Creators Project Update with UVA

We recently featured United Visual Artists work at Coachella here, and there’s some new footage from the Creator’s Project that really gets really in-depth about the project. The d3 is a visualization/projection/media server system developed by UVA and you get to see how the new Sandybridge processors were integrated. Many thanks to Juliette Eisner for the heads up as well as United Visual Artists for some outstanding work! Check it out here.

Word from the technical team for the gear used:
d3 4u rack machine: 1 (+ 1 backup)
Barco Mistrips: 810
Showgun 2.5: 8
Martin 2k Wash: 6
VL3500: 34
ATOMIC 3000: 10

Grand MA Desk FULL 1 (+ 1 backup Grand MA Desk LIGHT)

D320 LED processors 5 (only 1 needed but because of large distances 5 were used)

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