PIECES/ Chapter One : Battleship

Romain Tardy of AntiVJ has put out a new work entitled “PIECES/Chapter One: Battleship”. The piece includes music from Squeaky Lobster and is the first of 5 sets that will eventually warp and change the first. Romain explains: “The technical setup is very simple, just needs a lot of accuracy and the projectors NOT to move from 1 mm once they’re in place. I used 2x 7k lumens Panasonic projectors – one for the floor and one for the vertical plane. 7k was enough because I ask for complete dark once the performance starts. They were connected to a Matrox DualHead, that was plugged into my Macbook pro (quad i7), medias were on an external SSD. At first I wanted to use more projectors connected to my Mac Pro, but in the end 2 are just fine. The squares are made of styrofoam, they’re attached in columns by a custom system I made. For the floor plan, I build 180 little stands to give a progressive angle from the front to the back of the stage.”

“About the concept, as I see this work as a work in progress (that is still at it’s beginning), it’s not easy to talk about it as it’s changing/evolving for each new step of the work. The main idea is an evocation/metaphor (in the widest sense) of various elements connected to the sea. Battleships (the game) gave me this direction for this chapter one. The wave will probably be step 2 or 3, for example. This is also the reason why I used these squares: they can be put in a different order to create different shapes/volumes. I like the idea to create very dynamic/smooth shapes like a wave with a module that is as “rigid” as a square is.”

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