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Rabbit Hole Creative Runs a Mean Projectionmapping for Saucony’s Kinvara 3

Jake Jorgovan and the team from Rabbit Hole Creative partnered with DWP Live and Graystone Media to produce a really cool projectionmapping for the launch of the Saucony Kinvara 3 running shoe. We’ve seen projectionmapping on just about everything by now, so why not shoes? In fact, shoes make a great surface- plenty of details, small, easily displayed. It won’t be long before this type of treatment will be seen in the stores- guaranteed. From their press release:

Saucony, known for its high quality running shoes and apparel, took an innovative marketing approach when it chose to use projection mapping, which is the ability to use projection to turn any surface into a dynamic, animated surface. The minds at Rabbit Hole Creative took it one step further by mapping not only the shoe but also its surroundings, creating a plethora of color combinations and highlighted features to introduce the new Kinvara 3.

“We wanted to make as big of a splash as possible, so why limit our surface to just the shoe?” said Rabbit Hole Creative co-founder Jake Jorgovan. “By including the surface around the shoe as well, we were able to develop contrasting environments that highlighted the intricate details of the Kinvara 3.”

The project consisted of taking one of Saucony’s Kinvara shoes, building a three panel background of acrylic glass, and then covering it all with white Screen Goo to turn it into a prime projection surface. DWP Live worked with Rabbit Hole Creative to by utilizing two Coolux Pandoras Box media servers and four Viewsonic PRO8500 to make the plain white shoe and background become an electric display of colors and graphics. They took the project a step further by using a forced perspective projection, which projects onto all the surfaces as if they are one flat image and then distorts and warps the projections to one camera perspective.

“By uniting the creativity at Rabbit Hole Creative and the technical expertise of DWP Live, we were able to produce a really unique marketing piece that allows Saucony to be ahead of the curve,” said Danny Whetstone, president of DWP Live. “We love when advertisers and retailers give us the opportunity to take their product and push it to the next level. Projection mapping is continually becoming more precise, giving us more opportunity to create really innovative visual displays consumers are sure to remember.”

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Saucony Kinvara 3 • Projection Mapping from Rabbit Hole Creative on Vimeo.

Saucony • Behind the Scenes from Rabbit Hole Creative on Vimeo.

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