Down the Rabbit Hole Again with Mute Math

Jake Jorgovan over at Rabbit Hole Creative hipped me to a project they worked on for MUTEMATH. In collaboration with 44 Production Designs and DWP Live, they used Two Barco HDX-W14 projectors. One projector was used to transform the stage into a pulsing, morphing, 3D work of art and the second projector was used to cover the band in projection.

They designed the system so the LD, Darien Koop, could handle the warp through Pandoras Box in about 15 minutes each night. They programmed the entire show to timecode which was synced via SMPTE to the bands track controls on stage. They also used a GoPro camera system on stage utilizing the HDMI outputs and ran the live IMAG feeds through the Pandora’s box and used video content overlays for effect.

Tumbler Photo Credit: Max Roper
The set piece was treated with high contrast Screen Goo for extra punch. Jake stated “We loved the HDX projectors, they were brand new and super bright. The Screen Goo added a ton of gain, contrast and depth. It looked as if we stacked on another projector.” Content was created in Cinema 4D, After Effects, Quartz Composer and Final Cut Pro.”
Rabbit Hole Creative
44 Production Design
DWP Live

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