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Touch In-N-Out Meetup in Brooklyn this Friday!

For you Touchdesigner followers, Touch In-N-Out Meetup is in Brooklyn this Friday Sept. 6th. Dev Harlan and Barry Threw will be on hand to discuss their work with Touchdesigner and give attendees a rare glimpse into the world of this great piece of software and it’s influence on the industry. Head over to TouchIn NYC to RSVP and get directions. If you’re anywhere near the Eastern Seaboard and want to attend an incredible session- this would be the one!

Rumor has it there will be a live stream, so stay tuned- I’ll post a link if one becomes available.

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Tekamaki a d3 Studio

d3 Technologies are pleased to announce San Carlos based rental and staging company Tekamaki have signed up to become the latest d3 Studio. With a client base ranging from NASA to Nintendo and Electronic Arts to Google, Tekamaki profiles as a high-end technical service provider with deep roots in display technology and an extremely knowledgeable staff.

smallTekamaki’s capabilities range from concept development through process management, project design and staging. A small, flexible company with decades of industry experience between its team members, Tekamaki’s focus has always been on teamwork, talent, innovation and the latest in display and media technology to help their clients successfully communicate their message. Tekamaki used d3 systems on the September 2012 DreamForce event for, which saw the entire San Francisco City Hall mapped up for a one-off performance by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Based in San Carlos, California, Tekamaki team members include Matt Ward (co-founder of Element Labs), Joe Conway, Ron Machado, Robert Loney and Christopher Burdett.

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White Kanga Strikes Again for CTL Logistics

The incredibly inventive folks over at White Kanga recently did this huge industrial for CTL Logistics. Utilizing eight 22k projectors and Touchdesigner, they transported the audience on an intergalactic themed presentation, and then fed live video of the entertainment into the animated video frames. These guys do some amazing work- make sure to check out their piece that appeared on PF previously… MPS v1.0

Indoor mapping for CTL Logistics from White Kanga on Vimeo.

As a bonus, I thought I’d hip you to their Interactive Kinetic Mapping System, Building version:

iKMS Building v3 from White Kanga on Vimeo.

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Digital Projection Titan Super Quad vs. Truck

titanquad Finally a review that I should’ve thought of. I don’t care about lumens, features, resolutions, lamp life, blahblahblah….I want to know if I can drive my truck over your projector! A couple of things strike me about this video. One- that DPI has a 20k that is small enough to drive over, and two- the International Sales and Marketing for DP drives the same truck as I do! Woo-hoo! When DPI sends me a unit to test, I too can drive over it with complete confidence. It’s no secret that we’re big DPI fans here at Projectionfreak. I use two of their Lightning 35hd’s all the time and they are outstanding. DPI is stepping up their rental and staging projectors with the Titan Super Quad 20k. It’s got 4 UHP lamps that can theoretically pull 8,000 hours of service, dual DVI, 3g-SDI, and HDMI 1.4 inputs, multimode warp and edge-blend, and an intelligent lens mount that can memorize positioning from .67 to 11.2:1. And it weighs just under 40kg so with the combined rigging frame it’s a cinch to fly two! Check out the RavePubs product video from ISE 2013 after you watch them try to crush it:

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ScreenLab 0×02 Residency at MediaCityUK

Yikes! When do you ever get a chance to see the likes of Joanie Lemercier, Kyle McDonald, and Joel Gethin Lewis in the same room demonstrating real-time video artwork? At the ScreenLab Residency that’s where! Through the ScreenLab 0×02 residency, artists Kyle McDonald, Joanie Lemercier and Joel Gethin Lewis worked together with students and researchers at MediaCityUK and an advanced technology center on the main campus (Dig this place: The Centre for Visual Environments). It features the Octave, a truly astounding setup which is detailed HERE. Together they developed interactive artworks that provided a unique experience for each visitor by creating artificial worlds using sound and visuals that react to their movement.

The results of the residency were unveiled at a launch event on Wednesday 5 December which formed part of the University’s As Yet Impossible series of lectures, bringing together future thinkers to challenge audiences and give them a glimpse of how science and the arts can combine to shape the world. The really cool thing is that most of the work is openly available on Github- Here’s Kyle’s, Here’s Elliot Woods’ (curator and open source contributor to vvvv). The following is the Livestream broadcast (jump to :41-ish for the true start):

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Christie Solaria One- DCI Compliance in a Convenient Package

Christie Solaria One - Affordable Digital Cinema Projector

Christie officially launched its high-value premium digital cinema offering, the Christie Solaria One, aimed at emerging markets and community theaters whose screen sizes are less than 10.6 meters (35 feet) wide. The solution is DCI-compliant, having recently been fully certified for Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC (DCI) compliance testing by AEGISOLVE, INC. Christie Solaria One is the first solution to begin shipping in quantity, based on Texas Instruments’ recently developed S2K DLP Cinema chipset.

