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The Projection Lab Uses Modul8 and a Little Chemistry

UK based Projection Lab has been hard at work on some corporate gigs recently and dropped me a line. They have been successfully using Modul8 to present some pretty impressive projection. This job was for Neal’s Yard Remedies Conference and featured a 3-screen blend using Panasonic projectors. Using Modul8, (more…)

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Vaddio ProductionVIEW Switcher- Review


The following appears in the current issue of PLSN magazine, and I can’t thank them enough for printing it. But here on Projectionfreak you get some extras….

I use a PTZ camera system at work that is a package supplied by Markertek (outstanding prices and service from these folks….highly recommend them!) ….and manufactured by Vaddio…namely a ProductionVIEW switcher, 3 HD19 PTZ cameras with CCU, a Vaddio 3-way monitor, and a Vaddio 2-way HD monitor. The switcher is at the heart of the rig, providing control over the 3 cameras, a fourth PTZ (Sony EVI-D70), computer input, and DVD input. I should say up front that I am not paid by Vaddio or Markertek, nor do they receive advertising credit or endorsement from me or from……although ANY/ALL of those options and scenarios are open for discussion! Hint hint- as in “call for a rate card” hint….

I happen to use their gear based on price and performance and I couldn’t be happier. It’s great stuff and the image quality is outstanding- but on with the hands-on review:

Vaddio ProductionVIEW HD Switcher

As the ‘video guy’ I get asked to wear a lot of hats and it’s not just because I’m a nice guy that says “yes”. There’s a lot of factors to keep track of- not the least of which is keeping a decent image onscreen. If you’re touring, you’re usually just trying to keep the gear from being destroyed- if you’re in corporate you have the constant harangue of having to edit presenter imagery- if you’re in trade shows, well- that list is too long. Usually this is all on top of being the switcher. If you are the lucky person that owns/rents the gear that makes all that happen, you need equipment that does more than one thing. So it goes (more…)

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Saturdays are supposed to be for rest, no?

It’s Saturday and things at the website are usually slow- plus I have to be at the day job…..most of you know I’m a video technician at a professional theatre on a college campus. It just so happens that I came from a moving light background, so when the 1st electrician is away (like now, for LDI) I get to take care of lighting for whatever event is here. It’s mostly instrumental music this weekend, so it ain’t that bad. Easy, in fact…to kill time why not blog a little and get some projects done?

The two big projects that are happening right now is the addition of two very high-end projectors and the other is an install of an HD camera system. First- the projectors. We got a hold of two DPI Digital Lightning 35HD’s for a steal, one with a lens one without, circa 2006. Both have about 2000 hours on them. They are both in very good condition. The 35HD is a 16,000 lumen, 2k res projector, meaning it’s going to take a crapload of power in my booth to make them work. We have yet to work out the details, but for now we have 2 x 100 amp breakers…I may have to invest in two buck boosters though as the voltage will not be quite what it needs to be. The other thought was that we just had a bunch of new work done on the HVAC system and there are two subpanels below my booth that are 277v. Hmmm…..maybe not buck boosters, but just a big shunt to get to 230v. I’ll also need to beef up the table that both will rest on. Once these things get installed, I don’t plan on moving them very often.

The camera system has been a long time coming. I have been using a 4 camera system that was largely piece-mealed together using different parts from a now-defunct distance learning program. It’s currently 4 Sony EVI-D70′s controlled with an RMBR-300 and all switched with the Roland LVS-800. I then feed this to various legacy decks and monitors (also to projectors), but now that we have some high-end projection, we need some high end signal! The new system is based on the Vaddio Clearview HD18 CCU camera (x3) and a Productionview HD switcher. I also got a Blackmagic Studio 2 capture card for the big Macpro to record in analog HD (at ProRes 422 1280×720). The plan is to purchase a 1TB RAID0 from OWC as well so I’ll have a decent speedy drive to record to. Storage is another deal altogether. We’ll look at long term down the road. This install is going to be a bit of a challenge- I need to run 3 CAT5E cables to every camera position and in a theater that was built in 1963 out of poured concrete, this is no small feat. I also basically have to gut the rack I have now and reconfigure the whole patch. This is sometimes good, though, as it gets rid of unecessary cable and allows me to refine the cable runs a little cleaner.

I’ll be taking pictures along the way so stay tuned and you can watch the progress.

That’s it for now. Have a good weekend.

