Luftwerk on Falling Water

Well I’m beside myself with this one.

Falling Water, the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright designed residence in Bear Run Pennsylvania, was transformed into a projectionmapped wonderland by Luftwerk- a chicago based artistic collaboration of Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero. It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven- tasteful, artistic projectionmapping and great architecture!

We featured another great mapping from Onionlab with A-Cero architects a while back, but this one….this one is magnifique! I’m an architecture aficionado anyway
so I love this type of work. Luftwerk explains: “Given the trees surrounding the structure the projectors needed to be close to the surface, to avoid casting shadows of branches/leaves. Six of the projectors were mounted on tree stands. We used one CPU with three triple heads connecting to 8 hi-rez video cable 5BNC-5BNC RGBHV. Content was created with Final Cut Studio. We tested all of our projections on scale models of the building prior set-up.
This building was amazing to work with, the geometry of the structure … the various view points … details, angles, …..Since it was truly dark during the presentation, the building almost disappeared and all you experienced was the illumination/video – in midst of nature …”

I almost fainted. Imagine if I’d seen it live.

All Imagery courtesy and copyright of Luftwerk

Using Derivative’s Touchdesigner (another PF fave app) they were able to control playback with effortless ease. Petra stated “Touch Designer was an after thought, after going through various options it appeared as the most powerful software for our needs, allowing for fluid playback.”

You can see a lot more of Luftwerk’s fabulous work on their website as well as see more about Falling Water and this install directly from You can be sure I’ll feature some more of Luftwerk’s projects here on Projectionfreak in the very near future as well.

A partial gear list: 1 x Sanyo PLC-XF35 6500 Lumens (Fixed 1.2 lens) – 1 x Sanyo PLC-XF35 6500 Lumens (Zoom 1.35-1.8) – 2 x InFocus LP-850 4500 Lumens (Zoom 1.1-1.5) – 2 x InFocus LP-850 4500 Lumens (Zoom 1.5-2.2) – 1 x Panasonic PT-D5700U 6000 Lumens – 1 x Panasonic PT-D5700U 6000 Lumens, both Panasonics with a 0.8 Fixed lens)

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