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MotionHouse Voyage

UK dance innovators MotionHouse opened their most ambitious project yet, The Voyage, two weeks ago. In celebration of the London 2012 Festival, Birmingham’s Victoria Square hosted the World Premiere of The Voyage which embarked on its maiden journey in front of a delighted audience. An estimated audience of 4,500 people were treated to the first performances of The Voyage, an epic tale that tells the dramatic story of passengers aboard the HMS Olympia, a 50ft passenger liner.

Crowds were swept away with delight as they watched incredibly physical dance and daring aerial acrobatics performed aboard the ship. This unique storytelling experience kept spectators hooked as they became part of an interactive dance and film spectacle with a talented cast of over 150.

Birmingham’s prestigious Town Hall provided the perfect backdrop to the free performance, which was complemented by stunning projections, and brilliant musical performances from the Town Hall Gospel Choir, live music from the Birmingham Conservatoire and amateur performers from Birmingham Ormiston Academy, Stratford Upon Avon College, Playbox Theatre, Solihull, Nova and Coventry Youth Dance Groups and the Motionhouse Adult dance group.

Produced by Birmingham Hippodrome, The Voyage is a fantastic cultural collaboration between one of the UK’s leading outdoor dance companies Motionhouse based in Leamington Spa and Australia’s acclaimed physical theatre and aerial company Legs On The Wall, from Sydney. The music was specially written and composed by Sophy Smith and Tim Dickinson. The set is a life-size cruise liner designed by Simon Dormon with stunning film projection from Logela Multimedia from the Basque region of Spain.

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AntiVJ Omicron


Projectionmapping is a fickle thing. One day we see clown noses being painted on buildings, the next day it’s interactive cars and trucks. Six-figure budgets aside, it’s mostly just filler. At some point people are numb to it. But some of the great stuff peeks through on occasion and we’re reminded of how truly amazing this weird branch of projection is.

And then you have this. AntiVJ’s Omicron. These guys put such creative thought into their projects that one really wonders where the limit is. They consistently do it with style and panache in a way that pays homage to whatever it is they project on. In Omicron’s case, it’s Hala Stulecia, the massive concrete dome designed (more…)

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d3 at the Diamond Jubilee


We see a lot of palaces getting projected onto these days, but when you get to project onto THE palace- Buckingham, that is, it’s a big deal. d3 Technologies was out in full force with Sam Pattinson (yes- of U2 and Elton John fame…) for the Diamond Jubilee last week and did a massive mapping onto the facade of Buckingham Palace as the highlight of the festivities. The event featured such celebrity acts as Kylie, Robbie Williams, Stevie Wonder, Sir Elton John, Madness and Sir Paul McCartney. A full detail of the event and breakdown of the gear is available at their website, but here’s an excerpt: (more…)

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infoComm12 presents some issues….


I picked a heck of a week to go on vacation. infoComm2012 is in full swing at the Las Vegas Convention Center and although I had all kinds of chances to go and meet up with some great folks, they had to play second to my family! BUT- all of my extended family are showing off some great stuff at the show. What are the issues? Which one to buy of course….and there’s the fact that if you attend the show, how does one keep one’s head from exploding whilst on the show floor? Let’s see…..Las Vegas (check), high end electronics (check), massive, mind-blowing projection offerings (check), ummmmm. Can’t really come up with any negatives. Read on: (more…)

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Urbanscreen Projects for Vivid Live! Sydney

If you project onto the facades of buildings for a living, getting to do it on the Sydney Opera House must be the pinnacle of a career. Urbanscreen recently got the chance projecting the outside of the iconic building for Vivid Live!. In the past, the festival has drawn such luminaries as Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno, and Lou Reed as guest curators and is seen by over 400,000 people.

From the Sunday Morning Herald Sydney:
“Speaking from Urbanscreen’s headquarters in Bremen, west of Hamburg, members Till Botterweck and Daniel Rossa describe their work as akin to architectural ”remixing”, like a DJ with a song, that gets people thinking differently about buildings around them. (more…)

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Behind the Scenes with Senovva at UMF

We got a peek at a great mapping done by Senovva for Red bull at UMC a couple of weeks back, and here’s a look behind-the-scenes. They used 12 Barco FLM 20′s and a d3 rig from d3 Technologies. And you thought shooting the side of a building was easy, although the pros from Senovva and Integrated Visions make it look that way! Check IVP’s input for the RB event HERE.

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Bordos.Artworks Amazing 3D Projectionmapping at Mapping Festival 2012

The moniker “3D” is nothing new to projectionmapping, and in fact, the term has been over applied and misused so much that it’s sometimes hard to find ‘real’ 3D stuff. Not the case with Bordos.Artwork. Their recent display at Mapping Festival Geneva 2012 is jaw-dropping. 3D for real in all it’s 3D-ness. You can hear the crowd reaction at a couple of really killer moments in the video. Granted, it’s hard to tell the depth in the video, but the sheer scale must’ve been awesome! Bordos did a great job with this one, but it wasn’t without it’s challenges. 3D, while stunning, poses a lot of issues with brightness as well as viewing angle even under the best circumstances, let alone on the side of a building with a very short throw! Bordos explains: (more…)

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Renata Deszo

I wasn’t sure if I had ever run her stuff before, but Renata Deszo does some great work- as an example, here is the mapping she did for the International VLS Video Mapping Trophy final show at Heavent Paris October 26, 2011. There’s also some great architectural mappings as well. Renata, who goes by the moniker ‘Rendez’, has a bunch of really great examples of her artwork and technical prowess at this website. Make sure to check it out!

