infoComm12 presents some issues….

I picked a heck of a week to go on vacation. infoComm2012 is in full swing at the Las Vegas Convention Center and although I had all kinds of chances to go and meet up with some great folks, they had to play second to my family! BUT- all of my extended family are showing off some great stuff at the show. What are the issues? Which one to buy of course….and there’s the fact that if you attend the show, how does one keep one’s head from exploding whilst on the show floor? Let’s see…..Las Vegas (check), high end electronics (check), massive, mind-blowing projection offerings (check), ummmmm. Can’t really come up with any negatives. Read on:

Digital Projection Inc.
3 brand-new E-Vision models:
— E-Vision WXGA 7000 – An evolution of the original 600 series, sporting a new, rugged all-metal chassis, higher lumens, Warp, Blend, 3D capability and user replaceable color wheels. Now, DP customers can have a powerfully bright projector at an entry level price point with all the bells and whistles!
— E-Vision 1080p 8000 & WUXGA 8000 –

M-Vision – 2nd generation of the M-Vision 3D projector, which incorporates full plug and play connectivity with all HDMI 1.4a sources.

• dVision – Introduction of the new dVision 35 series, featuring frame rates up to 120 Hz on most models, and Connect + technology, which provides input expansion and extended compatibility options with sources such as 3G-SDI and HDMI 1.4a.

• TITAN Pro Series 3 / 3D
— DP’s award-winning TITAN product line has evolved – and for InfoComm 2012, every model is all new, benefitting from the latest evolution of our NextGen electronics. Major enhancements include:
• Advanced Warp and Blend with minimal video latency
• 3G-SDI input, standard
• FastFrame motion blur reduction
• Intelligent Lens Mount
• Xenon Color Mode – for super-accurate color calibration
• New, rugged, lighter and quieter chassis
• Single lamp, dual lamp and Quad lamp models, with brightness up to 16,000 lumens!
• Full 3D connectivity to the most diverse range of high frame rate and HDIM 1.4a sources. 3D is either standard or offered as an option on all TITAN models.
• TITANs remain the smallest, most capable and most efficient 3-chip DLP projectors available today!
— TITAN 800 Pro Series 3D: At infoComm, we are proudly introducing our newest dual lamp TITAN platform – the 12,000 lumen TITAN 800 series. Equipped with the same remarkable capabilities as our 16,000 lumen TITAN Quad 3D models, 800′s produce the highest lumen per watt performance of any 3-chip projector in their class. Additionally, the new 800 displays offer full 3D connectivity, Warp, Blend, Intelligent Lens Mount, and a host of other DP exclusive technologies – all standard.

— The Flagship of DP’s 3-chip product lineup, our LIGHTNING series has also evolved to incorporate new optical enhancements, as well as the latest innovations of our NextGen electronics. All LIGHTNING Pro Series 3D models now include:
• Full 3D connectivity to a diverse range of high frame rate and HDMI 1.4a sources
• Advanced Warp and blend with minimal video latency
• 3G-SDI inputs, standard
• FastFrame motion blur reduction
• Intelligent lens mount
• Hyper-cooled lamp modules with super efficient glass reflectors
• Available in 1080p, WUXGA and SX+, with astounding brightness, from 20,000 to 30,000 lumens.
• DP’s exclusive RapidRig system, providing easy projector flying and stacking, along with independent pitch roll and yaw adjustments per projector, standard.
• LIGHTNINGs remain the smallest, most capable and most efficient large venue powerhouse displays in the world.


HDF-W22 offers 22,000 lumens light output, the HDF-W26 clocks in at 26,000 lumens (and in the the ‘please buy me one NOW department’) the HDQ-2K40 generates no less than 40,000 lumens. What’s more, Barco’s HDX-W18, HDF-W26 and HDQ-2K40 projectors will be available with a unique adjustable brightness feature later this year. Thanks to this ‘light-on-demand’ technology, rental partners have full flexibility to tune the light output of their projector to the specific needs of their customer’s event.


Christie Digital

Christie is featuring a projectionmapping from BARTKRESA Design using 4 Roadster S+22k-J models, all with on-board Christie Twist  on a big, freaky pyramid. And they have a HUGE product offering:
-9 additions to the dual lamp M series including 3 Mirage models- Christie DS+14K-M, HD 14K-M, WU14K-M, Roadster S+14K-M, Roadster HD14K-M, Roadster WU14K-M, Mirage DS+14K-M, Mirage HD14K-M and Mirage WU14K-M

-Two new 3LCD platforms including the LX41/LW41

-And also in the “can I please get one NOW” department- the D4K25 3-chip DLP





-The F22 series, F35 AS3D, F82, FL35, and the Multi-Image-Processor will all be on display as well as a never-before-seen 6-channel 220x90deg. 3D dome, and a 16 channel 4×4 visualization from Boi Solutions.

I should say in closing that I don’t receive anything from any of these manufacturers. I’m a freak about ALL of them. If you’re going to compare/contrast any models or companies, keep in mind one of the oldest axioms in the biz “The right tool for the right job”. They all do fantastic stuff. None of them make anything cheap(ly). In fact, if you know this business at all, you know that cheap stuff ain’t good, and good stuff ain’t cheap. Do I have favorites? Of course I do. Do I love all my children? Of course I do.

Having said that, if you’d like to contribute to me getting one of the aforementioned pieces of projection goodness, hit the “donate” button on the right- or I’ll just settle for a follow on FB or Twitter. Try our RSS feed or subscribe by email for info like this on a timely basis!
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