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Rubik’s Cube RGB Wall is Astounding

macau mural length perspective

macau mural length perspective
When I was a kid in the early 80′s, I had the particularly nerdy priviledge of participating in the first Rubik’s Cube-athon at Magic Mountain in California. 2,000 or so fanatics got to compete to see who could solve the cube the fastest and while my sub-one minute time garnered me a T-shirt, I sadly wasn’t even close. Fast forward to today and the cube is being used for far more fascinating devices- as witnessed in the Cube Works Studios Rubik’s Cube walls and murals. I know I know- it’s not digital…it’s not even electronic…but it’s a superb representation (in all it’s analog glory) of exactly what we see when we look at an RGB display. For a little primer, check out the Bayer Filter info….Pointillism is nothing new. Seurat, Signac, and even old Vincent Van Gogh himself were practitioners of the technique- but this…this is just fantastic!

The Cube Works is a Toronto-based art collaborative that specializes in using the ubiquitous cube for stunning, cutting-edge works of art. Smaller pieces have up to 4,000 of them and the record breaking Macau Skyline Mosaic has a whopping 85,794! In the projection and LED world we fret about pixelmapping and overlap of exacting dimensions…imagine having to flip a cube around to juuuuussst the right combination in order to physically replicate a 3×3 pixel grid! INSANE!

Peruse more of the work of Nick Hall and the Cube Works at their website and on their Facebook page.
The photos speak for themselves:

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Gear of Olympic Proportions

The end of summer is a weird time around here. The theatre season and school are about to start, I try to spend more time with my family, and the olympics are on. The damn olympics have managed to make everything seem to grind to a halt. We watch religiously and the opening ceremonies are way up there on the list. So it was that I watched and wasn’t that impressed. They had to top Beijing after all, and that’s a tall order. The big star was LED however and there were a couple of effects that I think are harbingers of things to come in LED-land. One is the LED tiles that are permanently installed throughout the stands. Tait Technologies, a longtime provider of gear on a huge scale (U2, JayZ, Roger Waters), provided the LED tiles to extend the graphic mapping of the opening ceremonies into the stands at the olympic stadium. This type of technology is going to start becoming the norm with systems like this and also with the advent of gear like the Xyloband being deployed (see Coldplay’s use HERE). But here’s the official word: (more…)

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d3 Technologies Dreams Big…

Artisan, part of UVA, used d3 to map, simulate and output content onto sculptural LED tunnels for USA telecom company Sprint’s new cinema announcement. It’s a great peek into what it takes to shoot a quality product. David Bajt and Luke Malcolm give some insight into the process….and I guess since I’m a Sprint user- at least I know my money is going towards something a little more than person’s pocket. Plus- who doesn’t love the sight of a crazy-huge jib poking a room chock full of technology with a pricey camera on the end? Keep an eye out for the super-fine Barco NX series LED panels……Check out the “making of” video and their press release:

May 29, 2012 – If your phone could truly “sleep,” what would it dream? A new interactive on-screen cinema experience created by Sprint in partnership with “Team Sprint” encourages moviegoers to turn off their mobile device in exchange for a custom mobile phone “dream”. More than 1,000 NCM Movie Theaters will show the experience on nearly 18,000 screens as part of Sprint’s courtesy-message sponsorship that asks moviegoers to turn off their phones prior to the start of a movie. Artisan, the new sister division of UK based design company United Visual Artists, was taken on board (more…)

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LED screens 101

The following is a re-print from the good folks at LiveDesign. It’s a great article on LED screen technology originally done by Fabio Aversa of Looks like it’s only up for a month then it’ll have to go into digital oblivion, so read it while you can! While you’re at it, have a look at Eurodisplay’s website- it’s chock full of great info about LED’s, LED technology, and outdoor displays.

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Reel Video Systems Screen Demos


Here’s a couple of videos from my friends at Reel Video Systems. Their roll-up screen are SICK and must be seen to be believed- keep in mind these can be viewed in broad daylight and still look good!. They offer a number of roll-up size options including 4,5,6, and 8 meter…..I know the guys that work there and they don’t mess around. They calibrate in-house, and can deploy screens up to 35′ high using a ground mount system. If you want some quality work with a beautiful result give them a call!. I ran a short piece on RVS a while back , but here’s a refresher if you missed it.

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Elation EPV762MH Moving Head Video


I guess I’m not exactly sure why you’d want to have moving video panels ….apart from the eye-candy factor…or if someone gets real creative and hangs them sideways to make a wall out of them…but they are pretty cool! Elation Professional’s EPV762 MH is a high-resolution 7.62mm pitch moving head video panel that can rotate just like a moving yoke light fixture, panning a full 540° and tilting up to 265°. The EPV762 MH’s sweeping motion gives video displays extra exposure at shows and events, since the screen is viewable from all sides and every angle. Equipped with 4,096 tri-color (red, green, blue) SMD LEDs and featuring 2,000-nit brightness, this screen can be used for high-res videos, graphics, text messages, special effects and more, “broadcasting” them around the room with its smooth pan/tilt motion. Part of the company’s (more…)

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Wood as Bones, Light as Flesh- FAIL Collective @ Mapping Festival 2011

“The structure is in essence a narrative organism. This being is telling its story without words or any human form. Its body is its language. This body has its own temporal vitality, a re-interpretation of the human condition. The wood has the value of bones and flesh is no different from the temporality of light.

