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Amon Tobin’s Lost and Found

From the Rolling Stone site comes this clip of Amon Tobin’s Lost and Found. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry….it’s a beautiful thing. I’ll try to keep up with the tour by posting clips as they come. To be clear: Amon’s people have not contacted me, nor have Rolling Stone’s…well….nor have anyone else related to this tour…but it LOOKS GREAT. V Squared Labs, with Peter Sistrom at the digital helm, have outdone themselves this time around. This, I think, is what concerts will look like (and how they will be produced) in 20 years. If you’re in the Midwest and want to see this visual orgasm, here’s the closest they will come….

And from Thinktank Media comes the incredible packaging video for the ISAM box set.

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Barco’s Groundbreaking 4k Laser Projection at CinemaCON

I’m kicking myself for not making out to Vegas this past month for the Holy Grail of Projection- CinemaCON. While it has come and gone, all the big players in the industry flexed their collective projection super-powers and impressed the industry once again. HFR and laser seems to be where we’re headed and it figured big at Cinemacon. So of course- Barco threw their skin in the game:
Barco, the global digital cinema technology leader, impressed hundreds of attendees at this year’s CinemaCon, demonstrating ultra-bright 4K laser projection, a never-before-seen exhibition of High Frame Rate movie footage at 120 fps per eye, its premier 3D multi-channel cinema audio solution, and a stunning 3D projection mapping show on Caesars Palace. (more…)

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The Projection Studio Goes for a World Record

Ross Ashton’s Projection Studio went for yet another record-breaking project on the face of Buckingham Palace last week. Although kind of an obscure record, there’s nothing obscure about Ashton’s work. The ‘Face Britain’ project culminated in a mass projection on the front of the Palace featuring portraits of the Queen submitted by children. Creative Technology supplied 24 Barco and Panasonic 18k/20k projectors and the whole thing was run on a Dataton Watchout. From the Projection Studio’s website: (more…)

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Madmapper wins LiveDesign Projection Product of the Year


Holy cow! This is a HUGE honor for the GarageCUBE team…..Madmapper, besides being the coolest mapping software on the planet, has been awarded LiveDesign’s Projection Product of the Year Award- right up there with Christie’s YK200 Nitro, the Barco ImagePRO 3G, and Advantage LED Solutions 5mm LED panel. Man, that is some serious company to be in. Congratulations to the whole GarageCUBE team for an outstanding product and a well-deserved award!

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4AV projectionmapping for Manpower Experis

4AV spent the weekend putting out a great cylindrical projectionmapping on 40m high steel tank in Westerpark Amsterdam. Rudy Vorstenbosch acquired four (of course, if your name is 4AV I’d think it would HAVE to be four…) of the big Barco XLM HD30′s from PRG and used fixed 1:1 lenses to shoot the gig. All content was played out via two Catalyst media servers running over fiber DVI, along with an Ethernet line for projector control through Barco’s management app. Postpanic did all the media content and the audio was provided by Massive. I don’t know what I like more- the still imagery or the video, but it’s all pretty nice work folks!

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Integrated Visions Projectionmaps Miami

OK, not the whole city….but a large chunk of the Hotel InterContinental got the VIP treatment from Integrated Visions and Senovva during the Ultra Music Festival last week. The project called ‘Red Bull Mind-Meld’ experience featured custom animations and footage that spanned 20,000 s.f. of the side of the building. As far as I know, this one ranks right up there with some of the largest projectionmappings in the US done so far- at least in terms of sheer size. IVP produced content (more…)

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Klip Collective’s Interactive Financial Mapping feat. David McCandless

Klip Collective teamed up with David McCandless at Information is Beautiful to create a huge projectionmapping inside Grand Central Station for Financial Times. They partnered with DDBUK to produce fascinating info graphics that could be manipulated by people walking inside an area on the floor. Looks like Barco was again the weapon-of-choice. You’ll recall Kilp Collective, who claim to be “the inventors of projectionmapping” (who’s to argue?) are the ones who did the awesome projectionmapping at the University of Texas tower a while back. Also, following the first vid is an interview with David McCandless of Information is Beautiful talking about the info graphics that were produced. Short pieces of the clips that were projected can be found HERE.

Financial Times Graphic World from klipcollective on Vimeo.

