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NYX Visual ‘Electric Bit’

Another really cool project from our friends at NYX Visual- ‘Electric Bit’. Louis De Castro says they developed the concept to be shot on the back wall of a new very futuristic venue in Paris: l’Electric. “Our setup was done using a custom built quartz composer rig. It’s based on the “Tracked User” functionality of the kinect camera, importing only the silhouettes of the persons moving in front of it. The feed was pixelized according to the wall sculpture grid then used as a mask to play media content and interact with various effects (color, speed etc…). We then remapped the video feed using MadMapper. Creating a new surface for every pixel then mapping it to each pyramid, we covered the maximum space our video projector could provide. The result was a 8bit looking tracking funhouse installation played by the audience of the night.”

BONUS- get the patch at

ELECTRIC BIT from NYX Visual Label on Vimeo.

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When I was a kid growing up on the West Coast, the hot ticket in shoes was to own a pair of Vans. They ultimately became the de-facto skate/surf/grunge wear shoe-of-choice when they came out with the slip-on version (still are AFAIK). VSOThe beauty of Vans at that point (early 80′s) was that they were still quite boutique and you could pick and choose different colors/fabrics for the various designs they had. If you were reeeaallllly cool, you could take (as I did) your own fabric in and have them make a pair for you.

Fast forward 30 years and you get the following. (more…)

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Mapping Festival 2013

Mapping Festival 2013 is about to get under way in Geneva so get tickets NOW. There’s something for everybody- installations, VJing, and workshops on mapping and stage design from the likes of Boris Edelstein, Joanie LeMercier, and Phillipe Chaurand.

“The Mapping Festival is a multidisciplinary festival dedicated to audiovisual arts and digital cultures. As the sole broadcasting space of this magnitude in Switzerland, the festival is now also recognised internationally, and this with the richness of programming. Mapping Festival offers every year audiovisual performances, installations, clubbing parties, live performances, architectural mapping, as well as workshops and conferences.
Thanks to this unique diversity aspect, the festival is recognised throughout the world as an major event, a real experimental meeting space, for creation and exchange with its innovative thinking in the field of audiovisual arts.

Now in its eighth edition, the Mapping Festival has steadily grown and has become one of the leading events of its kind in Europe.”

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A little Madmapper experiment

Such a versatile tool, our friend Madmapper. This is a fine example of how to push a little projector juuussssst about beyond it’s capabilities. It’s an old Panasonic desk PJ (800×600) on it’s side, shooting about 50deg. off-axis, onto a wall roughly 40′ away. It’s in the lobby of the building where I work and the idea is to have it on the wall for an artist’s reception. It’s our 50th anniversary coming up and we plan on displaying one work of art in each 48″ square and to give the artists a sense of the scale that it would end up being. Talk to me after we’ve hung 50 pieces of art using scaffolding and lag screws…..Lovin’ Madmapper though!


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NYX Atelier #01

The lighting design arm of NYX Visual, NYX Atelier recently did a private showing of “Tetraedre”, a projectionmapped sculpture for Vincent Coutelin’s private collection. The team painstakingly created the entire structure out of scrap materials and glue. They used a Panasonic 6k and a combo of Madmapper and Modul8 to drive the visuals. Nice work!

NYX Atelier #01 from NYX Visual Label on Vimeo.

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A Journey Through Bass

And for a slow Monday- a little homage to UK bass music from collective mo:ya. Guest starring Modul8 and Madmapper.

A journey through bass from [mo:ya] on Vimeo.

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Projectionmapping Workshop at Harvestworks


projectionmappingLooks like a great opportunity if you’re in the NYC area Feb. 23-24. Harvestworks is a non-profit organization dedicated to technology, art, engineering, and music. Founded in 1977, their mission is to support the creation and presentation of art works achieved through the use of new and evolving technologies.

The workshop:
Projectionmapping 1.0 for Beginners
presented in collaboration with Chika, this 2 day workshop serves as a comprehensive introduction to methods for creating projection mapping. The tools used in the workshop are MadMapper and Modul8. The students will get fully-functional 30-day trial versions of the software to create a collaborative projection mapping installation for the end of class. This workshop is intended for the students who want to learn how to develop projection mapping projects for future events, art installations, and performances.

Sat/Sun, February 23 + 24, 1-5pm

Cost: $230 (regular), $200 (student/member) CHeck their page HERE for more info!

