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UMF Carl Cox Mega Structure

I know I know….Coachella’s in full swing and UMF is so- well, done. But UMF was a huge hit this year (surprise) and along with being a huge hit, you have to have huge structures- like this one:

AG Lights & Sound - Mega Structure - Ultra Music Festival 2013 - Video from ASK Media Productions on Vimeo.

Design by Stephen Lieberman – SJ Lighting Production by AG Lights & Sound – Video by ASK Media Productions – Adam Kaplan –

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Mapping Festival 2013

Mapping Festival 2013 is about to get under way in Geneva so get tickets NOW. There’s something for everybody- installations, VJing, and workshops on mapping and stage design from the likes of Boris Edelstein, Joanie LeMercier, and Phillipe Chaurand.

“The Mapping Festival is a multidisciplinary festival dedicated to audiovisual arts and digital cultures. As the sole broadcasting space of this magnitude in Switzerland, the festival is now also recognised internationally, and this with the richness of programming. Mapping Festival offers every year audiovisual performances, installations, clubbing parties, live performances, architectural mapping, as well as workshops and conferences.
Thanks to this unique diversity aspect, the festival is recognised throughout the world as an major event, a real experimental meeting space, for creation and exchange with its innovative thinking in the field of audiovisual arts.

Now in its eighth edition, the Mapping Festival has steadily grown and has become one of the leading events of its kind in Europe.”

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Tigrelab Vertical Dance and Videomapping for TV3

Tigrelab just did this great videomapping for TV3 featuring Sacude. Projecionmapping and dance already go together well, even more so when you do it sideways 30 ft. up a wall! In addition to some fantastic camera work, a Dataton Watchout was used along with a single Barco 20k.

Tigrelab - Video Mapping and Vertical Dance for TV3 from Tigrelab on Vimeo.

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Wilderbe- Projectionmapped Dance Troupe IndieGoGo Campaign


Just got a note from Wilderbe, a dance troupe that uses projectionmapping techniques to enhance their performance. Looks like they are running an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for a projector purchase. Let’s see….projection, dance, performing arts+technology….how could we resist? Have a look at their showreel and campaign vid below and, if you’re so inclined, head over to there IndieGoGo page to throw’em a buck or two. As we all know, this business isn’t necessarily the cheapest and creation takes effort- financially and emotionally. Director Nova Han would be most appreciative.

“Wilderbe has already performed at 2 world class festivals as main stage acts, performed at a private event for Bob Pitman CEO of Clear Channel, as well as shared the stage with Alicia Keys and Katy Perry. Crowds and reviewers have expressed how immersed they became while watching Wilderbe’s theatrical performance synergize with technology. I am beyond impressed by their performances and completely agree that the show “changes people’s perceptions of reality”, “is surreal”, “avant-garde”, and “the future of entertainment.” Its the perfect media convergence that evokes a one of a kind visual-sensory experience. We are trying to fundraise to get two projectors and a screen so that our team can master this fusion between different mediums of art.”

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The Alchemy of Light- A Dandypunk

It’s always great to come across stuff that takes projectionmapping to another level- especially when it’s so simple, but powerful. As is the case with this piece from a dandypunk. He used an NEC NP500 for projecting, and the entire thing was done in Final Cut Pro and dragon Stop motion, no mapping software at all. He says he just photographed the set, imported to FCP and just created the animations around it using key frames and stop motion from hand drawn illustrations. It reminded me a lot of a Pilobolus piece I saw a while back….but it’s another fantastic example of not having to use expensive techniques and gear to achieve a great result.

Projection mapping live performance art - The Alchemy of Light by a dandypunk from a dandypunk on Vimeo.

Direction, illustration*, animation* and performance of all characters* by a dandypunk
*Sacred Geometry by Grahame Gardner
*Tentacle animation by RUBBISHBELT.COM
*Falling silhouetted man performed by Roger Fojas
Eternal thanks to for many many things..
Music by Edit -Ants

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MotionHouse Voyage

UK dance innovators MotionHouse opened their most ambitious project yet, The Voyage, two weeks ago. In celebration of the London 2012 Festival, Birmingham’s Victoria Square hosted the World Premiere of The Voyage which embarked on its maiden journey in front of a delighted audience. An estimated audience of 4,500 people were treated to the first performances of The Voyage, an epic tale that tells the dramatic story of passengers aboard the HMS Olympia, a 50ft passenger liner.

