Tutorials for Projection

At the prodding of an associate I’ve thrown my hat into the tutorial ring. Before all you purists get crazy and start sending corrections about optical theory and the law of inverse square, keep in mind I’m starting out with the basics. Quick, accurate information that people can use to make a picture happen. Often times, folks will just need to make an image for a client (or worse, a boss) for Powerpoint, Keynote, or some kind of presentation and those are the people I’m hoping to help. Yes there will be in-depth stuff as we roll on, but for now- just the facts….no nuance. I’m fortunate enough to work in a space that can accommodate this kind of info and hopefully as time marches on I can get more crazy with projecting onto sets, color balance, lumen output, etc….Not all of these are going to come from me- I hope to get input from some friends and associates in the biz, so at the very least you’ll know this info is coming from people in the industry FOR people in the industry.

So we start with the basics of setting a PJ and making a picture:

EDIT:And before the audio people go bananas, I redid the track so it shouldn’t suck completely…..whaddya want? I’m a vidiot not a fader jockey…..



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