculously cool projectionmapping featuring the once-lowly auto. The Dart was reborn onto a sleek, mesmerizing projected soundstage complete with rich colors, 3d backgrounds, and zooming landscapes. This video gives a bit of a peek behind the scenes into what it took to pull off a well done piece of work- great camera work, Touchdesigner, and Panasonic projectors…..what more could you want?

Make sure to stay tuned for some coverage of the upcoming Amon Tobin ISAM tour, which has been redesigned and reworked with help from the experts at Leviathan.

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Navistar Truck Videomapping

There’s been a recent spate of automobile projection mappings as of late, like a few from SuperGlue, RadugaDesign, and DuckUnit, but trucks and other vehicles are starting to crop up.

DALLAS – Navistar’s display at a recent trucking show in March aimed to debut a new truck while creating a brand experience that captured the company’s versatility. Freeman delivered an exhibit that included a skin-wrapped truck and several screens. Using projection, the truck itself became a screen showcasing the vehicle’s many potential applications. Freeman, a provider of services for marketing events, partnered with Navistar to build an immersive brand experience to showcase its global product offerings and future technologies.

The goal of the display at the 2012 Mid America Trucking Show held in March was twofold: debut the new Loadstar truck while creating a brand experience that captured the company’s versatility. Freeman delivered an exhibit that included a skin-wrapped (more…)

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How Do You Make a Great Carmapping? Superglue!


I came across this project recently and I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner! Superglue, an award winning production house based in London, did this campaign for the Toyota Auris and it’s pretty great. The team comprises a dynamic mix of production, post and digital brains working across live action, visual effects, 3D and motion graphics. Superglue operates across the modern media spectrum, creating moving image for everything from banners to broadcast.

Superglue’s projection mapping project for Toyota’s “Get Your Energy Back” campaign was a highly creative and technical challenge, utilising numerous different production techniques. The animation featured 2D, 3D, keyframed animation, dynamics, particle systems and more. Compositing, VFX and general pipeline management was performed in After Effects, whilst 3D work was created using Autodesk Maya and Maxon Cinema 4D. The team made extensive use of both Trapcode Form and Trapcode Particular in bringing to life the ‘hybrid energy’ that was the key part of the campaign’s message.

Hardware included 7 x custom media servers running a prosperity geometry mapping system developed in vvvv. 4 x Christie 18K roadster projectors and 3 x Panasonic 12K projectors. All fitted with short throw lenses.

Be sure to check out their portfolio with other cool projects!
And of course, the ‘making of’ video-

Creative agency : glue Isobar
Production & Post Production Company : Superglue
Projection setup & mapping : Igloo
Animation Director : Simon Cam
Live Action Director : Mark Jenkinson
Producer : Jax Evans
CG Lead : Gavin Rothery
CG Artist : Marcus Chaloner
Production Managers : Vicki Banwell / Marilyn Napaul
DOP : Ed Rutherford
Editor : Jose Gomez
Assistant Editor : Jamie Jenkinson
Music and Sound design : Liam Paton @ Resonate
With thanks to Tower Hamlets, Network Rail & EDF
Software & Plugins used: Maya, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Red Giant Particula & Form

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VW Passat Moov’s Up…..


Here’s a great video from our colleagues at Moov, a design/production house in Poland. It’s a good peek behind the scenes of what a good car projectionmapping consists of. Dig the projectionDesign F82 3-chip 10k’s! We’d also like to congratulate Moov for their Innavate 2012 Award for ‘Most InnAVative Corporate Event Project’. If you look at the nominees for 2012 in that category you’ll know this was not easy! Check out more of their work at their website or Youtube channel.

And of course, the video itself:

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RadugaDesign Car Maps for Marlboro

Even though NAIAS is over it’s time to honor the car once again….and even though this was nowhere near Detroit, it’s pretty awesome. RadugaDesign recently did this carmapping for Marlboro- and although videomapping on cars has had pretty good exposure as of late, I never get tired of it! Cars seem to be a perfect medium for this kind of advertising and projection work. Sleek lines, a sense of motion already built-in, tons of eye tricks that can be played….mapping on cars is a blast. It doesn’t take much either (besides some crazy content). You could use as little as one projector but 3 or 4 would do nicely, and they don’t really need to be big guns either. 5k would fit the bill

Check out a couple of other car mappings on Projectionfreak:
Lotsa Lambos
Hyundai Goes Big Again

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Leviathan Makes a Dodge Dart Cool

I once had a friend who owned a ’64 Dart convertible and it was pretty cool. Leviathan managed to make a 2013 Dart just as beautiful in this video. Well, almost. As they put it “Launching a new product generally warrants a sizable production, and car makers tend to unveil their latest & greatest in epic fashion. But when Dodge chose to resurrect the classic Dart for 2013, they took the on-ramp less traveled — and it made all the difference.

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V Squared Labs Reveals the Scion FR-S

I’m a huge fan of Vello Virkhaus’ (V Squared Labs) work and it seems he’s lent his touch to a car reveal. Projection on cars has been in the news a bunch recently- I guess everyone just jumps on the bandwagon at some point, but I happen to like it. Cars are perfect for this type of treatment….sleek lines, interesting shapes, smallish (so a really bright projector can look great), and you can use a lot more than 1 or 2 projectors if need be. V Squared Labs put their touch on this reveal for Scion and while they (more…)

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