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Tekamaki a d3 Studio

d3 Technologies are pleased to announce San Carlos based rental and staging company Tekamaki have signed up to become the latest d3 Studio. With a client base ranging from NASA to Nintendo and Electronic Arts to Google, Tekamaki profiles as a high-end technical service provider with deep roots in display technology and an extremely knowledgeable staff.

smallTekamaki’s capabilities range from concept development through process management, project design and staging. A small, flexible company with decades of industry experience between its team members, Tekamaki’s focus has always been on teamwork, talent, innovation and the latest in display and media technology to help their clients successfully communicate their message. Tekamaki used d3 systems on the September 2012 DreamForce event for, which saw the entire San Francisco City Hall mapped up for a one-off performance by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Based in San Carlos, California, Tekamaki team members include Matt Ward (co-founder of Element Labs), Joe Conway, Ron Machado, Robert Loney and Christopher Burdett.

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QED projectionmaps BBC Comic Relief- RED Nose Day

Check out this massive work from QED. They were contracted to projectionmap the stage for the BBC broadcast of “Funny for Money”, a huge fundraiser put on by Red Nose Day to help people in need.
From their press release:

QED Productions successfully delivered ground-breaking video mapping and stage lighting integration for Comic Relief’s seven-hour television broadcast on BBC One, by using nineteen high-brightness Christie 3-chip DLP projectors.

According to QED Director Paul Wigfield “not only was this was the most challenging indoor projection mapping ever attempted but also the entire rig had to be installed in just one day”. (more…)

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John Ensor Parker Talks TEDx and Projection

TED talks are all the rage- and this one made my Monday! John Ensor Parker is a projection artist who recently did CODEX Dynamic at the DUMBO Artsfest. His work is pretty fascinating and this video gives just a little glimpse into the process behind making a large-scale work like CODEX happen. Yeah, yeah…we all know it takes servers and projectors and lots of cable- but John emphasizes the importance of knowing where our medium came from….we owe a lot to the past. Check out the article previously on PF HERE. Many thanks John!

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An Inquiring Age

I thought I’d post a piece that was sent to me by John Ensor Parker, co curator of the incredible Codex Dynamic recently staged at the DUMBO Arts festival. Some technical details of “An Inquiring Age” will follow (this was a massive install made possible in part by Worldstage and Nationwide Video featuring the d3 media servers), but for now, just dig the video!

Thanks John!

An Inquiring Age-SHORT from John Ensor Parker on Vimeo.

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Codex Dynamic at DUMBO Arts 2012


DUMBO Arts Fest 2012 kicked into high gear with the side and underside of the Manhattan Bridge projectionmapped with “Codex Dynamic”, a work curated by Leo Kuelbs and John Ensor Parker. Two site-specific, large-scale, mapped projections rotated with a selection of single-channel video artworks by internationally renowned video artists. The exhibition seeks to conjure artistic inquiry relating to the subjectivity of space, time and the effect they have on our perceived reality. The DUMBO Arts Festival is a three day celebration of arts, music, and performance that takes place “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpasses” every year with world-renowned artists displaying everything from painting to video to dance and music.
Of course, we’re particular to the video aspect (more…)

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d3 at the Diamond Jubilee


We see a lot of palaces getting projected onto these days, but when you get to project onto THE palace- Buckingham, that is, it’s a big deal. d3 Technologies was out in full force with Sam Pattinson (yes- of U2 and Elton John fame…) for the Diamond Jubilee last week and did a massive mapping onto the facade of Buckingham Palace as the highlight of the festivities. The event featured such celebrity acts as Kylie, Robbie Williams, Stevie Wonder, Sir Elton John, Madness and Sir Paul McCartney. A full detail of the event and breakdown of the gear is available at their website, but here’s an excerpt: (more…)

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d3 Technologies Dreams Big…

Artisan, part of UVA, used d3 to map, simulate and output content onto sculptural LED tunnels for USA telecom company Sprint’s new cinema announcement. It’s a great peek into what it takes to shoot a quality product. David Bajt and Luke Malcolm give some insight into the process….and I guess since I’m a Sprint user- at least I know my money is going towards something a little more than person’s pocket. Plus- who doesn’t love the sight of a crazy-huge jib poking a room chock full of technology with a pricey camera on the end? Keep an eye out for the super-fine Barco NX series LED panels……Check out the “making of” video and their press release:

