Klip Collective Videomapping of UT Tower

I came across a production house doing some great work recently- kind of amazed I didn’t see this already….but the Klip Collective did this outstanding Rubik’s cubish treatment of the University of Texas tower. It was for promotional footage of the University’s new Longhorn Network, a channel devoted to all things Longhorn- academics and sports.

From their website:
As the inventors of video mapping, Klip leads the field of projection installations by combining problem solving engineering with artistic sensibility. Using our patented video mapping process, any surface can become a video canvas without distortion and with seamless integration. Lead by self-taught video artist Ricardo Rivera and photographer Pier Nicola D’Amico, Klip creates stunning immersive visual experiences and award winning projection advertising. Klip is a one-stop shop, handling all aspects of the installation process including creative conception, pre-visualization, pre-production, shooting, post-production, interactive programming, location scouting and management, installation and documentation.

The specs for the projection are two Barco 20k’s, After Effects, and a separate 3d program.

We’ll most definitely be posting some more stuff from the Klip Collective in the future, but for now- dig the giant tower-cube!

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