projectiondesign’s X-Port Modules

Enabling future upgrades and custom configuration of projection and visual display systems whilst at the same time optimising current investments in projection, projectiondesign®’s new X-PORT™ modular based front and back-end connectivity extensions offer great new connectivity and image processing options. The new X-PORT modules are designed for use with the new F35, FL35 and F85 series projectors using projectiondesign’s Magnesium electronics platform. Whilst the F35 and FL35 series X-PORT modules are available for purchase now, the F85 series X-PORT module will ship in December 2012. X-PORT is a small and unique module based extension that enables easy connectivity to and from current and future formats, as well as supplemental image processing. The discrete devices plug easily on to the back of the projector.

“X-PORT enables the user to upgrade an existing projector with new inputs, outputs and image processing technologies keeping it in line with the very latest technological developments, retaining the ultimate in picture quality and optimizing the ROI of projection systems,” explains Anders Løkke, Marketing Director at projectiondesign. “X-PORT enables users’ requirements for connectivity and processing as a complement to standard connectivity and are designed to suit individual installation needs.”

X-PORT is currently available as two modules, a DCC120 Dual Channel Combiner and a 3G-SDI interface.

The DCC120 works as an image processor and frame rate converter, and can transform discrete passive 3D stereo to active, as well as frame convert any input signal or combination of signals to sequential 120Hz, essential for many applications with fast moving objects or 3D stereo visualization.

The 3G-SDI interface is compatible with both high-bandwidth 3G SDI, as well as standard SDI for cable lengths up to 300 meters. The 3G-SDI can be combined with the DCC120 to enable active stereo 3G-SDI for many high-end applications.

Future connectivity adds HDMI 1.4a with all its benefits, as well as other emerging formats and technologies.

“X-PORT is the perfect solution to save money, time and resources, whilst meeting new technological or market requirements, whether it is stereoscopic 3D, media and entertainment, visitor attractions, training and simulation, scientific visualization or corporate AV,” ends Løkke.

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