Projecting the Butler Bulldogs at Hinkle

The Butler Bulldogs are in the Final Four and we had public viewing party at historic Hinkle Fieldhouse.  Watching a game in the Church of Basketball is one thing, but having 4 HD screens and 4,000 screaming fans is the next best thing. Now that they’ve made it into the Final, we have to set the whole thing up again.

On the personal wish list for the 2012 Tournament (when we get this far again) – live, building-sized projection mapping with VJ interactive visuals (from AntiVJ or perhaps Nuformer) on the roof of Hinkle. pleasepleasepleaseplease……

Live blog to happen during the game on Monday 9:30p EST.  Gear list:

Two Christie HD12k’s, two Christie HD18k’s, ImagePro, Samsung terrestrial HD tuner, laptops, audio interface for a DJ, and four 12′x21′ RP screens. All the graphics machines were DVI and the sat feed was HDMI from an OTA tuner. All signal to the PJ’s HD-SDI.  Check out the result:


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