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SmithsonMartin Emulator X

Screen shot 2012-10-16 at 12.12.07 PM

SmithsonMartin users and Mac fans rejoice! The OSX version of Emulator is here but be forewarned- it’s in beta and not really set for show use just yet. I have not been able to procure and test just yet, but I can assure you- this gives me a great excuse to wipe Windows off my MBP. Check it out HERE. While you’re at it, read the Road Test of the KS-1974 and check out Infected Mushroom rocking the Emulator DVS.

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projectiondesign F22 in World’s Largest Ship Sim

A while back I featured a story on the Swire Marine Training Center, which uses 24 projectiondesign F82′s, their flagship big-gun projector. This one though, uses a whopping 48 smaller projectors (projectiondesign’s F22) to simulate two 360 degree bridges. Farstad Shipping built the sims to train people on the massive rigs being deployed to support Australia’s natural gas boom. From projectionDesign’s website:

Farstad Shipping, the owner and operator of Offshore Simulator Center AS (OSC) of Ålesund, Norway, is a leading supplier of support and services to the international oil industry. The Perth project is the OSC’s most ambitious installation to date and was opened in December by the Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg.

The offshore training simulator is the world’s largest of its kind, located in Perth, Australia. It is built to simulate two large, 360 degree bridges, using 48 of projectiondesign’s F22 wuxga DLP® projectors. The aim is to have the bridge personnel train to operate large-scale mechanical hardware, such as winches, by working together with other bridge personnel and rig cranes in a team effort, in an environment as close to a real life as possible.

The images were seamlessly blended together to produce a full 360-degree image that was some 7 meters high and 15 meters in diameter. The “half a teacup” shaped screen incorporates similar technology to that used in IMAX cinemas, and Joel A. Mills, the OSC design director, explains: “The visual simulation aspect of the system is fully integrated with the hardware on the ‘bridge’, which is all Rolls-Royce marine equipment and which behaves exactly as it would if you were really at sea. As soon as the simulation starts, you are convinced not only that you are surrounded by water but that the water is actually moving and that you are moving with it.” Mills continues; “a lot can happen when you are servicing an oil-rig in a remote, offshore location, especially if the weather is bad. So the simulator gives us the opportunity to re-create those adverse weather conditions. As the waves grow larger, the movement of the vessels within the 3D environment is mathematically and physically resolved so that their response is exactly as you would expect to find in the real world.”

The projectiondesign projectors were chosen due to OSC’s need for total consistency in terms of brightness, optics and colour matching, reflecting the mission-critical nature of their work. Joel A. Mills explains: “Rather than using a few large, powerful projectors, our requirement is for a large number of relatively small devices that can nonetheless deliver very high-performance imaging over a short throw distance. The F22 is perfect in this respect – bright, consistent, rugged and reliable.”

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Some Weekend Reading- SmithsonMartin KS-1974 Review


I recently had the pleasure of testing and reviewing the SmithsonMartin KS-1974 midi controller for PLSN magazine. The following review is re-printed here, and you can find the full article HERE. It was my first time with a MIDI controller and there was a bit of a learning curve. About a day’s worth. The console is that easy to set up and use! If you run any software that uses MIDI as an interconnect, than the SmithsonMartin line of controllers are worth looking at. The award winning Emulator Modular software is light, easy, and well thought out. Yes- they are a bit pricey, but the build quality alone is worth it, not to mention the functionality. There is a sale going on RIGHT NOW on the Emulator DVS, the big screen version with an RP projector- the same one used by Infected Mushroom on their current tour. As far as technical support, Pablo Martin (Guru of all things tech at SM) and Alan Smithson were all over any question I had. It’s refreshing to be able to speak with the owners/creators directly when it concerns a product- a luxury that is rare in the Biz. On that note, read on: (more…)

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Scott Snibbe at LAX


Scott Snibbe has gotten a lot of press lately and for good reason. He’s been in the interactive art scene for 20-something years and has collaborated with such celebrated innovators as Bjork, Brian Eno, and James Cameron. His latest work is called “Transit” and is one of 17 pieces running on a 58 back-to-back HD monitor ribbon overhead at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. In Scott’s words :”The 15-minute video features hundreds of pedestrians in silhouette who take part in a loose narrative grounded in their ceaseless movements left to right. Against this backdrop, travelers occasionally put down their bags and break into exuberant dance routines in styles that reflect L.A.’s diversity: from Hip-Hop to Salsa, Ballet, and Punk.

Midway through, the high-definition story shatters into abstracted fragments as multiple copies of travelers wipe forward across the screens; moon-walking travelers float backwards; crowds spew out from single travelers; and a Lady in Red appears who is ignored by them all. The project is a collaboration with Choreographer Francesca Penzani, and videographer Noah Cunningham. The California Institute of the Arts Center for Integrated Media offered substantial facilities and support for the project’s production.”

Here’s a piece from the good folks at the Creator’s Project that goes into detail about some of his innovative work:

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Electrosonic at the European Parliament Visitor’s Center

London (May 1, 2012) – The Parlamentarium, the new visitors’ centre at the European Parliament in Brussels, uses a variety of interactive multimedia exhibits to take visitors on a unique and personal journey into the heart of European Politics. Electrosonic engineered and installed the main exhibition audio-visual hardware for Stuttgart-based designer ATELIER BRÜCKNER. The Parlamentarium is the first visitors’ centre fully accessible in 23 languages, and to-date has attracted over 120,000 visitors from across the globe.

