Flightphase Interactive Projection Wall at University of Dayton

Flightphase, along with HUSH studios and 160over90, lent their talents to the creation of an incredible interactive projection wall featured at the University of Dayton. (You may recall Hush was the motion graphic studio behind the giant Toyota touchscreen we featured a while back) Intended to be an “interactive attractor” for prospective students and their families, the wall is housed at the university Admission Center and allows one to “interact” with student life at UD through video. It’s pretty amazing. Flightphase has a full case study on their website and it’s worth a look. The wall uses ‘cubes’ that come together to form a video background when someone approaches or interacts with it. The University of Dayton was looking for a unique way to help prospective students decide on UD. The contour of the person seen by the overhead cameras is mapped onto the field of cubes. Three large areas on the wall are regions where the videos can be revealed. The cubes falling within the person contour and the video region fade in their video tile as they scale, rotate and move to congeal with other cubes forming the video.

The software for this project was built using openFrameworks. For video tracking they used a modified version of TSPS (Toolkit for Tracking People in Spaces). They are using 2 Mac Minis to get input from the Kinect cameras — each Mac Mini running the TSPS app blending the input from two Kinects, and sending the contour information over to the Mac tower. Another blending process there puts the depth images from all the 4 Kinect cameras together into a single long interaction area. The same tower is also running our application responsible for animating and drawing the cubes.
There was yet another blending process involved: blending the projected image: they are using 3 projectors with some overlap between them. To do the image blending they are using a slightly modified version of a projector blending shader that they used before for other projects.

University of Dayton Interactive Wall, Case Study from Flightphase on Vimeo.

Client: University of Dayton
Agency: 160over90
Production Company: HUSH
Art & Technology Director: Flightphase

FLightphase credits:
Creative Direction, Interaction Design, Bespoke Software Design

Creative Direction/Design: Karolina Sobecka
Technical Direction: James George, Jeff Crouse
Lead Sofware Development: Jeff Crouse
Additional Software Development: Caleb Johnston

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