Electric Zoo Festival 2011

One of the first large-scale gigs I ever worked was Lollapalooza ’92. I still get excited when I hear about multi-day festivals with tons of acts and boatloads of production…I got that same thrill when I received the news of the Electric Zoo Festival from fellow projectionfreak Mojo Video Tech (AKA VJ Doctor Mojo). MVT was contracted to act as technical consultant and projectionist for the huge event on Randall’s island by the production design company StarLight Visuals.

The three day festival featured 100 DJ’s performing on four stages, and included extensive lighting and video production. In addition to massive LED walls, two of the stages also incorporated a projection element. 85,000 people attended. 85k for an electronic music show. That’s huge even by stadium standards.

The ‘Sunday School’ stage included a standard video projection which supplemented the mood of the lighting and highlighted the geometry of the large polygon set pieces. A Grand MA console operated the lighting as well as controlling the M-Box media servers which provided the video content for LEDs and projection. The ‘Riverside’ stage sponsored by RedBull featured a totally unique design concept which seamlessly merges high powered video projection and LED display technology. Utilizing the recently popularized technique of projection mapping and combining it with the pixel mapping capabilities of the Hippotizer HD media server, a system was created to apply multi-layered video images to a large scale 3D screen/display/structure. Acts like Luciano, Gui Boratto, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and David Guetta all threw down with massive visuals.

MVT does some crazy cool gigs and the good Doctor promises some video footage to be forthcoming- check back for an update! Make sure to check out MVT’s site HERE for more pics of the Electric Zoo Festival as well as a number of other outstanding projection projects. I’ll certainly be featuring more on Projectionfreak in the very near future.

all imagery copyright and courtesy Mojo Video Tech

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