MVT takes on the Nike M8 Launch Event

MojoVideoTech (Dr. Mojo) was fortunate enough to be lead projectionist for the Klip Collective on a recent Nike gig. (You can see Klip Collective on PF HERE) The Jordan Melo M8 Launch on the Hudson River Park on Manhattan’s West Side Pier 54 & 57 provided the backdrop for a huge videomapping event that featured an 800 ft. surface, water screens, and a guy zip-lining out of a helicopter. The water screens were for a rear projected image and were provided by Mirage Water Works. The content created an interplay between the two layers as a giant sized Carmelo Anthony alternately moved though the projected building structure then across the water and back again. The challenge of keeping the multi-system playback synchronized was met by Northern California design company DaVinci Fusion utilizing custom built media servers. It looks like their media servers use a combo of Arkaos and Chamsys for control. The projector package included three single Christie HD+35Ks and eight double stacked converged Barco XLM HD30Ks. That, by the way, is a shitload of projection power! Projection on water, while not a new thing, is great if it’s done right- and with the combo of a live actor and different surfaces this looked outstanding! Here’s a couple of shots but for the full story head over to the good Doctor’s website and take in the full package.

JUMPMAN: MELO EXPLOSIVE FLIGHT BTS from klipcollective on Vimeo.

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