Guided through state-of-the-art exhibitions by a personal electronic multimedia guide, visitors see how policy decisions are made and how they influence Europeans’ daily lives. All signage and media is presented in 23 languages, which had an enormous influence on how AV techniques were used throughout the centre.

Electrosonic won the bid for the project in an open Europe-wide competitive tender; the
scope of work consisted of the detailed design, supply, installation, set up and commissioning of the media hardware for different themed exhibition areas. These areas include a pair of 360º theatres, nearly 100 LCD panels, (more…)

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Electrosonic at NHM Los Angeles

When I was a kid, my elementary school used to take “field trips” to the NHM in Los Angeles, and I looooved the dinosaur and prehistoric section… it was nice to see that they’ve revamped the whole thing with the help of Electrosonic:

Los Angeles 18 April, 2012) – Visitors to the Dinosaur Hall in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County experience the wonder of the prehistoric creatures in a totally new way with innovative exhibits featuring audio-visual systems provided by Electrosonic.

Twice the size of the old galleries, the recently-opened 14,000 square-foot Dinosaur Hall displays specimens – including the world’s only T. rex growth series of baby, juvenile and adult skeletons – mounted on unique platforms and preserved and articulated using modern methods. The skylit L-shaped Hall is flooded with natural light; a glass-sided mezzanine runs along the short side of the L where additional wall-mounted exhibits reveal more about the amazing creatures and show what it’s like (more…)

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Barco NSL-5521


Barco has announced the NSL-5521, a 55″ full HD LCD with LED backlight. You’ll probably install it in a control room with a bunch more to make a huge wall, but why not stick one in your board room or living room for that matter? As a tiled LCD solution, the NSL-5521 is ideal for personal wall environments and adjunct control rooms in Emergency Operations Centers, traffic management and surveillance centers, C4I-SR environments, utilities and process control centers and broadcast & telecom monitoring applications.

Narrow-bezel display for tiled video walls
The new NSL uses durable LED backlights positioned directly behind the LCD panel and has the (more…)

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Mojo Video Tech in a 10 Hour VJ Meltdown

Projection Conniseur Dr. Mojo is co-producing the 10 Hour VJ Meltdown at the Flat Iron Hotel tonight. Looks like it will be a serious bash so get there if you’re in the NYC area!

Multo & Mojo Video Tech Inc
in association with Frère Independent
present a 10 HOUR VJ MELTDOWN
on Friday March 9th from 3pm – 1am
to celebrate the opening of the Pool Art Fair NYC
we will be taking over the entire lobby of the

26th Street & Broadway
New York NY 10001

featuring live mixes by
Liquid Light Lab * Miixxy * DoctorMojo
Guillaume Clave * Fuzzy Bastard

installations and presentations by
Globalrev Live * VJ Electrabelle * VJ KRUNCH
Francesco Carnesecchi * VJ Albert * Ray-V

plus international artists livestreaming
Ioann – Edinborough * Vlad/Niikky – Spain

music by
DJ JayPhantom * others tba

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Vaddio ProductionVIEW Switcher- Review


The following appears in the current issue of PLSN magazine, and I can’t thank them enough for printing it. But here on Projectionfreak you get some extras….

I use a PTZ camera system at work that is a package supplied by Markertek (outstanding prices and service from these folks….highly recommend them!) ….and manufactured by Vaddio…namely a ProductionVIEW switcher, 3 HD19 PTZ cameras with CCU, a Vaddio 3-way monitor, and a Vaddio 2-way HD monitor. The switcher is at the heart of the rig, providing control over the 3 cameras, a fourth PTZ (Sony EVI-D70), computer input, and DVD input. I should say up front that I am not paid by Vaddio or Markertek, nor do they receive advertising credit or endorsement from me or from……although ANY/ALL of those options and scenarios are open for discussion! Hint hint- as in “call for a rate card” hint….

I happen to use their gear based on price and performance and I couldn’t be happier. It’s great stuff and the image quality is outstanding- but on with the hands-on review:

Vaddio ProductionVIEW HD Switcher

As the ‘video guy’ I get asked to wear a lot of hats and it’s not just because I’m a nice guy that says “yes”. There’s a lot of factors to keep track of- not the least of which is keeping a decent image onscreen. If you’re touring, you’re usually just trying to keep the gear from being destroyed- if you’re in corporate you have the constant harangue of having to edit presenter imagery- if you’re in trade shows, well- that list is too long. Usually this is all on top of being the switcher. If you are the lucky person that owns/rents the gear that makes all that happen, you need equipment that does more than one thing. So it goes (more…)

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Planar Mosaic- 1:1 LCD Tiles

I came across a pretty cool product- 1:1 size LCD panels from Planar. A lot of manufacturers have been releasing small, modular tile arrays for digital signage, corporate boardrooms, etc….but these open up the more creative side I think. They have unique mounting hardware that allows them to be lined up or off set, and the power supplies can be rack-mounted away from the displays, making the electrical runs a little more economical. From their website: “Planar Mosaic is the only video wall system that allows designers (more…)

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Nuformer Goes 360 at NAIAS

Projection wizards Nuformer are in Detroit for the North American Int’l Auto Show and they’ve designed the content for Ford’s 360 immersive “ride”.  The feature is a 360 degree projection which shows off what a Ford vehicle can do for you in the future.  Check out the video at about 1:25 and dig the scissor lift rig (remember to keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle!!)  I’ll post some details on the projector setup when more info becomes available…nice work Nuformer!

9 Christie HD projectors were used to create the 360-degree projection;
Mediaserver: Grass Valley Turbo T2iDDR;
Active pixel size: 13436 pixels wide x 864 pixels high

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