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Go Big or Go Home


GoVision is a company in Texas that rents GIANT mobile LED screens. Their GoBig Mobile HD Video Unit features a Daktronics 9′ x 16′ LED screen that can go to 25′ high. For those who need a size upgrade, the GoBigger Unit is 19′ x 33′ and claims to be the biggest screen of it’s kind. Mounted on an 18 wheel tractor trailer, it boasts 720p (with any acceptable signal), a self-contained generator, IP65 outdoor rating, and a full-blown mobile production studio with crew. With a deployed height of 34′, size is no issue here….
With a full line of other screens available (from custom sizes to golf scoring to pickup truck-towed units) GoVision provides a whole bunch of screen real estate. Their gear has been featured at concerts, outdoor events, and major sporting events like the recent Dallas Mavericks Championship parade. GoVision also provides optional camera rigs and personnel. Check out the size of that screen!
For a quick view of the tallest LED screen ever, check out their video at

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NEC snags award from Rental and Staging at Infocomm 2011


NEC was happy to announce that their NP4100W widescreen professional installation projector was recognized by the readers of Rental and Staging Systems and won the Best Projector Award in the 10000 lumens or less category. No small feat considering the amount of projectors in this category and the reputable manufacturers they were up against. The award was announced last week during InfoComm 2011. The NP4100W features 5500 ANSI lumens, a 2100:1 contrast ratio, and WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution. “The readers of Rental & Staging use projectors from all manufacturers in virtually every conceivable venue,” said Keith Yanke, Director of Product Marketing for Projectors and Large-Screen Displays at NEC Display Solutions. “To receive recognition as the top projector from this segment of the industry is truly an honor for NEC Display Solutions and speaks volumes to the quality of the NP4100W projector.” NP4100W is compatible as either dual- or single-lamp operation, which provides redundancy in the event that one lamp fails. It offers Ethernet LAN connector and DVI-D with HDCP, RCA, s-video, component, 15-pin and BNC inputs. It also can accept a wide variety of lenses for just about any throw.
Street price is $4799.00-ish.

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Tools, Tips, and Tricks of the Trade- LCD Misconceptions Explained

If you’re in the business of projecting or displaying media for a living, you know the importance of calibrating your gear correctly. Many times you’ll run into displays not reacting quite as they should or having to explain to a client why something looks the way it does. Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate breaks down misinformation about displays,and specs. Never be fooled by LCD refresh rates, frame rates, or interlacing again! Check out these GREAT articles on response time and motion blur and also artifacts and image quality. All projection freaks need to know this stuff so read up! There will be a test and quiz later………
Let me state that this is NOT a paid plug….(although it would be nice) but be sure to check out all their display calibration software- indispensable!

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This needs to be projected HUGE

Untitled from Commish on Vimeo.

Something in the 30' range with an HD18k would be nice. Ouch. This is going on the next Projectionfreak projection test reel. Slice HD.

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Video and Computer Signals over CAT5

Here at Projectionfreak, we were early adopters of this technology. It’s now come into it’s own and is quite popular. With the advent of higher-end home theater installs as well as industrials, tours, and museum/corporate installs, we’ve all seen the need for getting signal to far away places. The thing is, it’s not only for distance. With tour budgets tightening and space/weight at a premium, structured cabling has definitely solved a lot of problems. But what is it all about? Let me just start by saying that this area of the signal transmission industry is HUGE. From manufacturers of cable all the way to people that wire their own home theaters and “swear this will work”, the opinions and info will vary greatly. Your individual project will have unique requirements and you should weigh all the options before purchasing or trying to rig up a system. Keep in mind too, that different cable/balun combos will be able to transmit higher resolutions different distances- so again check the spec!  We’ll cover the raw basics:

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DLP explained

And on the heels of the last video from explaining LCD technology, we get this from our friends at Texas Instruments, the folks that hold the patent and are largely responsible for inventing and propagating the DLP chip. And for those of you who don’t like video (hard to believe there are any of you if you’re reading this) here’s a great printable article.


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For all the folks who don’t regularly visit Wikipedia, this chart offers a great quick and dirty guide to resolutions and aspect ratios.
Video Standards

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Projectiondesign F35

This just in from projectiondesign- the F35 wqxga DLP projector. That’s right WQXGA. That’s 2560×1600 for a native resolution! That’s insane! Ultimately it would mean large projection projects would require less channels, since the res is so wide. You could theoretically use this one PJ where you’d need two for width. Lensing options are .8- thru 4.6:1 so not the longest throw in the world, but at this brightness and res, I’m not sure that’s a hinderance. Weighing in with 6500 lumens bright, you won’t be competing with daylight anytime soon. The new projector uses the Texas Instruments WQXGA DLP chip and has a contrast ratio of 8000:1 and it supports 720p HD resolutions as well as 1080i. Inputs include DVI-D, dual HDMI 1.3, dual VGA, and component. The projector measures 376 x 510 x 223mm and weighs 12.6kg. The projector is capable of throwing an image of up to 65 feet wide, although at only 6500 lumens it wouldn’t be a stunning 65′.

Here’s the official press release.  Here’s the eye candy:

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