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Jands Vista L5…. Squint-Vidiot-Programmer, Your Muscle Car has Arrived…


Not for the faint of heart or of wallet…..this console is not really something you’ll be using at the typical nightclub gig…it’s destined for FOH at large venues and festivals. Jands has unveiled the L5 and it looks pretty amazing….from the 21″ HD Wacom screen (who needs multi- monitors?) to the back-lit keyboard to the sleek, “monocoque” chassis, it’s a good-looking piece of industrial design.  While I still believe that lighting consoles should control lights, and video consoles should control video, the industry seems driven to marry the two- and I suppose out of all the larger consoles, the Vista has been one of the easiest to use.  Squints and wanna-be video programmers rejoice! While you’re drooling on your own keyboard, make sure to visit THIS LINK to see the video and enter a contest to win a Macbook Pro (pre-loaded with the V2 software). From their website (where you can also find the specs):

The Vista L5 – the ultimate platform for the creative mind

The new Vista L5 is the latest addition to the revolutionary Jands Vista range of consoles and control surfaces. (more…)

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