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Pomplamoose Video Killed the Radio Star

Yes. Yes, it did. Killed it quite completely. And this video is just as cool, if not cooler, than Pomplamoose’s previous one.

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More Olympic Sized Projectionmapping

This time from the good folks at Klip Collective featuring Dr. Mojo of MojoVideoTech and Ryan Uzilevsky of Light Harvest. They got to hang in Boston and projection map, shoot, and generally wreck havoc on Beantown for the run up to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Looks like they got to use the killer water-jet technique made popular recently in a vid from KC and the Good Doctor for Nike’s Melo M8. Check out the custom projector mounts….especially the tripod-mounted 10k! I love the work these guys do and you can’t help but admire the craftsmanship.

From MVT’s website:
“To celebrate the 2012 Olympic Games, Procter & Gamble and Gillette staged a series of projected video displays on buildings throughout Boston. The series concluded with an event at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art which coincided with the Opening Ceremonies in London.

The ambitious video concepts and technical production were spearheaded by Philadelphia-based Klip Collective. The projector package at the museum event included two Christie HD+35Ks, six double stacked converged Barco FLM HD20Ks and featured two massive water vapor screens provided by Mirage Water Works, as well as projections on the museum’s facade. A Christie M-Series HD10K plus an additional Barco HD20K were used for the mobile locations. The challenge of video mapping with poor weather conditions and a tight production schedule was met by the highly skilled projection team which included KLIP’s Ric & Steve Rivera, Ryan Uzilevsky of Light Harvest Studios and MVT’s Doctor Mojo.”

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Sensory Technology HD Touchscreen Overload


Touch technology is so prevalent now that it’s hard NOT to use some incarnation of it on a day-to-day basis. From the oft-referred-to scenes from Minority Report to a weekly peek on NCIS, huge touchscreens are becoming the norm from corporate boardrooms to police HQ. I ran a piece a while back on the huge interactive video wall at the University of Dayton, but that was a projection-based system. Now it seems we’re seeing LCD screens of the same size, no longer restricted to NOC’s and control centers.

I recently got a sneak-peek at such a behemoth being custom built by Sensory Technologies. My beloved DPI Lightning HD35 was coming back from hospital and ready for pick up at the ST dock- and this awe-inspiring wall, in the build room, was in it’s final touches before being deployed. Field Engineer Chris Poore was kind enough to show me the particulars….

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Scott Snibbe at LAX


Scott Snibbe has gotten a lot of press lately and for good reason. He’s been in the interactive art scene for 20-something years and has collaborated with such celebrated innovators as Bjork, Brian Eno, and James Cameron. His latest work is called “Transit” and is one of 17 pieces running on a 58 back-to-back HD monitor ribbon overhead at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. In Scott’s words :”The 15-minute video features hundreds of pedestrians in silhouette who take part in a loose narrative grounded in their ceaseless movements left to right. Against this backdrop, travelers occasionally put down their bags and break into exuberant dance routines in styles that reflect L.A.’s diversity: from Hip-Hop to Salsa, Ballet, and Punk.

Midway through, the high-definition story shatters into abstracted fragments as multiple copies of travelers wipe forward across the screens; moon-walking travelers float backwards; crowds spew out from single travelers; and a Lady in Red appears who is ignored by them all. The project is a collaboration with Choreographer Francesca Penzani, and videographer Noah Cunningham. The California Institute of the Arts Center for Integrated Media offered substantial facilities and support for the project’s production.”

Here’s a piece from the good folks at the Creator’s Project that goes into detail about some of his innovative work:

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Navistar Truck Videomapping

There’s been a recent spate of automobile projection mappings as of late, like a few from SuperGlue, RadugaDesign, and DuckUnit, but trucks and other vehicles are starting to crop up.

DALLAS – Navistar’s display at a recent trucking show in March aimed to debut a new truck while creating a brand experience that captured the company’s versatility. Freeman delivered an exhibit that included a skin-wrapped truck and several screens. Using projection, the truck itself became a screen showcasing the vehicle’s many potential applications. Freeman, a provider of services for marketing events, partnered with Navistar to build an immersive brand experience to showcase its global product offerings and future technologies.

