Roberto Fazio Maps for McLaren/Boss

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of their partnership with McLaren, Hugo Boss organized this projectionmapping in the very center of Milan in San Babila Square. Roberto Fazio, art director and 3D visual designer for the project, is an independent creative media designer, 3D visual designer and teacher based in Bologna, Italy. Roberto Fazio’s work explores the aesthetic and sensorial possibilities of linking 3d visual mapping, interaction design, and code-creative programming, aiming to create
visual experiences turned into a course of sensory perception. In recent years his research has mainly focused on 3d architectural mapping projects; his work has dealt with the conception and production of 3d contents expressly designed for large buildings. From 2008 to 2010 he was charter member of Apparati Effimeri. You might recall AE from a previous post….make sure to check out the videos there…but for now:

The projectionmapping featured 4 Christie 20k’s as well as 3D Modelers and animators(Angelsign Studio):
Carlos Rojas
Dario Cavaliere
Sebastian Livingston

2D Compositing and animations(Angelsign Studio):
Christopher Tulloch Mccahe

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