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Edge-blending just became obsolete. Well, at least SOME edge-blending that is. Projectiondesign just released the F35 Panorama, a projector with a 21:9 aspect ratio. Funny, because just today I was looking at an ad for a 21:9 monitor and it seemed strange to me that you wouldn’t just use two monitors, given that monitors are pretty cheap and most graphics cards can handle it anyway…..but this- this is just crazy when you think about it. It’s still a single chip DLP, but up to 7k! Now if they can work this into the F85 series…..or if I can just upgrade my Optoma in the basement….

A unique projector designed for advanced meeting rooms and collaborative spaces in which users are sharing a variety of graphical image content both locally and remotely, the F35 panorama boasts an exceptionally wide image aspect ratio of 21:9 or 2.37:1. In an office environment with an average ceiling height, this enables images as wide as 4m (13’) to be created without the need for edge-blending the output of two separate projectors.

Furthermore, the F35 panorama’s flexible input configuration means that it can project simultaneous side-by-side images from two separate high-resolution sources, fill an entire screen from a single source, or simply set up a video conference call next to a computer presentation.

Anders Løkke, Marketing Director, projectiondesign, comments: “We have introduced the F35 panorama to address a specific trend in modern business workflows – namely the increasing importance of cross-platform collaboration and discussion.

“For many employees, the sharing of large data sets through various cloud technologies is now an everyday occurrence, meaning that the advanced meeting room has become an even more important asset in the modern workplace.

“From banking and finance through oil and gas, automotive, aviation, general manufacturing and engineering to architecture and design – professional people in many sectors now have the need to visualise their work accurately with colleagues, either in the same room or through video conferencing, or both at the same time.”

Scott Walker, president and founding principal, Waveguide Consulting, adds: ”The future of AV will not be customers having a few speciality rooms here and there; it will be measured in thousands and tens of thousands of high-end collaboration spaces where business decisions, research and development, and multi-site collaboration can happen quickly and efficiently. The prospect of edge-blended systems for hundreds of spaces for a client can be risky proposition that could increase a client’s long-term cost of ownership. Additionally, buildings aren’t going to magically get taller just to accommodate larger pixel palettes in these collaboration spaces. A panoramic projector provides a new tool for consultants and integrators to solve our clients’ business needs.”

Based on projectiondesign’s proven F35 single-chip DLP platform, the F35 panorama boasts a resolution of 2.7 megapixels, 35% more than Full HD, and brightness of up to 7,000 ANSI lumens. And, like all the company’s projectors, it is backed up by a 24/7 and intensive-use warranty for up to five years.

“The F35 panorama is, quite simply, a revolutionary product,” Løkke concludes. “We have extensive experience of blending, colour-matching and managing two or more projectors working together, but nevertheless we also now see a need for a super-wide projector that can do the job of two edge-blended devices. Thousands of meeting rooms use two channels of SXGA+ or other 4:3 projectors blended together. This essentially replaces all that with a single projector.

“Compared with a two-projector solution, the F35 panorama promises shorter setup time, lower maintenance requirements, less down-time and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

“Why bother setting up two projectors, when you can now meet all your visual collaboration needs with the F35 panorama?”

The F35 panorama is available now.

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