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Vortex Immersion Dome at Indy SB Village


Surprisingly there’s not much projection-wise in town for the big game. I figured there was going to be no shortage of large scale mappings and/or other projection eye-candy, but from what I can tell it’s pretty dead. Why no one has coated the ridiculous amount of tent fabric space available with wacko projection is beyond me. I mean, it’s the Superbowl so it’s not like anyone’s short of cash…..

The one that seems to be standing out so far is the Microsoft Kinect Play60 Fan Dome in a parking lot just north of the Fieldhouse. Vortex Immersion Media are the folks behind these domes and by all accounts it looks pretty entertaining. They have a number of different styles of interactive dome projection rigs, the largest of which can have over 50,000 s.f. of interior floor space and accommodate 10,00 people! They have a number of geodesic options too- be sure to check their website for details. Vortex Immersion has a whole team of content creators as well as an architectural consulting arm that can do projection analysis….you know- for when you need an upgrade to the home theater/man cave.

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Nuformer Goes 360 at NAIAS

Projection wizards Nuformer are in Detroit for the North American Int’l Auto Show and they’ve designed the content for Ford’s 360 immersive “ride”.  The feature is a 360 degree projection which shows off what a Ford vehicle can do for you in the future.  Check out the video at about 1:25 and dig the scissor lift rig (remember to keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle!!)  I’ll post some details on the projector setup when more info becomes available…nice work Nuformer!

9 Christie HD projectors were used to create the 360-degree projection;
Mediaserver: Grass Valley Turbo T2iDDR;
Active pixel size: 13436 pixels wide x 864 pixels high

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