Sensory Technology HD Touchscreen Overload

Touch technology is so prevalent now that it’s hard NOT to use some incarnation of it on a day-to-day basis. From the oft-referred-to scenes from Minority Report to a weekly peek on NCIS, huge touchscreens are becoming the norm from corporate boardrooms to police HQ. I ran a piece a while back on the huge interactive video wall at the University of Dayton, but that was a projection-based system. Now it seems we’re seeing LCD screens of the same size, no longer restricted to NOC’s and control centers.

I recently got a sneak-peek at such a behemoth being custom built by Sensory Technologies. My beloved DPI Lightning HD35 was coming back from hospital and ready for pick up at the ST dock- and this awe-inspiring wall, in the build room, was in it’s final touches before being deployed. Field Engineer Chris Poore was kind enough to show me the particulars….

The Synthesis Touch wall is an integration of a number of different things. First, it’s a single piece of IR touch glass from U Touch capable of 32 points of contact, housed in a frame around the whole display. The panels themselves are Planar Clarity MX55′s in a 4×2 layout- a whopping 16′ wide! Add the fact that they are all running at 1920×1080 (LED back-lit) and you have a 7680×2160 canvas. The heart is an HP Z600 with an Nvidia Quadro Plex 7000 with 4 dual DVI outs. The custom collaboration software is from Anacore, right here in Indianapolis, and allow users to interact using multiple full HD video, notes, 3D modeling, and Skype. Two HD cameras are set for front/rear and can accomplish multiple capture for later playback as well. One of the coolest features was this little bank of microphones that users can simply speak into and tap the screen, attaching their audio to that particular part of the collaboration session. From RevoLabs, the Executive HD 8-channel provides exceptional audio in a very slick package. All the cabling and gear was cleanly mounted into two standard server racks.

Custom installs are not new territory for Sensory Technologies, in fact, it’s most of what they do- but this one is by far their most adventurous and will hopefully open up a lot of avenues for their skill and product integration. Thanks to Kevin Markey, Chris Poore, and the whole Sensory team for the preview!

I’m now in the process of throwing away all of my monitors and clearing some wall space (I’ll need at least one of these crazy-big walls)…so if you’d like to contribute, hit the “donate” button on the right- or I’ll just settle for a follow on FB or Twitter. Try our RSS feed or subscribe by email for info like this on a timely basis!

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