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Obscura Permanent Projectionmapping at the Hive

Projectionmapping artists Obscura recently installed a HUGE permanent projectionmapping rig for The Hive, a night club in Copenhagen. The decorations for the walls were modelled in SketchUp and transformed into flat shapes using the Pepakura Software. The different fragments were then laser cut in thick cardboard. Assembling the pieces wasn’t easy, but with patience and small nails, acrylic foam and other remedies they were put onto the wall and fastened.
They used six 4000 lumen Acer projectors for covering the two walls. They were mounted below the ceiling to cover 11 by 3 meters on each wall. The connections were made using HDMI cables. The longest stretch was approximately 15 meters – about the furthest you can go without amplification.
A Mac Pro with an ATI Radeon 5870 graphics card was connected to two TrippleHead2Go devices. On the machine, Madmapper handled the precise mapping of pre rendered graphics to the physical shapes. But apart from that we created a box with buttons that allows the employees to switch between the different prerecorded video loops. The box was created using an Arduino board that communicates with Max/MSP on the computer. Max/MSP handles the timing, fading and switching between modes and forwards a midi signal to MadMapper which then reacts by switching between between presets. Also it was a requirement that a VJ should be able to connect to the system. The VJ switches to a setting on the Arduino box and plugs in a DVI cable. This mode is handled by a Blackmagic capture card that forwards the VJ signal into Milumin. Here the VJ signal is adjusted to the dimensions of the walls (the signal is tiled and mirrored) and the output from Milumin is then via Syphon put into MadMapper.

So once again we see a prime example of how a little thought and ingenuity go a long way. Expensive components and complex gear need not be the purvey of video, mapping, or permanent installs, indeed- you can get some pretty astounding results with less. Nice work Obscura!

Permanent mapping installation at The Hive from Obscura on Vimeo.

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Madmapper 1.4 Beta


Madmapper 1.3 was released, but hold the phone- 1.4 Beta is here! You already heard (or have used) the crazy-cool MadLight feature of 1.3, the one that lets you easily map LEDs and lights through Artnet and an easy-to-use grid of your channels, but this beta release introduces some highly requested features from the MM community, such as the updating of presets and complete integration of Quartz Composer.
You can get a video highlighting the MadLight feature and the 1.4 Beta from your Madmapper /yourspace area. Go now! What are you waiting for?

What is in MadMapper 1.4 BETA:

Added a Lock/Unlock button to the presets interface, allowing presets to be updated by unlocking them
Complete integration of Quartz Composer
The inputs can all be modified
Input values are saved in the presets
Rendering using a Display Link (high priority thread) allowing for a highly responsive interface and consistent framerates
The Tab and Shift+Tab allows for browsing through the Surfaces, or the Handles of a selected Surface
Copy/paste of surfaces in between instances of MadMapper or Presets. (CMD+C / CMD+V)
16bit DMX fixture mode integrated into the MADLight
Zoom to fit current surface selection

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Konstruktiv at Houza Palooza

Any time you can combine camping, champagne, killer video projection, and EDM- life is good. As was the case at Houza Palooza, recently held in Belgium Aug. 24-25. VJ Konstruktiv (Jean-Michel Verbeeck) was kind enough to answer a few questions concerning the rig for this two-day EDM/videofest:

imagery courtesy

1) What exactly is Houza Palooza?
Houza Palooza is an upcoming Dance Music festival with different kinds of music genres located in Bree, Belgium. The past 3 years they managed to create something unique to the world of festivals. With their creative, inspiring & innovative (more…)

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Madmapper 1.2.3 Update and Beta 1.3


The good folks at GarageCube have released an update to the popular Madmapper- to 1.2.3!

MadMapper v1.2.3 update
This version fixes a few important issues about the circles, multiple selections, compatibility, project files and more.
The following issues have been corrected in this new update:
Circle rotations and the modification of their center point was not working
Multiple selections of handles or points on a mesh caused unexpected behaviors
Incompatibility with Intel HD 3000 video cards caused glitches in the input view
Unwanted behavior with mesh warping and presets when opening a saved project
Loss of group selections when creating presets
Undo/Redo was disabled in some cases when using masks

More excitingly though, the Madmapper 1.3 Beta (now with Madlight!)-

The new MadLight extension will be free for all existing MadMapper customers and can be tested in this BETA version. It includes:

New DMX fixture surfaces
A fixture editor and library
Auto channel numbering
7 types of pixel configurations (RGB, RGBL, RGBW, LRGBW, RGBWL, L, CMY)
New ArtNet support
Full ArtNet range, up to 131072 DMX channels
Real time setup and pixel mapping
DMX dip switch preview
Real time ArtNet fixture preview
MadMapper 1.3 BETA has been tested with ODE Enttec hardware.
The ODE Enttec is available for purchase on the MadMapper yourspace page.