The goal of the display at the 2012 Mid America Trucking Show held in March was twofold: debut the new Loadstar truck while creating a brand experience that captured the company’s versatility. Freeman delivered an exhibit that included a skin-wrapped (more…)

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The Visual Drugstore’s Intel Mapping of 2012- Hamburg


We let you know about The Visual Drugstore’s partnership with Intel a while back. Video artist Mar-K.os (aka Markos Aristides) just completed a projectionmapping in Hamburg for the Ultrabook 3D tour….Lot’s of Sanyos and the awesome MMOV! Check it out:

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Electrosonic at this year’s Counter Terror Expo

Don't $&^% with this man's AV install....

One of the best things about the AV/production industry is that we get to see almost everything. From high school science teacher conventions to camels onstage. Imagine getting to demo your stuff for counter terror experts! That’s exactly what Electrosonic is doing with Detection Technologies and Integrated Security Manufacturing Ltd (ISM) for this year’s Counter Terror Expo.

London (April 2, 2012) – Electrosonic’s Control Rooms team has partnered with Detection Technologies and Integrated Security Manufacturing Ltd (ISM) for this year’s Counter Terror Expo to exhibit a full range of command and control, security and protection services.

Electrosonic’s dedicated Control Rooms team specialises in providing complete audio-visual solutions, which include systems integration, technical design, project management and service and maintainance.

Electrosonic works with a wide range of suppliers in the AV industry. The Counter Terror Expo will see Electrosonic demonstrating the NEC ultra-thin bezel 46″ LCD screen. Powered by an Extron Quantum Elite video wall processor, Electrosonic will display (more…)

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Barco NSL-5521


Barco has announced the NSL-5521, a 55″ full HD LCD with LED backlight. You’ll probably install it in a control room with a bunch more to make a huge wall, but why not stick one in your board room or living room for that matter? As a tiled LCD solution, the NSL-5521 is ideal for personal wall environments and adjunct control rooms in Emergency Operations Centers, traffic management and surveillance centers, C4I-SR environments, utilities and process control centers and broadcast & telecom monitoring applications.

Narrow-bezel display for tiled video walls
The new NSL uses durable LED backlights positioned directly behind the LCD panel and has the (more…)

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Roca Video Rocks PLN

Ian Henderson hipped me to the recent broadcast of Premio Lo Nuestro on Univision this past Thursday. Ian was the Lead Engineer for Roca Video on the gig and it’s pretty insane…This video is the opening act, Daddy Yankee, and it features 6 Coolux Pandora’s Box servers- but it doesn’t end there…
They were T/C’d to the 9 Catalyst servers running the rest of the show! The screens were fed by 12x 20k Christies (front), 7 Barco R22 (rear, with R12 backups), scenic projection was done by the 20k’s, Ian tells me the load-in was 5 days with 3 days for rehearsals, tweaking, alignment, etc. He was also kind enough to send a few snaps of the actual rigging for a couple of the PJ’s (don’t try this at home!). As far as the LED suit goes…I love that it’s actually mapped with the rest of the video and I’d love to see the connections for it!

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Planar Mosaic- 1:1 LCD Tiles

I came across a pretty cool product- 1:1 size LCD panels from Planar. A lot of manufacturers have been releasing small, modular tile arrays for digital signage, corporate boardrooms, etc….but these open up the more creative side I think. They have unique mounting hardware that allows them to be lined up or off set, and the power supplies can be rack-mounted away from the displays, making the electrical runs a little more economical. From their website: “Planar Mosaic is the only video wall system that allows designers (more…)

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3DM Architectural Maps a Skatepark

Brazilian firm 3DM Architectural did this cool projectionmapping of a skatepark. They tell me that it started out with two 15k PJ’s but they ended up only using one with a wider lens as it achieved a better overall effect. Graphics were done with a combination of 3D max, Maya, and Premier.

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Vortex Immersion Dome at Indy SB Village


Surprisingly there’s not much projection-wise in town for the big game. I figured there was going to be no shortage of large scale mappings and/or other projection eye-candy, but from what I can tell it’s pretty dead. Why no one has coated the ridiculous amount of tent fabric space available with wacko projection is beyond me. I mean, it’s the Superbowl so it’s not like anyone’s short of cash…..