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Tigrelab Talk Show Set Mapping

In what is, perhaps, not so much “videomapping” as “audio-reactive virtual set design”, TV3 produced two very special interviews featuring the scientist and broadcaster Eduard Punset and the presenter and humourist Andreu Buenafuente. The programmes, which generated considerable expectation and required a significant investment, consisted of conversations between Punset and Buenafuente about a range of issues concerning everyday life set against a video mapping projection of almost 100 m2. Tigrelab was chosen to develop the contents of the backdrop, an audiovisual “wall” 24 metres wide and 3.5 metres high. This reactive and continuously changing scene allowed the two men to continue to talk comfortably whilst they were taken from place to place…from a modernist library, to a New York building, to being surrounded by a futurist mesh created using images of codes.

Words like love, city, brain, future formed the basis of the production that was accompanied by live conversation. A total of 20 different spaces were created. The programme was recorded in front of a studio audience for subsequent broadcast, allowing Buenafuente and Punset to talk freely whilst the producer “transported” them to different scenes based on where their conversation took them. Tigrelab proposed an audio-reactive backdrop developed by WeLoveCode using Processing. The system was reactive, allowing for the images to change depending on what was being said. This broke new ground in the field of interactive set design for television. The image was divided into two parts that were connected to left-right stereo audio, one side for each of the participants.The technical department created the montage for the projection and management of the video mapping using three Barco FLM 20K HD projectors and the WatchOut 5 program, offering considerable flexibility to the producer. While ‘green-screen’ technology has been around forever, I love that this concept flips that idea completely around…

Com va la vida, Video Mapping TV3 from Tigrelab on Vimeo.

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Nuformer Expands Mapping Capabilities with MOCAP Mapping

Projectionmapping on a large scale suffers from ‘instant fame’ syndrome. While it’s a really cool and innovative technology, the fact is- if you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it all. Then the game changes when someone gets really creative with an existing technology and mixes it with large-scale projection. So it is that NuFormer presents “mocap mapping”, a first-of-its-kind combination of 3D video mapping projection and live motion capture technology. This brand-new mix allows for engaging interaction between the audience and a 3D character projected onto a building. Oddly reminiscent of interactive technologies (more…)

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CALL 911 NOW! UMF takes over Miami and is SOLD OUT

EDM superstars Skrillex and Fat Boy Slim are just a drop in the bucket at the Ultra Music Festival. Combine that with a stage and visual design from V Squared Labs and you get the real star of the show– the mainstage rig! Here’s a look at the rig courtesy of MTV and Vello:

Get More: Music News

If V Squared is there you know it will be great….maybe rivaling the famed Amon Tobin ISAM rig….we’ll see. “We have this crazy high-definition output system taking it to the next level at Ultra this year,” Virkhaus beamed. Of course, possibly the most exciting one-up from last year’s undertaking is the presence of, wait for it, an “LED roof” over the stage that is going to be an added visual element for each set.

“This is the overhead grid that’s going to be over viewers,” Virkhaus explained. “You’ve got artists like Tiësto, Afrojack, Skrillex, Avicii — people coming who are going to make a fantastic show for the audience — and we are going to do some amazing visuals. I know [the fans] are going to be blown away with the experience we are bringing.”

Of course there are other projects going on as well. Large scale projection masters Senovva will be projectionmapping for Red Bull with 12 Barco FLM 20k’s as seen here:

Send pics please…..or a ticket and a flight to Miami….

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Barco NSL-5521


Barco has announced the NSL-5521, a 55″ full HD LCD with LED backlight. You’ll probably install it in a control room with a bunch more to make a huge wall, but why not stick one in your board room or living room for that matter? As a tiled LCD solution, the NSL-5521 is ideal for personal wall environments and adjunct control rooms in Emergency Operations Centers, traffic management and surveillance centers, C4I-SR environments, utilities and process control centers and broadcast & telecom monitoring applications.

Narrow-bezel display for tiled video walls
The new NSL uses durable LED backlights positioned directly behind the LCD panel and has the (more…)

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DWP + LMG= SB46 Video Wizardry

I had almost written off the Super Bowl as the one without any major projection. Given the rise in popularity of large scale projection over the last couple of years, I figured there would be a ton. Then celebrity gossip site TMZ ‘leaked’ a few renderings of the stage and production and I knew something was up. It turns out I only had to wait until the famed halftime performance to get a fix. Video equipment rental giant LMG teamed up with DWP Live to supply projection and LED technology for a record-breaking halftime show that surpassed everyone’s expectations. Danny Whetstone of DWP Live was kind enough to provide some details after the NDA expired…. (more…)