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The Projection Studio Goes for a World Record

Ross Ashton’s Projection Studio went for yet another record-breaking project on the face of Buckingham Palace last week. Although kind of an obscure record, there’s nothing obscure about Ashton’s work. The ‘Face Britain’ project culminated in a mass projection on the front of the Palace featuring portraits of the Queen submitted by children. Creative Technology supplied 24 Barco and Panasonic 18k/20k projectors and the whole thing was run on a Dataton Watchout. From the Projection Studio’s website: (more…)

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Visual Drugstore to Map for Intel Again


Due to last year’s success of the Intel Visibly Smart Experience 2011 (Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg), Intel has decided to collaborate again with the Visual Drugstore to promote the new 2012 Intel Ultrabook 3D-Tour. With 8 locations in total, the premiere will take place in Hamburg starting at 22:00 on 28.04.2012,where renowned visual artist Markos Aristides Kern will map the Internationales Maritimes Museum, with visuals revolving around the theme of the Titantic. Many more new and unique visuals to top the the 2011 Intel tour. Accompanying Kern again will be popular DJ Boris Dlugosch providing an hour of the best audio visual live performance there is to offer. The following video shows some great highlights of last year’s adventure in mapping. (more…)

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Rafmögnuð Náttúra

Marcos Zotes, winner of the Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival 2012, and Chris Jordan presented Rafmögnuð Náttúra in Reykjavik, Iceland, as the main event for the festival in February. The work consists of a temporary, site-specific installation that appropriates the facade of Hallgrímskirkja church with a large video-mapping projection. The aim is to transform the static condition of this iconic landmark into a dynamic, engaging and participatory visual experience, and to intervene by socially activating its surrounding public space.

Marcos explains: “I am fascinated with finding new ways to interact with the existing urban environment. I feel the city is there for us at our entire disposal, and we must reclaim its public spaces and urban structures in ways that exceed the limited uses for which they were originally intended. In this case, I wanted to subvert the static and timeless (more…)

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4AV projectionmapping for Manpower Experis

4AV spent the weekend putting out a great cylindrical projectionmapping on 40m high steel tank in Westerpark Amsterdam. Rudy Vorstenbosch acquired four (of course, if your name is 4AV I’d think it would HAVE to be four…) of the big Barco XLM HD30′s from PRG and used fixed 1:1 lenses to shoot the gig. All content was played out via two Catalyst media servers running over fiber DVI, along with an Ethernet line for projector control through Barco’s management app. Postpanic did all the media content and the audio was provided by Massive. I don’t know what I like more- the still imagery or the video, but it’s all pretty nice work folks!

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Integrated Visions Projectionmaps Miami

OK, not the whole city….but a large chunk of the Hotel InterContinental got the VIP treatment from Integrated Visions and Senovva during the Ultra Music Festival last week. The project called ‘Red Bull Mind-Meld’ experience featured custom animations and footage that spanned 20,000 s.f. of the side of the building. As far as I know, this one ranks right up there with some of the largest projectionmappings in the US done so far- at least in terms of sheer size. IVP produced content (more…)

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Nuformer expands their digs…..


Looks like our friends at Nuformer are growing- the projectionmapping/multimedia production company based in the Netherlands has opened a second office and along with it- a job opening!

From their Twitter stream:
“We are proud to announce that today is the official opening of our second office in the Netherlands. The NuFormer office is centrally located in the bustling heart of Rotterdam. The Rotterdam team will dedicate itself to research and innovation in the field of interactive video mapping and projection.

To complete the team in Rotterdam office we are currently looking for an experienced programmer in Unity3D (m/f) ”

So get on it all you Unity 3D freaks! Employment awaits! For some outstanding examples of Nuformer’s work, just search their name in our handy search box over on the right there (or perhaps from ‘Related Posts’ below)…..or hit their website and blog….

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Sharjah Light Festival 2012

Sharjah’s ruler Sheikh Sultan Mohammed Al Qasimi opened the nine-day Sharjah Light Festival 2012 Thursday. It’s organised by the emirate’s commerce and tourism development authority. Looks like there will be works from:

Limelight Projections, featuring 3D mapping on Fort Al Hisn











Tilt, with a giant display of light sculpture on the Cultural Square and the Al Majaz Waterfront park.










There’s installations all over the area and if it’s anywhere near as big as the 2011 event, it will draw huge crowds and hopefully boost the tourism in the area.

