projectiondesign’s NVG FS35 IR- Night Vision Projection

I had no idea such a device even existed! NVG for a projector! I suppose for a video game crowd this would be excellent…but it seems like it’ll be for so much more- read military. At I/ITSEC 2013, Norway’s projectiondesign announces the FS35 IR series, the world’s most capable solid-state LED projectors for NVG stimulation requirements.

The FS35 IR series is available in two models. The 4.1 Megapixel FS35 IR wqxga features the highest resolution NVG stimulated images available for unprecedented realism and detail in day and night training, whereas the FS35 IR wuxga features dual IG input capability for simultaneous RGB + IR and seamless transitioning from day to night-time training.

The FS35 IR series incorporates projectiondesign’s 2nd Generation ReaLED™ illumination for brighter daytime simulation, and improved optics over previous generation projectors meaning that the intensity of IR is boosted by an astounding 80% for more versatile NVG stimulation and configuration. Further adding to the projectors flexibility, the FS35 IR series can be calibrated for night-time and day-time vision with 0-100% adjustable visible RGB dimming properties. Brightness is fully adjustable on RGB and IR LEDs up to 1,000 lumens.

Both models come with built-in flicker-free Smear Reduction Processing SRP™ for fast moving content and all internal and projection optics are purposely designed for IR transmission. In practice, this gives a much better and more stimulated NVG picture.

“The FS35 IR series offers unprecedented day, night and IR stimulated simulation,” says Maria Aagaard, Product Marketing Manager at projectiondesign.“ Designed for 24/7 operation and up to 100,000 hours of uninterrupted light output means you have the most reliable, maintenance free, cost effective and powerful imaging solution available. We’ve designed the projector to be unrestricted in its flexibility and use in today’s most demanding installations. What’s more, it provides a wider-field of view in a realistic night time environment, helping trainees navigate unfamiliar terrain.”

The FS35 IR comes standard with a 3-year full 24/7 warranty, extendable up to five years.

So the only question is- can consumers scrape up enough dough to buy a pair of these to make these projectors worthwhile? Or is it only going to work for the military/industrial complex?

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