As the audience moves around the sculpture, they are inevitably part of the story unfolding around them.

FAIL is the collective of electric kettle, SILANT, Lucy Benson and fRED

And so you have Wood as Bones, Light as Flesh- a piece done by the FAIL Collective. Recently, videomapping has been going the in the direction of giant, glitzed-out, psychedelic graphics on buildings and architecture so it’s refreshing to see stuff like this where the projection AND the structure have such interplay. I like the idea that the “sculpture couldn’t live without the projection”, to quote Ilan Katin. Artists like this are pushing mapping in a great direction and it’s their ideas and concepts that will continue to make this art form beautiful. I sincerely hope to see more outstanding pieces like this from FAIL.

The technical details: All of the animations were done in After Effects. They used 3 Optoma, wide angle, 3000 lumens projectors. They rendered one big file consisting of 6 minutes worth of audio and video, and dropped it into MadMapper to playback as a loop. MacBook Pros were used for the production of the video, and a Mac Pro with a TripleHead2go for playback.

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Low-res Storefront Skin in Frankfurt

Check out this low-res LED skin on the Zeilgalerie mall in Frankfurt. Th structure was in need of a facelift and what better medium than LED? With the size and spacing of the pixels it looks like they’ve pretty much maxed out their design in terms of complexity, but such are the vagaries of low resolution- you can only display so much. The second vid shows some details of the face and some close-ups.

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LED Wall from Moment Factory

Check out this great interactive LED wall installed and designed by Moment Factory. Low res, but we like it anyway! Motion tracking is all the rage these days…

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Opera in Indiana

For anyone not acquainted with Opera, you’d think Indiana is the last place you would find great grand opera. Not so. The IU Jacobs School of Music is second only to the Met when it comes to facilities in the Midwest, and the school is probably one of the best equipped opera training centers in the country. Witness this weekend’s premiere of Vincent, the story of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, as proof.  IU also has one of the most advanced HD streaming servers available- click here to watch the opera live (this weekend) or to see any of the past performances. The quality is outstanding! Their Facebook page has some great photos of the performance as well.  Projection plays heavily in this one….although with all the press I can’t find a single reference to the technical end. Stay tuned and it’ll surface…..

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Digital Projection 3D Mapping

From the folks over at Digital Projection U.S.- this great display of animation on the side of their building in Atlanta.  They used the Lightning 45 1080p, a behemoth projector capable of 30,000 lumens.  The content was served up from Integrated Visions Productions.

Digital Projection 3D Mapping Atlanta, GA from Integrated Visions Productions on Vimeo.

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DLP explained

And on the heels of the last video from explaining LCD technology, we get this from our friends at Texas Instruments, the folks that hold the patent and are largely responsible for inventing and propagating the DLP chip. And for those of you who don’t like video (hard to believe there are any of you if you’re reading this) here’s a great printable article.


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Media Servers- Green Hippo

HD media playback can be a problem.  For a long time, it was available only to the highest-end decks and even then, it was tape based and single layer.  Not anymore.  The advent of media servers in the last few years changed the playback landscape forever.  In a nutshell, a media server is a very fast computer capable of playing back many layers of HD content in various forms. No longer do you need to worry about the content for your large projection projection or display project being played back reliably. They are most commonly a rackmount deal and controllable from a number of different sources, mainly lighting consoles sending DMX or other devices sending RS232 as a control protocol.  Today we’ll look at the Hippotizer HD from Green Hippo.

Besides a great name, the Hippo HD is one of the most used media servers on the market today on everything from rock-and-roll to broadway to high-end award shows. (more…)

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Tools, Tips, and Tricks of the Trade

PART 3- Signal

So you have a high-end projector, LED wall, or display and now you have to send it signal.  Whatever you do- do NOT use “the little yellow RCA” jack. In fact, that type of input doesn’t even exist on most professional gear and is dying a rapid death. The type of signal you use in your project will have a HUGE impact on quality. The end-result will largely depend on the the type of cabling you use, the source of your material, and the means to deliver that material. Whatever the case, you’ll want to use the right signal. Most content starts in the digital domain with HD video(either disc or tape-based), 3DS, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, (hopefully not) Powerpoint, or any other content creation software. In some cases you’ll have digital stills (which you’d run through PS anyway). We’ll cover those technologies in future posts, but the fact is you’ll need to deliver their output (whatever it is) to your display whatever it may be. (more…)

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Can’t Wait For This One…

The folks over at PLSN have a great article on the upcoming Chemical Brothers tour.  Not only am I a HUGE CB fan, but they’ll be using the G-LEC Solaris+ 3d system. It’s a low-res hanging “curtain” of orbs that utilize “pixel spheres” to accept digital content. Think of those little christmas bee-lites hung as icicles around a house…only with video being sent to them and you get the idea. U2 used this back on the Elevation tour to great success.  The beauty of this type of technology is the versatility and not so much the resolution capability.  You can create ridiculously 3 dimensional looks and match all the color with content that is already running to other projection sources or LED walls.  I doubt this tour will come anywhere NEAR where I live so if you get a chance to see it drop us a line and send some pics!  We’ll cover this type of LED technology in a future post but for now….dig it!

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