Photo/video credits: Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Authority

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On the Knifedge in Kuwait


Here’s a projection mapping by British creative agency Knifedge for the closing ceremony of the inaugural Kuwait Professional Squash Association Cup, staged in Kuwait City at the end of 2011.
The opening ceremony was inside the venue and they back-projected onto smartglass which is opaque and then clear when an electric current runs through it all. For both the ceremonies they created all the content in a combination of 3D Studio Max, Realflow, Cinema 4D and After Effects. PRG Group provided (more…)

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Luminous Field by Luftwerk


Luftwerk gets to project on some pretty amazing architecture and sculpture and now they get to project (well, reflect) on another iconic piece – Millenium Park in Chicago with Anish Kapoors ‘Cloud Gate’. Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero are a duo from Chicago who have done (more…)

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Urbanscreen Wins Facade Competition


Urbanscreen announced they have won a competition to use the facade of a building for a permanent media display. The “clubhouse” at Spielbudenplatz in Hamburg-St. Pauli will be 5,000 square meters on the Reeperbahn with several live music clubs, radio stations and a small theater. The site is located between the “dock” and the Schmidt Theater. The existing, early 50′s building will make way for the new building. Congratulations Urbanscreen!
They’re no stranger to media on building facades…here’s a previous feature of Urbanscreen on Projectionfreak!

Video of Media

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Liquid Interactive’s Light Scope up for AIMIA Award

Liquid Interactive’s Light Scope, a project we posted on back in September, is up for the People’s Choice Award at the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association’s awards program.

The Liquid Interactive Light Scope was an innovative art installation developed as part of the Brisbane Festival 2011 program, open during September. It was an original interactive experience in a physically immersive environment designed to (more…)

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Vortex Immersion Dome at Indy SB Village


Surprisingly there’s not much projection-wise in town for the big game. I figured there was going to be no shortage of large scale mappings and/or other projection eye-candy, but from what I can tell it’s pretty dead. Why no one has coated the ridiculous amount of tent fabric space available with wacko projection is beyond me. I mean, it’s the Superbowl so it’s not like anyone’s short of cash…..

The one that seems to be standing out so far is the Microsoft Kinect Play60 Fan Dome in a parking lot just north of the Fieldhouse. Vortex Immersion Media are the folks behind these domes and by all accounts it looks pretty entertaining. They have a number of different styles of interactive dome projection rigs, the largest of which can have over 50,000 s.f. of interior floor space and accommodate 10,00 people! They have a number of geodesic options too- be sure to check their website for details. Vortex Immersion has a whole team of content creators as well as an architectural consulting arm that can do projection analysis….you know- for when you need an upgrade to the home theater/man cave.

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Basketball Courts are the next Projectionmapping Playground

I know- it’s Superbowl week and I should be posting about all the great projection happening there (not much) but that’s a different story-
Well it was bound to happen at some point. Ever since the first one of these I saw featuring the original HES Orbital Head I thought it was a great idea. Basketball courts in arenas are the perfect medium for projection…controlled light, loud sound systems, giant canvas, captive audience. I can only hope the half-time stuff gets creative with motion tracking on the cheerleaders and mascots, etc. Team intros could be taken to the next level pretty easily. Not to mention the advertising potential- to wit, the Georgia State Lottery vid that follows. Again, it’s not so much about the “mapping”….there isn’t any really…it’s more about the content production. Although the HES stuff had the player’s headshots projected and some live video highlights, which I’d like to see more of when this takes off again. And you know it will!

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Super 78 Studios up for VES Award


I ran a post about Electrosonic’s involvement with the install of the Xperiential Maritime Museum in Singapore last October- and it looks like the company responsible for content is up for a VES award! Super 78 Studios is nominated for Outstanding Visual Effects against a couple of heavy hitters in the biz- Disney’s Star Tours Revamp and Universal’s Transformers. The awards are set to be announced at the 10th annual VES Awards show Feb.7 at the Beverly Hilton. It’s not their first nomination- see the press release below.

The VES Awards recognize and honor the most outstanding visual effects work of the year and honors the artists who created them. There are categories for 23 different disciplines including film, animation, television, commercials, special venues, and video games. (more…)

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PlasaFocus Austin 2012


Don’t forget- PlasaFocus Austin is coming up and it looks like it’ll be a great show. Dates are February 22 & 23rd with a pretty extensive list of exhibitors- for a full list click HERE. Send some pics if you happen to be in Texas for the show! I’m proud to share the same initials…..

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Nuformer Goes 360 at NAIAS

Projection wizards Nuformer are in Detroit for the North American Int’l Auto Show and they’ve designed the content for Ford’s 360 immersive “ride”.  The feature is a 360 degree projection which shows off what a Ford vehicle can do for you in the future.  Check out the video at about 1:25 and dig the scissor lift rig (remember to keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle!!)  I’ll post some details on the projector setup when more info becomes available…nice work Nuformer!

9 Christie HD projectors were used to create the 360-degree projection;
Mediaserver: Grass Valley Turbo T2iDDR;
Active pixel size: 13436 pixels wide x 864 pixels high

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