May 29, 2012 – If your phone could truly “sleep,” what would it dream? A new interactive on-screen cinema experience created by Sprint in partnership with “Team Sprint” encourages moviegoers to turn off their mobile device in exchange for a custom mobile phone “dream”. More than 1,000 NCM Movie Theaters will show the experience on nearly 18,000 screens as part of Sprint’s courtesy-message sponsorship that asks moviegoers to turn off their phones prior to the start of a movie. Artisan, the new sister division of UK based design company United Visual Artists, was taken on board (more…)

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UVA’s High Arctic

United Visual Artist’s puts out some fantastic work. One only has to look at Origin and Coachella to realize that they are pretty much at the cutting edge of blended technologies. I came across their piece “High Arctic” recently and had to show it off. This was from an install at the National Maritime Museum in the UK (man there are some really great installs that happen there…) that ran from July until this past January.

The installation is based on UVA Creative Director Matt Clark’s Cape Farewell expedition to Svalbard which he took with Nick Drake in September 2010 and fragments (more…)

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UVA’s Origin: The Origin


I would absolutely love to see this in action. Unfortunately, the closest I’m going to get is through video, but alas, United Visual Artists knocked this one out of the proverbial park. There is a great write-up over at The Creator’s Project that is worth a read. UVA has had (more…)

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UVA Updates d3 Server

We ran a feature on the incredible d3 server system from United Visual Artists a while back and it looks like they’ve updated their rig with a few new features: one of them functionality for projector simulation, which includes assorted settings for visualizing projector output. Using the software you can change the settings of the virtual projector lens to change the throw ratio and the size of your image. You can also adjust the number of lumens your virtual projector is outputting to match the brightness of your actual equipment. You can also place a virtual projector and test out different brightness settings to help you pick equipment to rent.

d3 also has a few tools to deal with distortion problems beyond the standard keystone correction. There are also correction tools for skew and barrel distortion, and masks to help blend the edges of your overlapping projectors.

Coolest feature? The d3 system can actually detect when one of it’s display computers isn’t functioning and can automatically trigger an event to send commands to the video matrix to switch to an appropriate backup preset. Now in case of the rare equipment blowout, you can still look good! The d3 has been used on a few notable projects recently, the Orchestrion at Coachella, and Drive Productions mapping on the Battersea Power Station, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers world tour 2011 (which also features a few other PF faves, VER rents and PRG/Nocturne). Be sure to give UVA’s d3 site a visit and see their incredible offerings. Also see UVA’s work HERE.

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Drive Productions Massive 3D Projection Map on Battersea


Creative agency RKCR/Y&R has turned the imagination of Bombay Saphire’s ‘Project Your Imagination’ competition winner into reality by turning iconic London landmark Battersea Power Station into a giant Rubik’s Cube. Bombay Saphire launched ‘Project Your Imagination’ in December 2010, asking people from across the world to demonstrate their imagination by submitting ideas, including drawings and poems, for a proposed light installation. Facebook fans then selected their favourite from a global shortlist – with the Rubik’s Cube by Albania’s Erjola Veliaj chosen as the clear winner.

RKCR/Y&R teamed up with London production agency Drive to bring Erjola’s concept to life and turn Battersea Power Station into a giant Rubik’s Cube – lit up in a rainbow of changing colours to reflect the bold square lines of the famous 1970’s puzzle. This was then streamed live on Facebook at 10pm on 08 June.
Drive Productions, experts in the latest cutting-edge 4D projection-mapping technology, used 14 x 15k projectors stacked in hides on towers placed 60m from the face of the building to create a huge 70m square projection of a Rubik’s cube, big enough to match the massive dimensions of the power station itself. The finished projection was over 100 metres tall and was clearly visible for miles around. Pre-visualization was done on Drive’s d3 system with the final content being controlled by a Watchout rig. Signal was routed with fibre-links along with broadcast audio being sent via radio transmitters.

The event comes as major redevelopment works are due to (more…)

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