Codex Dynamic at DUMBO Arts 2012

DUMBO Arts Fest 2012 kicked into high gear with the side and underside of the Manhattan Bridge projectionmapped with “Codex Dynamic”, a work curated by Leo Kuelbs and John Ensor Parker. Two site-specific, large-scale, mapped projections rotated with a selection of single-channel video artworks by internationally renowned video artists. The exhibition seeks to conjure artistic inquiry relating to the subjectivity of space, time and the effect they have on our perceived reality. The DUMBO Arts Festival is a three day celebration of arts, music, and performance that takes place “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpasses” every year with world-renowned artists displaying everything from painting to video to dance and music.
Of course, we’re particular to the video aspect and this years fete looks spectacular! Hats off to Worldstage and Nationwide Video for supplying the gear and Lead Projectionist Juan Mateo as well as projectionist MojoVideoTech for making it look great. Integrated Visions Productions, whom we’ve featured before here and here, had a hand in some of this fantastic work- check out their video at the bottom.

Since they were using a d3 system, they had Nils and Luke come out and train some of the staff in D3 as well as help them mount the show. They had a very short time frame for load in and mapping, and since it was outdoors, they were restricted to working at night as well. In order to get the work done, they had their programmers working in teams with Nils and Luke, as well as the lead programmer/operator and media server techs from their Convergence staff, and (2) projectionists.

They’re still sifting through the still photos and we’ll update as soon as they come in, but in the meantime, head over to Dr. Mojo’s site to see some behind-the-scenes work. Special thanks to the Worldstage folks for conjuring up the tech specs- thanks Sarah!

From IVP, “Time Divides”

Time Divides (Sequence One of the Codex Dynamic Group Exhibit, DUMBO Arts Festival 2012) from Integrated Visions Productions on Vimeo.

Time Divides Credits.
Produced by Brian Blessinger
Concept by Michelle Dodson, Bryan Dodson and Adam Barfield
Directed by Michelle Dodson and Bryan Dodson
Animation by Michelle Dodson and Bryan Dodson
Sound Design by Adam Barfield
Pre-production Consultation by Tim Daust of Reelmind Studios.

And some footage from Frank Godia:

Manhattan Bridge Video Projection from Frank Godla on Vimeo.

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