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Corporate Staging Resources Projectionmaps USANA

Corporate Staging Resources recently staged a huge projectionmapped stage for the USANA International Sales Convention in Downtown Salt Lake City. The event at Energy Solutions Arena spanned 3 days with 12 hours of content and 11,00 in attendance. The stage and set elements were 100% projection using pre-produced animations, live action video, motion graphics, integration with live performance, video rolls, powerpoint files, and live IMAG. All the content was developed by USANA Studios. The custom scenic 44′h x 88′w x 40′deep finished wood and muslin panels were underlayed with steel/aluminum structure and the deck was 40′d x 88′w which included hydraulic doors and an elevator.
Stage Design: Jeffrey Berke and Michael Dolan
Projection and Pandora’s courtesy DWPLive!
For projection, they used 15 (fifteen) Barco HD18X in 5 (five) zones and 8 (eight) Pandora’s Box Servers plus a Manager. It’s pretty evident where the zones were if you look at the model ( around :27 in the video). I love seeing stuff like this because it makes me believe that the one-off gigs are coming back- that the ‘corporate staging’ market is coming around again…..remember when we all did HUGE corporate gigs that really needed technology like this? A great job by CSR and I hope to see more of it!

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Run Rabbit Run!

Rabbit Hole Creative Runs a Mean Projectionmapping for Saucony’s Kinvara 3

Jake Jorgovan and the team from Rabbit Hole Creative partnered with DWP Live and Graystone Media to produce a really cool projectionmapping for the launch of the Saucony Kinvara 3 running shoe. We’ve seen projectionmapping on just about everything by now, so why not shoes? In fact, shoes make a great surface (more…)

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Coolux Pandora’s Box 5.1 Released


Pandora’s Box Version 5.1 has been released and is available at their DOWNLOAD SITE. This latest release offers a range of new features including AES 256-bit Media Encryption. To protect exclusive content from being copied or misused, users can choose between code based encryption generated within the Pandoras Box interface, or dongle-based encryption that would allow content to be played only during certain pre-defined times or on certain machines.

The new version 5.1 features are:

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Coolux Updates Pandora’s Box


The latest Pandoras Box V5 REV 6799 is now available for download on the Coolux webpage
Please do not forget to log on to our download section before trying to download the file.
This version will fix the ASIO bug found in REV 6700.
Rev 6799:
- fixed color fringe around text assets
- fixed ASIO transport controls
- fixed incorrect removal of effects and particle systems in virtual devices
- fixed possible crash on startup when using a ASIO card with more than 24 channels
- fixed effect crash for certain effect combinations
- fixed incorrect video export for quicktimes and avis
- fixed possible wrong colorspace for images
- added possibility to load objects with more than 65000 vertices
- enhanced project saving (about 20 times faster)
- new MatrixPatcher Rev 24
The new Matrix Patcher introduces a new Map-View in order to make it possible to re-locate individual pixels for creative setups, when working with conventional LED processors like e.g. Barco, Daktronics, Galaxia/Winvision etc.

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