Roll up video

How’s this for portability?

The folks over at Tyler Truss have collaborated with Pix20 to come up with this innovative product- the Pix2o roll up video wall.  The actual tiles are called VideoBlades and roll up onto a spindle. Their options are a roll-down style called Skyroll and bottom-up version called Groundroll.  You basically send it anything 1920×1080 60fps or less on DVI. The control software, called BladeRunner, allows the modules to be mapped in any configuration from effective lighting and scenic accents to full blown video wall. The signal processing boasts real-time delays of less than 4msec throughout, which is pretty critical for HD. The other great thing is that since the whole rig is pre-loaded in a truss, there are no cases, dramatically reducing load-in times and shipping weight costs.  Now smaller tours and events can actually afford video. The modules and truss are IP68 rated so while submerging the whole rig in a pool isn’t probably the best idea (trust me- it’s been thought of), for outdoor gigs where you need something fast and bright for large display capability, look no further. Seeing as how these guys are located right up the street I can’t believe I haven’t had a chance to put my hands on one yet, but I’m dying to see it in action.

Check them out at their blog, and

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