Luminous Field by Luftwerk

Luftwerk gets to project on some pretty amazing architecture and sculpture and now they get to project (well, reflect) on another iconic piece – Millenium Park in Chicago with Anish Kapoors ‘Cloud Gate’. Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero are a duo from Chicago who have done some great work in projection. We featured their work on Falling Water, Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic house in Bear Run Pennsylvania, previously on Projectionfreak and we can’t wait for more from them!

All photos Courtesy Pete Tsai- Check out his outstanding Flickr Photoset- Thanks Pete!

From Explore Chicago: “Luftwerk is the collaborative vision of Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero. By merging video and light with material, surface, and structure, they shape content into an immersive sculptural experience. Their work illuminates the realm of special events, stage, gallery and public venue. Both artists are graduates of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and have worked together for over ten years, forming Luftwerk in 2007. Millennium Park is transformed into a digital canvas of light and geometrical form with its first-ever site-specific video and sound installation by the Chicago-based artistic ensemble Luftwerk. Created specifically for Millennium Park, the installation will illuminate Cloud Gate – known by many Chicagoans as “The Bean” – and its surrounding AT&T Plaza with dramatic images and colors set to music composed by Owen Clayton Condon, of the local avant-garde classical ensemble, Third Coast Percussion.”

The gig involved 10 Eiki LC-XT4 12k projectors (with Blizzard projector enclosures), and 2 CPU’s with 3 Triple-head-to-go and 1 Dual-head-to-go, projectors courtesy of AVChicago.

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