Mapping a Supercar? Use a Hippo!

You know we like carmappings- especially when they involve concept racecars! During the 2012 Toyota motorsports program – which includes four races at different locations around Thailand – Toyota organized various events centered around and complementing the actual races and paddock. ‘Theatre shows’ and other delights provided entertainment for all those visiting the tracks. One such show was the “Toyota 86 3D Mapping Theatre” which ran every 15 mins between the hours of 9am and 6pm. Hippotizer HD and HippoCritter units were used to facilitate the stunning 3D projection mapping sequence promoting Toyota’s new super car; the Toyota 86. Projection Designer and Hippotizer Programmer Big P and his team created the astounding 3D projection mapping sequence onto the Toyota 86. Using the ScreenWarp and Synchro components they ran content via 3 projection channels:

“The first covered the bonnet and front. The second covered the side and roof. And the third covered the floor and backdrop. The ScreenWarp component was used to perfectly align the graphics to the car. The Synchro component then played all clips simultaneously eliminating the need to worry about a sync delay between layers. Two ZooKeeper machines were also used for close graphic alignment on the front and side of the car. Programming and mapping could be done simultaneously while another technician was doing the calibration, saving a lot of time!”

Organizer: Impaq Presentation Ltd.
Graphics Design Team: Luminox Team
Main Equipment Supplier/Hippotizer: Mr. Team Production Ltd.
Projector: Perfect Duck Co. Ltd.
Projection Designer/Programmer: Big P.

Equipment List:
Hippotizer HD x 1
HippoCritter x 1
Sanyo 6,000 ANSI , PLC-XM150 x 1
Sanyo 15,000 ANSI, PLC-XF x 2 (one with on axis wide fixed lenses)

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