The one that seems to be standing out so far is the Microsoft Kinect Play60 Fan Dome in a parking lot just north of the Fieldhouse. Vortex Immersion Media are the folks behind these domes and by all accounts it looks pretty entertaining. They have a number of different styles of interactive dome projection rigs, the largest of which can have over 50,000 s.f. of interior floor space and accommodate 10,00 people! They have a number of geodesic options too- be sure to check their website for details. Vortex Immersion has a whole team of content creators as well as an architectural consulting arm that can do projection analysis….you know- for when you need an upgrade to the home theater/man cave.

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Basketball Courts are the next Projectionmapping Playground

I know- it’s Superbowl week and I should be posting about all the great projection happening there (not much) but that’s a different story-
Well it was bound to happen at some point. Ever since the first one of these I saw featuring the original HES Orbital Head I thought it was a great idea. Basketball courts in arenas are the perfect medium for projection…controlled light, loud sound systems, giant canvas, captive audience. I can only hope the half-time stuff gets creative with motion tracking on the cheerleaders and mascots, etc. Team intros could be taken to the next level pretty easily. Not to mention the advertising potential- to wit, the Georgia State Lottery vid that follows. Again, it’s not so much about the “mapping”….there isn’t any really…it’s more about the content production. Although the HES stuff had the player’s headshots projected and some live video highlights, which I’d like to see more of when this takes off again. And you know it will!

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Fête des Lumières Features Christie Digital in a Big Way


Although the origin of the Fete des Lumiere in Lyon France is a little on the dark side (1643, when the municipal councilors promised to pay tribute to Mary, Mother of Jesus if the town was spared from plague) it is anything but dark. This year, with the Festival set to run this year from December 8 to 11, Lyon, in its role as “the capital of light”, welcomed some of the world’s top artists and became for the 13th consecutive year -the scene of one of the largest urban events in the world. Nearly 4 million visitors from around the world came to explore the city and enjoy the grandiose, poetic and truly out of the ordinary artistic creations. For four nights, the city’s monuments, rivers and hills were transformed into a vast expanse of artistic expression (more…)

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Yet More Explanation of the MSA Visuals Immersive Mapping for Sony

I think this set of videos by MSAV and MarshmallowLaserFeast has generated more controversy in the projectionmapping world than just about anything so far. Lots of folks are having a hard time believing that it was done in one take. There are a lot of examples of one-take wizardry out there…one only has to look at any OK-GO video of late, or perhaps Lucas with the Lid Off, but having a blip because of frame-rate or what have you doesn’t necessarily negate the thing. Some folks have said it’s purely a stunt for Sony and that technology will never do this in your home…whatever the case- it’s a fascinating experiment and I’m glad it’s out there! Really people…’s just another cool use of technology….

Here’s some explanations: (more…)

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Barco’s Insane Flight Sim- Update


Just came across some video of the Barco RP-360 flight simulator dome:

Barco has unveiled the ultimate fighter jet training tool, a fully immersive 360-degree flight simulator designed to reproduce reality exactly as a pilot sees it. The dome is the first flight simulator to give trainee pilots a full unobstructed 360 degree view of the world as they conduct virtual missions, said Barco, a maker of high-definition projectors and displays. “It’s not an improvement, it’s a new generation of simulators,” Geert Matthys, research and development manager at the company, said.

“If a pilot has a cockpit where he can see 360 degrees, he also needs to be trained in a system which supplies 360 degrees, all deviation from real life can be dangerous,” said Matthys. The simulator can be used in a series, with several pilots working together to play out complex training missions such as mid-air refueling. “For the first application there will be eight systems positioned next to each other and they will do mission training with each other,” said project manager Kathy Verledens.

It can also train up pilots for solo sorties. The development team has taken since 2009 to get the device just right. An array of 13 high-definition projectors shine onto the outside of a 3.4 meter diameter acrylic sphere. The trainee pilot sits on the inside looking at the inner surface. The dome, which can be used to train pilots to use a variety of fast fighter jets, was first sold to Elbit Systems, which is currently installing it with its customer, the Israeli Air Force. The system should be fully operational in 2012.

Barco engineers use lasers to line up the 10 megapixel projectors so that the different projected images are perfectly aligned. One of the main technical challenges was to replicate the exact contrast that a pilot sees, stopping the brightness of the image throwing too much light onto the darker areas. “In general use you have 50 percent of your dome filled with white, but in a dome all this white reaches other parts of the dome where you have black, so it’s acting as ambient light,” said Matthys. “We take care of the reflections in such a way that the system contrast is kept to a high level and this, in combination with high resolution and high brightness over 360 degrees, is a breakthrough in the industry.”

