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3D in the Darkroom

Motion graphics house The Darkroom (PF article on Glastonbury) were commissioned for the Sunburn festival in Goa by Percept D’mark to come up with a stage design and and perform live video mapping on it over 3 nights. The result was aptly named the “Cubezoid Stage” and by the end of the festival was voted by the public as the best stage at the festival. On the final night 20,000 pairs of 3D glasses were distributed to the punters and the the first 20 minutes of Axwell’s set was projected in 3D.

3 HD projectors, 3 Arena Media servers, a whole bunch of 3d! (Speaking of Arena, here’s a review I did for PLSN….) and make sure to check out their website for some pretty good examples of their work…

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Utah’s Megaplex outfits with Christie


More and more theater complexes are switching to digital as the new standard, and Christie Digital isn’t wasting any time getting their products in the door. And for good reasons- brightness, image quality, and ROI. Here’s a quip from their press release announcing Megaplex’s upgrades:

Christie, a global leader in visual display technology, is providing the 4K DLP Cinema projection solution at a new screen at the Megaplex Theatres at Jordan Commons, which debuts March 15 with VIP seating, table service and full reclining chairs as part of Megaplex’s transition to complete digital projection throughout its chain. Megaplex, a leading independent cinema chain in Utah, is converting all of its screens to digital projection, drawing from the Christie Solaria™ Series. The new projectors, (more…)

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DPI offers a new Titan

Digital Projection has revealed an addition to the TITAN projector line with the new, 12,000 lumen TITAN 800-3D series. Incredibly compact for its lumen performance, the TITAN 800 platform incorporates DPI’s advanced image Warp and Blend capabilities, available 3D capability and a host of professional features to suit almost any commercial or staging application imaginable. The TITAN 800 platform is available in 1080p, WUXGA and SX+ native resolutions, and joins DPI’s already robust commercial AV product lineup, which now incorporates over 30, 3D capable precision displays. The TITAN 800 will commence shipping in Q2, 2012 and carries an MSRP range between $59,995 and $79,995, depending on the resolution.

Delivering 12,000 lumens of dazzling brightness, the new TITAN 800 projectors reveal powerful 3-chip DLP® performance available in an incredibly compact chassis. Utilizing DPI’s new, advanced electronics, (more…)

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Nuformer expands their digs…..


Looks like our friends at Nuformer are growing- the projectionmapping/multimedia production company based in the Netherlands has opened a second office and along with it- a job opening!

From their Twitter stream:
“We are proud to announce that today is the official opening of our second office in the Netherlands. The NuFormer office is centrally located in the bustling heart of Rotterdam. The Rotterdam team will dedicate itself to research and innovation in the field of interactive video mapping and projection.

To complete the team in Rotterdam office we are currently looking for an experienced programmer in Unity3D (m/f) ”

So get on it all you Unity 3D freaks! Employment awaits! For some outstanding examples of Nuformer’s work, just search their name in our handy search box over on the right there (or perhaps from ‘Related Posts’ below)…..or hit their website and blog….

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Dub Module Festival Mapping Rig

Festival rigs are nothing new in the rock an roll biz, there’s a standard rig(same for everyone) – usually one console- and the LD gets to figure it out when he\she gets there. What do you do when its a VJ situation? The number one rule of festivals: get creative and keep it simple! Check out this mapping posted by Dub Module- created for the Splore Festival, New Zealand, recently. Michael Hodgson was good enough to share his setup with photos and all:
“I created 22 sq mask for final content- This was 720p. Played it out of Modul8 as 1 file using ProRes HQ as codec (with sound) sent to a dedicated Madmapper box via new blackmagic capture box out to Panasonic HD 10k… so HD all the way. The setup was designed for any VJ to arrive, plug into one of the 3 HDMI cables and route directly through to the Madmapper box, apart from my 22sq mask we had (more…)

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DPI Lightning 45sx+ Lights An Entire Arena

OK….not the whole thing…but it’s pretty damn bright in there. The pre-game and intermission display at Rogers Arena, home of the Vancouver Canucks, got a make-over this year that includes four DPI Lightning 45sx+ projectors and Green Hippo media servers. I’ve always thought that arena’s should trick out their team intro’s and halftimes. I mean, the mascot shooting baskets and “shoot-the-puck” contests just don’t cut it any more.