Crowds were swept away with delight as they watched incredibly physical dance and daring aerial acrobatics performed aboard the ship. This unique storytelling experience kept spectators hooked as they became part of an interactive dance and film spectacle with a talented cast of over 150.

Birmingham’s prestigious Town Hall provided the perfect backdrop to the free performance, which was complemented by stunning projections, and brilliant musical performances from the Town Hall Gospel Choir, live music from the Birmingham Conservatoire and amateur performers from Birmingham Ormiston Academy, Stratford Upon Avon College, Playbox Theatre, Solihull, Nova and Coventry Youth Dance Groups and the Motionhouse Adult dance group.

Produced by Birmingham Hippodrome, The Voyage is a fantastic cultural collaboration between one of the UK’s leading outdoor dance companies Motionhouse based in Leamington Spa and Australia’s acclaimed physical theatre and aerial company Legs On The Wall, from Sydney. The music was specially written and composed by Sophy Smith and Tim Dickinson. The set is a life-size cruise liner designed by Simon Dormon with stunning film projection from Logela Multimedia from the Basque region of Spain.

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MIDASpaces presents CODES

From our colleagues at MIDASpaces comes a call for support. They are hoping to put together a new piece entitled CODES for the Absolut Fringe 2012. You’ll recall MIDASpaces from a previous post- the Dublin based collective now needs our help to fund their latest endeavor, CODES. Gifts for funding can be made at and there are a number of levels with corresponding gifts. Knowing the expense of our little corner of the arts world, I can appreciate their need for some decent funding. Let’s help them get off to a good start and see what comes out of it!

From their Fund It page:
“We are now looking to go beyond our initial prototype for a new unique, experimental and visceral visual performance piece entitled CODES as part of the ABSOLUT Fringe 2012. Working with the MIDASpaces team are choreographers Tom O’Donnell (as seen in the FUNDIT promo) and Emma O’Kane as well as dancers Roisin A. Laffan and Alina Ortenburger. Working collaboratively, CODES will challenge how far we can take digital augmentation within a dance and live music performance.

Combining light projection, interactive audio and visual design CODES is a groundbreaking performance to be presented this coming autumn but we need your support! Aside from the typical costs of creating a show, we require high powered projectors. various other pieces of technology (some bought, some made, some hacked together by our team), for rehearsals, to feed our wonderful dancers and to make the show happen! ”

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Nuit Sonores from AntiVJ

An oldie but a goodie. From Romain Tardy and AntiVJ (with Yannick Jacquet (legoman), Olivier Ratsi, Joanie Lemercier) comes Nuits Sonores, stage design and VJing for the Nuit Sonores Festival in Lyon France, 2009.

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Coachella 2012!

Jack Johnson Cherry Picker

Coachella’s about to kick into full bore this weekend and I wish I were going to be there. I, unfortunately, will be in a dark theatre with a musical (at least I’m getting paid for it…) but anybody who’s anybody will be performing onstage and off, with the likes of Amon Tobin, Mazzy Star, Radiohead, and the Black Keys. You can bet the visual experience will be just as good as the musical one. If you were lucky enough to score a ticket before it sold out, here’s a couple of links to help you drool as much as me:
Here’s the set times for Coachella
For Travel/Lodging
Festival FAQ’s
and of course, a WEBCAST
You can bet there will be some video and a couple of features that come after so stay tuned to Projectionfreak!

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CALL 911 NOW! UMF takes over Miami and is SOLD OUT

EDM superstars Skrillex and Fat Boy Slim are just a drop in the bucket at the Ultra Music Festival. Combine that with a stage and visual design from V Squared Labs and you get the real star of the show– the mainstage rig! Here’s a look at the rig courtesy of MTV and Vello:

Get More: Music News

If V Squared is there you know it will be great….maybe rivaling the famed Amon Tobin ISAM rig….we’ll see. “We have this crazy high-definition output system taking it to the next level at Ultra this year,” Virkhaus beamed. Of course, possibly the most exciting one-up from last year’s undertaking is the presence of, wait for it, an “LED roof” over the stage that is going to be an added visual element for each set.

