Konstruktiv at Houza Palooza

Any time you can combine camping, champagne, killer video projection, and EDM- life is good. As was the case at Houza Palooza, recently held in Belgium Aug. 24-25. VJ Konstruktiv (Jean-Michel Verbeeck) was kind enough to answer a few questions concerning the rig for this two-day EDM/videofest:

imagery courtesy FramedMedia.de

1) What exactly is Houza Palooza?
Houza Palooza is an upcoming Dance Music festival with different kinds of music genres located in Bree, Belgium. The past 3 years they managed to create something unique to the world of festivals. With their creative, inspiring & innovative approach they are making their way to the top festivals in Belgium giving any talent the chance to shine next to the world’s greatest Dj’s.
More information: www.houza-palooza.be

2) How did you get involved ?
I’ve always been a Motion Designer – Creating Motion Graphics for Broadcast & Promotional purposes. 3 years ago a friend recommended me to the organization to create their trailer and the graphic design part. (Poster,Flyer,etc…) I’ve been doing this ever since they contacted me. But it’s since 2011 that I’m responsible for the Minimal – Techno stage where I perform a Live Projection Mapping performance.

3) How do DJs/VJs interface with the projection system?
We are connected to the projection system and do all our live visuals using Resolume Avenue & Garagecube Madmapper. The visuals from Resolume Avenue are sent through a syphon server straight into Madmapper where the mapping setup takes place. The Dj’s only interact with the system through an Audio input (from the main Mixer) that is connected to a Macbook Pro. All our effects react to that sound level using the Low – Mid & High frequencies.

4) What does the rig consist of? Projection, LED, lighting?
The projection mapping rig only consist of one projector. We covered the 18 meter wide stage with one Barco FLM HD20 projector with a 1,1-1,4 Lens using a Dvi Cable. There are no LED setups involved, everything on the stage is projected with the projector. There are a few Spots / Strobes and other lighting involved but this was kept to its absolute minimum.

5) What kind/lumens are the projector(s)?

The Barco FLM HD20 is an ultra-bright projector specified with a 20.000 Lumens output.

6) Special playback gear?

We control Resolume Avenue with 2 Midi control units. The first we mainly use for effects & adjustments, it’s the Codanova vmx v64 controller. The second unit we use is a simple Ipad running the Lemur application from Liine. This makes it possible to create our own interface based on our personal needs for every live performance. For the Houza Palooza 2012 show we mainly used it for triggering clips & making adjustments to the BPM synch & re-syncing – Also a control for the RGB values was involved on the Lemur application.

7) Type of signal sent and/or processing?

As previous mentioned we created all the visuals from scratch before the event took place, using Adobe After Effects & Maxon Cinema 4d. There was no Processing involved and no live generative visuals. We manipulated all the different clips (+/- 800 in total) Live in the VJ software and in sync with our own perception of the music. Everything was sent with Dvi from a Macbook Pro straight into the Projector.
Minimal setup with a Maximum output.

8 ) Plans for next year?

The setup from this year was quite similar to one from the previous year when it comes to the projection mapping technique.
We would like to take it a few steps further next year and really take it to its full mapping potential using the technique that we at Konstruktiv include in all our installations. We have big plans and will start on the production of that show in december 2012 – Keep an eye out for the summer of 2013! Bigger – Better and even more Visual overdose.

See more of Konstruktiv’s work at his Facebook Page

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