When I was a kid growing up on the West Coast, the hot ticket in shoes was to own a pair of Vans. They ultimately became the de-facto skate/surf/grunge wear shoe-of-choice when they came out with the slip-on version (still are AFAIK). VSOThe beauty of Vans at that point (early 80′s) was that they were still quite boutique and you could pick and choose different colors/fabrics for the various designs they had. If you were reeeaallllly cool, you could take (as I did) your own fabric in and have them make a pair for you.

Fast forward 30 years and you get the following.

3D artist Craig Winslow’s “Illuminal” morphed into something a little more than it started out as. As the successor project to “Illuminal”, he started with a pair of Merrell Barefoot Run Bare Access 2 running shoes then used a higher end Optoma LED projector along with Modul8 and Madmapper to map custom graphics onto the floating shoes. There was also a box below which displayed the artist info and other tidbits. Craig utilized the help of Justin Kuzma to integrate two proximity sensors with a Sparkfun Redboard and MIDI Shield. Passersby would be detected and the graphics would start. The work was on display at Treasure&Bond SoHo for the brand Bucketfeet. The concept behind Bucketfeet is that you can have a pair of shoes with custom graphics designed by many different artists, graffiti artists, and graphic designers from around the world.

As projectionmapping moves away from the gigantic/eye-popping/grandiose, it’s great to see what gets to fill in- smaller, more creative uses and integration with other technologies. Nice work, Craig!

illuminimal from Craig Winslow II on Vimeo.

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