Pick Your Poison at SXSW2013!

As is the case with most democratic things, ya gotta vote. You can’t bitch about the results- unless you vote. We’re going to be up to our ears in voting here Stateside soon enough, but this is actually something I look forward to voting for. SXSW 2013 is no different and you actually get to have input on what they’re going to present. Voting is open for SXSW 2013, Music, Interactive, and Film session ideas. Longtime PF supporter Jake Jorgovan of Rabbit Hole Creative is up for being a panelist on “The History of Projectionmapping” so get over there and vote! There’s 147 pages of choices, but the link above ought to take you right to the pertinent stuff. Having our weird, wonderful addiction featured in any platform, let alone SXSW, is huge for the medium and can only be a good thing- so get the word out. Voting is open through tomorrow. If you plan on attending SXSW this coming year, or if you’re presenting on anything to do with projection, we’d love to hear from you!