“This is the overhead grid that’s going to be over viewers,” Virkhaus explained. “You’ve got artists like Tiësto, Afrojack, Skrillex, Avicii — people coming who are going to make a fantastic show for the audience — and we are going to do some amazing visuals. I know [the fans] are going to be blown away with the experience we are bringing.”

Of course there are other projects going on as well. Large scale projection masters Senovva will be projectionmapping for Red Bull with 12 Barco FLM 20k’s as seen here:

Send pics please…..or a ticket and a flight to Miami….

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Mojo Video Tech in a 10 Hour VJ Meltdown

Projection Conniseur Dr. Mojo is co-producing the 10 Hour VJ Meltdown at the Flat Iron Hotel tonight. Looks like it will be a serious bash so get there if you’re in the NYC area!

Multo & Mojo Video Tech Inc
in association with Frère Independent
present a 10 HOUR VJ MELTDOWN
on Friday March 9th from 3pm – 1am
to celebrate the opening of the Pool Art Fair NYC
we will be taking over the entire lobby of the

26th Street & Broadway
New York NY 10001

featuring live mixes by
Liquid Light Lab * Miixxy * DoctorMojo
Guillaume Clave * Fuzzy Bastard

installations and presentations by
Globalrev Live * VJ Electrabelle * VJ KRUNCH
Francesco Carnesecchi * VJ Albert * Ray-V

plus international artists livestreaming
Ioann – Edinborough * Vlad/Niikky – Spain

music by
DJ JayPhantom * others tba

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Side to One

From Lisa Griffiths and Craig Bary comes ‘Side to One’ a duet with live projected animation and sound by Adam Synnott. A large light-box set is used as a versatile stage and lighting device which the dancers perform on, in and around. The light effectively manipulates the space and shifts perceptions of the physical and emotional ‘togetherness’ – or not – of the relationship. The choreography is highly technical with intimate moments enhanced by live interactive visuals and sound. Extremely intimate duets are both a metaphor in this work and something of a signature in Lisa and Craig’s movement language. It is derived of a choreographic pressure point’ technique they have developed (and are still developing) where movement is generated by pressing parts of two bodies and visualising the one. The work looks sleek and sophisticated and has a voyeuristic feel where emotions are experienced through the private interplay between soul-mates.

Adam: “It was a fairly straight forward set up
1 PC with an nvidia Quadro 8800 ultra running Touch Designer pro (video) + max/msp (sound/lights)
1 EIKI LC-XB250 4000 ansi lumens projector pointing on to the stage placed center-front
2 CCTV cameras placed with the projector, one b/w with IR pass filter for tracking stuff and 1 color cam for live feeds
1 Imaging Source DFG 1394 converter for the video input.
1 AVC video quad processor to switch feedsKorg Nano control surface + Korg Mikro(for audio)

All the visuals were procedurally generated live in Touch Designer except one 2 minute film component in the middle of the work.”

Adam Synnott’s animations respond in real time to Lisa and Craig’s movements on stage. He also plays guitar, keyboards and sequencers to generate a live sound score each night. The images are sometimes unifying and sometimes provide a counterpoint. They both support thematics – like a soul outside the body or spilled blood – and are abstracted visuals. The live interaction of animation and sound with the dance injects an element of the unknown, puts the “relationship” on an edge and means each performance is subtly different.

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NYX Visual Label Raves on for Cracki

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a warehouse party so I was glad when NYX Visual Label sent the following vid. In collaboration with graphic designer Flab Bakayaro, they were able to transform a warehouse into a release party for Cracki Records, complete with a futuristic, freaky-bold 2D wall painting that they mapped using Madmapper and Modul8. Nice work!

Check out a previous project from NYX on PF, using Madmapper to map Cloud, a 3D structure.

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