There are also lightweight scrims that come down from the rafters in the for corners of the ice so it really opens the dimensionality of the show. The displays are split into segments by a Datapath X4 video wall processor, creating a 200-foot by 80-foot image on the ice. The DPI Lightning 45 sx+ packs a walloping 30,000 lumen punch with a contrast ratio of 1800:1. It also has an Intelligent Lens Mount (ILM) system that allows up to 10 different presets for lens settings (zoom, focus, shift) that can be recalled automatically. I own 2 of the 35hd’s and I can tell you, these are not your typical PJ’s- they’re big and super bright and it looks like they’ve accomplished their mission for the Canucks.

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How Do You Make a Great Carmapping? Superglue!


I came across this project recently and I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner! Superglue, an award winning production house based in London, did this campaign for the Toyota Auris and it’s pretty great. The team comprises a dynamic mix of production, post and digital brains working across live action, visual effects, 3D and motion graphics. Superglue operates across the modern media spectrum, creating moving image for everything from banners to broadcast.

Superglue’s projection mapping project for Toyota’s “Get Your Energy Back” campaign was a highly creative and technical challenge, utilising numerous different production techniques. The animation featured 2D, 3D, keyframed animation, dynamics, particle systems and more. Compositing, VFX and general pipeline management was performed in After Effects, whilst 3D work was created using Autodesk Maya and Maxon Cinema 4D. The team made extensive use of both Trapcode Form and Trapcode Particular in bringing to life the ‘hybrid energy’ that was the key part of the campaign’s message.

Hardware included 7 x custom media servers running a prosperity geometry mapping system developed in vvvv. 4 x Christie 18K roadster projectors and 3 x Panasonic 12K projectors. All fitted with short throw lenses.

Be sure to check out their portfolio with other cool projects!
And of course, the ‘making of’ video-

Creative agency : glue Isobar
Production & Post Production Company : Superglue
Projection setup & mapping : Igloo
Animation Director : Simon Cam
Live Action Director : Mark Jenkinson
Producer : Jax Evans
CG Lead : Gavin Rothery
CG Artist : Marcus Chaloner
Production Managers : Vicki Banwell / Marilyn Napaul
DOP : Ed Rutherford
Editor : Jose Gomez
Assistant Editor : Jamie Jenkinson
Music and Sound design : Liam Paton @ Resonate
With thanks to Tower Hamlets, Network Rail & EDF
Software & Plugins used: Maya, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Red Giant Particula & Form

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VW Passat Moov’s Up…..


Here’s a great video from our colleagues at Moov, a design/production house in Poland. It’s a good peek behind the scenes of what a good car projectionmapping consists of. Dig the projectionDesign F82 3-chip 10k’s! We’d also like to congratulate Moov for their Innavate 2012 Award for ‘Most InnAVative Corporate Event Project’. If you look at the nominees for 2012 in that category you’ll know this was not easy! Check out more of their work at their website or Youtube channel.

And of course, the video itself:

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Vortex Immersion Dome at Indy SB Village


Surprisingly there’s not much projection-wise in town for the big game. I figured there was going to be no shortage of large scale mappings and/or other projection eye-candy, but from what I can tell it’s pretty dead. Why no one has coated the ridiculous amount of tent fabric space available with wacko projection is beyond me. I mean, it’s the Superbowl so it’s not like anyone’s short of cash…..

The one that seems to be standing out so far is the Microsoft Kinect Play60 Fan Dome in a parking lot just north of the Fieldhouse. Vortex Immersion Media are the folks behind these domes and by all accounts it looks pretty entertaining. They have a number of different styles of interactive dome projection rigs, the largest of which can have over 50,000 s.f. of interior floor space and accommodate 10,00 people! They have a number of geodesic options too- be sure to check their website for details. Vortex Immersion has a whole team of content creators as well as an architectural consulting arm that can do projection analysis….you know- for when you need an upgrade to the home theater/man cave.

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Apparati Effimeri Stereoscopy Reel

Apparati Effimeri experiments with some great looking stereoscopy in the garden, on walls, on buildings:

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Christie Digital Solaria Shines for ESPN 3D


At CES yesterday the Christie Digital Solaria CP2230 3D was the star.  ESPN 3D along with RealD and Christie screened the BCS National Championship game between the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide at the Las Vegas Hilton theater using  two of the powerful projectors for an incredible 3D sports experience. Christie’s collaboration with ESPN 3D highlights the enormous possibilities of digital cinema, which is allowing theaters to increase their revenue streams by beaming in alternative content such as sports, concerts and cultural events, in addition to showing major studio releases.

I’m not even a sports fan and I’d pay to see something like this….actually golf has a big appeal for this type of technology but I digress… (more…)

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Christie Simulation at I/ITSEC

The military gets all the good stuff. Check out Christie Digital’s highlight video from I/ITSEC:

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