ETC pixelToy

ETC has released a beta of a potentially useful app for all the lighting Freaks out there. It’s called ‘pixelToy‘ and from the looks of it I think the squints have another tool for invading video world. With the lighting folks in mind, they’ve kept the user interface completely devoid of text and totally drag-and-drop. No excuses from the lampies about complexity please! It looks like a simple effects generator for lighting instruments, LED arrays, groups of dimmers, and the like. There’s a Timeline with Tracks
and they render top-down allowing stacked content. pixelToy sends rig output in the form of Streaming ACN to 8-bit Dimmer, RGB, CMY, or CYM fixtures. You can quickly patch fixtures in the Rig Output interface. For the more ‘video-minded’ of us, you can open a second display for video output. For example, you can enable a second monitor for projector output, and then place a full screen video output window on that monitor. The monitor resolution will affect video output rate, so choose the smallest resolution that is acceptable on your second monitor.  Looks like theres already some fixture profiles and they encourage you to write your own in Visual C++.

Besides the name, which it seems is already in use on a couple of apps, it looks like a pretty neat little tool.  I plan on playing with it as soon as I’m near a PC (which isn’t that often ;) ), and while they say it’s designed for ‘touch enabled devices’, I don’t have any touchscreens to use so I’ll have to settle for the PC mode. Remember- it’s BETA….don’t go trying it on any shows or anything. It’s free and ETC would love some feedback.  Let me know how it goes….

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