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Roca Video Rocks PLN

Ian Henderson hipped me to the recent broadcast of Premio Lo Nuestro on Univision this past Thursday. Ian was the Lead Engineer for Roca Video on the gig and it’s pretty insane…This video is the opening act, Daddy Yankee, and it features 6 Coolux Pandora’s Box servers- but it doesn’t end there…
They were T/C’d to the 9 Catalyst servers running the rest of the show! The screens were fed by 12x 20k Christies (front), 7 Barco R22 (rear, with R12 backups), scenic projection was done by the 20k’s, Ian tells me the load-in was 5 days with 3 days for rehearsals, tweaking, alignment, etc. He was also kind enough to send a few snaps of the actual rigging for a couple of the PJ’s (don’t try this at home!). As far as the LED suit goes…I love that it’s actually mapped with the rest of the video and I’d love to see the connections for it!

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On the Knifedge in Kuwait


Here’s a projection mapping by British creative agency Knifedge for the closing ceremony of the inaugural Kuwait Professional Squash Association Cup, staged in Kuwait City at the end of 2011.
The opening ceremony was inside the venue and they back-projected onto smartglass which is opaque and then clear when an electric current runs through it all. For both the ceremonies they created all the content in a combination of 3D Studio Max, Realflow, Cinema 4D and After Effects. PRG Group provided (more…)

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Down the Rabbit Hole Again with Mute Math


Jake Jorgovan over at Rabbit Hole Creative hipped me to a project they worked on for MUTEMATH. In collaboration with 44 Production Designs and DWP Live, they used Two Barco HDX-W14 projectors. One projector was used to transform the stage into a pulsing, morphing, 3D work of art and the second projector was used to cover the band in projection.

They designed the system so the LD, Darien Koop, could handle (more…)

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Barco’s New HDX-18


Kortrijk, Belgium, 30 January 2012 – Barco, a leader in projection technology for the rental and staging industry, is proud to add a new unit to its HDX range of three-chip DLP projectors. The HDX-W18 is the latest addition to the successful HDX family, sharing the on-board image processing, compact design, easy servicing, and preview mode features with its W12 and W14 cousins, but clocking in at 17,500 lumens. Barco will unveil the HDX-W18 at ISE from 31 January to 2 February 2012.
“After our very successful introduction of the HDX-W14 last year, we are excited to expand our HDX range with a 17,500 lumens unit. This new model supports the customer requirements of getting more brightness out of compact projector systems,” says Chris Colpaert, Director of Strategic Marketing ProAV at Barco. “The HDX is equipped with Xenon lamps and contains a high contrast optical engine. This results in stunning color reproductions, presenting audiences with crisp and vivid images on every occasion.” Pictured is the HDX-W14, but one could assume they share the same frame.

“The on-board image processing technology is based on Barco’s renowned ImagePRO signal processor, which offers high quality and flexible scaling capabilities and has been a reference in the events market for many years,” Mr. Colpaert continues. “This additional feature set boosts creativity and decreases the time it takes to get sources on screen the way users want.”

Barco’s HDX projectors consist of only five building blocks, which makes them exceedingly easy to maintain. They come with a WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution, which even exceeds industry-standard full HD. The projectors feature control through a user-friendly, built-in color LCD screen with a preview mode – and, thanks to a straightforward user interface, the projector can be set up in no time. Furthermore, users can easily control the HDX via a smart phone or tablet computer.

A quick look at the product features:
Quick preview
The HDX-W18′s built-in color LCD screen provides you with all the information you need on your projector’s connected sources, status, power, temperatures and lamp runtime. The LCD screen also allows you to preview your connected sources.

The HDX-W18 has a native 3G HDSDI/SDI input, which makes it compatible with progressive sources over a single BNC cable. This also means that the HDX-W18 allows for digital inputs that don’t come through fragile DVI fiber cables.

Wireless control
Barco’s HDX platform is designed for wireless control. Whether from one central PC or with a smartphone or tablet computer, you remain connected to the HDX at all times.

Only five building blocks
Barco designed the HDX-W18 with efficiency and quick setup in mind. It features just five building blocks that can be removed and replaced quickly, so that time spent servicing the projector is kept to a bare minimum.

25% more compact
The HDX-W18′s compact and functional design never takes up more space than strictly necessary. In addition, it can be easily boxed, shipped and fits into standard flight cases.

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