Integrated Visions Projectionmaps Miami

OK, not the whole city….but a large chunk of the Hotel InterContinental got the VIP treatment from Integrated Visions and Senovva during the Ultra Music Festival last week. The project called ‘Red Bull Mind-Meld’ experience featured custom animations and footage that spanned 20,000 s.f. of the side of the building. As far as I know, this one ranks right up there with some of the largest projectionmappings in the US done so far- at least in terms of sheer size. IVP produced content that ranged from hypnotic, trippy eye candy to footage directly from the Red Bull library. “We had access to the complete Red Bull video library, the athletics, extreme sports, base-jumping, snow boarding, all that stuff, and we produced more than 30 original animated loops”,” said Brian Blessinger, partner, Integrated Visions Productions. ““We had a good mix of action footage and original party music video content. The Red Bull content was about one-fifth of the total content, the rest abstract visuals and animation that our creative team developed and designed.”

Senovva provided 12 Barco FLM-HD20′s and UVA’s D3 media playback system to create a projection plan that broke the massive projection surface into three zones, and then side-stacked 4 of the monster Barco projectors to saturate each zone with color. Senovva Senior Producer Dave Taylor layered the images produced by these stacked projectors pixel to pixel, to create a single seamless image in each zone, with a total of 7,776,000 pixels (1920 x 4050) on the wall, a virtually impossible feat. Without this stacked effect, the projection wall would not have stood up to the onslaught of high intensity LED displays arrayed throughout the rest of the festival grounds.

And of course- a whole bunch of people that were involved:
Executive Producer: Janet Smith (Red Bull North America)

Project Management: Integrated Visions Productions, LLC (
Producer and Director of Marketing/Communications: Brian Blessinger
Technical Director: Bryan Dodson
Creative Director: Michelle Dodson

Media Creation:
Director/Art Direction: Bryan Dodson & Michelle Dodson

Assistant Director/Art Direction: Timothy Daust

Graphic Design/Art Direction: Darcy Reenis

..:: LIFE PATTERNS ::.. Pattern created by Kris Davidson. Digital artwork created by Kurt Redeker of Knew Conscious. (

Animation by:

Bryan Dodson
Michelle Dodson
Timothy Daust
Michael Hussey
Li Shen
Michael Stone
Alex Turbyfield
Erin McGuire-Thompson
Josh Marsh
Thomas Bassett
Kelly Head
Tom Pritchard (DoP for VFX video asset shoot)

Projection Execution and Media Operation: SenovvA, Inc. (

Dave Taylor, Sr. Projectionist, SenovvA, Inc.

Tristan Valencia, Sr. Producer & Managing Director, SenovvA East Coast, SenovvA, Inc.

Bryan A. Edens, Producer & Director of Marketing/Communications, SenovvA, Inc.

Simon Anaya, Media Management Engineer, SenovvA, Inc.

Sean Kelly, Projectionist

Nick Jaidoo, Projectionist

Edgar Olave, Global Link Group (

ROC OFF, Local Crew (

Jamie Mardis, Sidram Power (

Juancho, Production Assistant

Special thanks to The Intercontinental Hotel Group and Ultra Music Festival.

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