Head over and get your update so your projectionmapping won’t suck!

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Mapping Festival 2013 Registration

Mapping Festival 2012

If you didn’t get to the Mapping Festival this year, make sure to plan for next year! The dates for the next edition are set: May 2nd through May 12th 2013! So they are pleased to announce the open call for submissions. The dates are Aug.15th- September 20th, 2012, (AV performances, AV installations, workshops, conference) and October 1st- 31st (VJing, Videomapping)

This call is open to everyone working in all disciplines of audiovisual art and digital culture. Whatever you’re imagination and creativity can muster! Submit your audiovisual performances, installations, workshops, or other audiovisual multidisciplinary projects to be presented at the Mapping Festival!

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Madmapper wins LiveDesign Projection Product of the Year


Holy cow! This is a HUGE honor for the GarageCUBE team…..Madmapper, besides being the coolest mapping software on the planet, has been awarded LiveDesign’s Projection Product of the Year Award- right up there with Christie’s YK200 Nitro, the Barco ImagePRO 3G, and Advantage LED Solutions 5mm LED panel. Man, that is some serious company to be in. Congratulations to the whole GarageCUBE team for an outstanding product and a well-deserved award!

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PIECES/ Chapter One : Battleship


Romain Tardy of AntiVJ has put out a new work entitled “PIECES/Chapter One: Battleship”. The piece includes music from Squeaky Lobster and is the first of 5 sets that will eventually warp and change the first. Romain explains: “The technical setup is very simple, just needs a lot of accuracy and the projectors NOT to move from 1 mm once they’re in place. I used 2x 7k lumens Panasonic projectors – one for the floor and one for the vertical plane. 7k was enough because I ask for complete dark once the performance starts. They were connected to a Matrox DualHead, that was plugged into my Macbook pro (quad i7), medias were on an external SSD. At first I wanted to use more projectors connected to my Mac Pro, but in the end 2 are just fine. The squares are made of styrofoam, they’re attached in columns by a custom system I made. For the floor plan, I build 180 little stands to give a progressive angle from the front to the back of the stage.”

“About the concept, as I see this work as a work in progress (that is still at it’s beginning), it’s not easy to talk about it as it’s changing/evolving for each new step of the work. The main idea is an evocation/metaphor (in the widest sense) of various elements (more…)

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Madmapper Workshop- Berlin


fRED and Ilan, Maestros of Madmapper, will be holding a workshop in Berlin April 11-12. There’s only 20 spots available and the registration deadline is April 3 so get on it! This two day workshop will focus on preparing content for mapping and mapping the content to physical surfaces.

The workshop will conclude with the participants collaborating on an installation in the cafe of Panke and performing with it in a lounge like atmosphere that will be open to the public, accompanied by special guest DJ Mo Greens.

The location for the workshop is called Panke, a creative hub in the heart of Wedding that presents music, art and other artistic endeavors.

Workshop schedule:

Day 1
- Introduction to MadMapper
- Using MadMapper in conjunction with other VJ applications
- Practice session
- Discussion on the activity for the following day

Day 2
- Content creation for an installation
- Summary of activities
- Party


- Mac OS X based computer running 10.6 or greater
- DVI or MiniDVI adapter that allows you to connect your computer to a projector
- Working knowledge of graphics and video creation software
- Working knowledge of VJ software

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NYX Visual Label Raves on for Cracki

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a warehouse party so I was glad when NYX Visual Label sent the following vid. In collaboration with graphic designer Flab Bakayaro, they were able to transform a warehouse into a release party for Cracki Records, complete with a futuristic, freaky-bold 2D wall painting that they mapped using Madmapper and Modul8. Nice work!

Check out a previous project from NYX on PF, using Madmapper to map Cloud, a 3D structure.

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NYX Visual Modul8′s for Chivas J&J

NYX Visual released a great video documenting how they used Madmapper and Modul8 for a live presentation with the Chivas J&J brand. It really shows how quickly and accurately you replace critical points and vertices that may have moved during a particular setup. NYX does some outstanding work- check out their website for more! I’ll certainly have a few more posts featuring their stuff- so stay tuned…..
The NYX team:
Louis de Castro
Benjamin Chassagne
Romain Belloche
Max Coisne

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