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Hitachi iPJ-AW250NM …Short Throw, Huge Screen











Wait….a short throw projector?  Here?  On Projectionfreak,  I talk a lot about really big projectors and the size of the images you can get from them. But what about the small stuff that still makes a big screen? The new Hitachi iPJ-AW250NM would be that projector. It’s an LCD rather than DLP, so you’ll see relatively brighter data output, if that’s your thing, but the real sell is the small footprint and huge screen capability with a very short throw. The sell from a business standpoint is the interactivity (more…)

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LCD Screen Pr0n Overload

This place is for real. Sharp has announced that it has developed a gigantic 156 Multi-screen setup composed of 60” PN-V601 LCD arranged as followed with 36 monitors on the wall, celling and floor as well as 24 monitors on both the right and left wall in order to provide with the best immersive video experience ever during the 5D Miracle Tour at the Hui Ten Bosch Theme Park in Nagasaki. I can’t wait to see what controls it all…….

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Tools, Tips, and Tricks of the Trade- LCD Misconceptions Explained

If you’re in the business of projecting or displaying media for a living, you know the importance of calibrating your gear correctly. Many times you’ll run into displays not reacting quite as they should or having to explain to a client why something looks the way it does. Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate breaks down misinformation about displays,and specs. Never be fooled by LCD refresh rates, frame rates, or interlacing again! Check out these GREAT articles on response time and motion blur and also artifacts and image quality. All projection freaks need to know this stuff so read up! There will be a test and quiz later………
Let me state that this is NOT a paid plug….(although it would be nice) but be sure to check out all their display calibration software- indispensable!

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Christie Spyder X20 in the Architainment World

We posted a while back on the Spyder and it’s related products, and here’s a great example of the system in action.  Talk about LCD wall. I like that the URS Universal Routing Switcher was used in conjunction, although I don’t see how you could NOT use a routing switcher in this application. After reading the article, I really wanted to know how they were doing the “live feed” from two HD cameras. Anyone know?  Also, having spent most of my childhood at Huntington Beach, I got a little homesick…..


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So much for the NCAA Title…

The Butler Bulldogs were unable to defeat UConn and this game is in the history books.  But on a lighter note: we had a PACKED Hinkle Fieldhouse to watch the game in HD on 4 21′ screens.  I’m trying to drum up support for a dozen DL3′s to shoot the exterior and interior of the building for next year’s game.  Anyone want to come pixel-map the building for me?  The live blog I had talked about did not happen either- we were a little too occupied to taptap at the computer (and some weird server-side config of image upload folders…)- but I did get a lot of  emails about some exciting things in the near future for Projectionfreak.  Look for some new product demo’s and as always- the ever-expanding list of links over on the right —–>>> of old friends and new…including Nuformer (a Dutch digital media group producing high-end corporate graphics and projection design) and (an LED fixture manufacturer).

There’s now also a Facebook LIKE button below each post so you don’t even have to leave the page in order to share your “likes” with your non-projection friends……

Check them out and be sure to check Projectionfreak regularly for all the latest in the wacky world of projection/LED/LCD/DLP/Entertainment Technology.

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Some Great, Great work in out in Videoland

After seeing and working the Blue Man Group 2010 Tour, I was convinced I had “seen the light”. It is perhaps the coolest use of video/interactivity that’s out there. A recent discovery revealed my new heroes- Bob Bonniol and MODE Studios, who helped develop some of the technology that led (no pun intended) to that astounding production.  Make sure to check out the link as it’s a great reference for some behind-the-technology info on BMG as well as a number of other cutting-edge works. Projectionfreak is humbled.

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Giant Projection in Sydney Again (Where Else?)

Here’s a look at the official Sneak Preview of the projections that will accompany the Youtube Symphony Orchestra 2011. Where else but down under, where they have the world’s best permanent projection surface? Thanks to Obscura Digital- check out the high res stuff- it’s bonzer!

Be sure to check out the gritty details by continuing to read the rest of the article...

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Bill Explains the LCD

This one’s making it’s rounds in the Blogosphere, but it is highly accurate.  Essentially the same for projector technology, with the exception of more heat dissipation properties and PJ’s that use 3LCD technology.  At it’s basis though, you really get the physics involved.


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