The Solaria One will deliver fully DCI-compliant images at 8000 lumens within the DCI color space and, as the Christie Solaria One+, 10,000 lumens when presenting alternative content.

“The DCI-compliant Solaria One projector won kudos from customers across the globe in our product previews for its all-in-one design, as it ships with a zoom lens, a high-performance Xenon lamp, an Integrated Media Block (IMB) for playing high frame rate movies and Screen Management System (SMS) for controlling the system,” said Don Shaw, senior director, product management, Christie Entertainment Solutions.

“Exhibitors will also appreciate Christie Solaria One’s built-in dual DVI (HDMI) and network ports, rendering it capable of displaying virtually any form of alternative content. And customers should also note that they are not locked into a projector-based, proprietary storage system; we strongly believe that mechanical hard drive platters should not coexist within the projector chassis and that such systems featured in competing solutions are a failure waiting to happen. DCI-compliant, robust, external storage systems based on the very latest commercial RAID5 technology are available through Christie sales representatives for use with Solaria One.”

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Analog Way Eikos EKS500 Review


The following appears in the September issue of PLSN magazine. Give ‘em a look for all the latest and greatest in the biz- especially during LDI Week!

Analog Way Eikos EKS500 Matrix Switcher
I have to keep reminding myself that computers really only do one thing at a time and even then, it’s only what you tell it to. It’s like I always tell my technophobe friends, “think of it like a toaster, you can make toast- not lasagna”. Video gear is much the same way, in fact, that’s what I think distinguishes great products from mediocre ones. If it does one thing well- great. Presentation switchers in a perfect world would be the same way. But the live event world is rarely perfect and presentation switchers try really hard to bridge the gap. Does this mean doing many things is not a good thing? No. For more complex presentations, units that can accomplish many things are perfect for rental/staging companies. These units are designed to do a lot, and like most everything, you get what you pay for. There are units that will simply and passively switch two sources -and there are units that try to be full-blown 2 M/E engines of wonder. Somewhere in there is the right piece for your application.

I came across the Eikos EKS500 from Analog Way recently and it seems (more…)

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Codex Dynamic at DUMBO Arts 2012


DUMBO Arts Fest 2012 kicked into high gear with the side and underside of the Manhattan Bridge projectionmapped with “Codex Dynamic”, a work curated by Leo Kuelbs and John Ensor Parker. Two site-specific, large-scale, mapped projections rotated with a selection of single-channel video artworks by internationally renowned video artists. The exhibition seeks to conjure artistic inquiry relating to the subjectivity of space, time and the effect they have on our perceived reality. The DUMBO Arts Festival is a three day celebration of arts, music, and performance that takes place “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpasses” every year with world-renowned artists displaying everything from painting to video to dance and music.
Of course, we’re particular to the video aspect (more…)

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projectiondesign F22 in World’s Largest Ship Sim

A while back I featured a story on the Swire Marine Training Center, which uses 24 projectiondesign F82′s, their flagship big-gun projector. This one though, uses a whopping 48 smaller projectors (projectiondesign’s F22) to simulate two 360 degree bridges. Farstad Shipping built the sims to train people on the massive rigs being deployed to support Australia’s natural gas boom. From projectionDesign’s website:

Farstad Shipping, the owner and operator of Offshore Simulator Center AS (OSC) of Ålesund, Norway, is a leading supplier of support and services to the international oil industry. The Perth project is the OSC’s most ambitious installation to date and was opened in December by the Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg.

The offshore training simulator is the world’s largest of its kind, located in Perth, Australia. It is built to simulate two large, 360 degree bridges, using 48 of projectiondesign’s F22 wuxga DLP® projectors. The aim is to have the bridge personnel train to operate large-scale mechanical hardware, such as winches, by working together with other bridge personnel and rig cranes in a team effort, in an environment as close to a real life as possible.

The images were seamlessly blended together to produce a full 360-degree image that was some 7 meters high and 15 meters in diameter. The “half a teacup” shaped screen incorporates similar technology to that used in IMAX cinemas, and Joel A. Mills, the OSC design director, explains: “The visual simulation aspect of the system is fully integrated with the hardware on the ‘bridge’, which is all Rolls-Royce marine equipment and which behaves exactly as it would if you were really at sea. As soon as the simulation starts, you are convinced not only that you are surrounded by water but that the water is actually moving and that you are moving with it.” Mills continues; “a lot can happen when you are servicing an oil-rig in a remote, offshore location, especially if the weather is bad. So the simulator gives us the opportunity to re-create those adverse weather conditions. As the waves grow larger, the movement of the vessels within the 3D environment is mathematically and physically resolved so that their response is exactly as you would expect to find in the real world.”

The projectiondesign projectors were chosen due to OSC’s need for total consistency in terms of brightness, optics and colour matching, reflecting the mission-critical nature of their work. Joel A. Mills explains: “Rather than using a few large, powerful projectors, our requirement is for a large number of relatively small devices that can nonetheless deliver very high-performance imaging over a short throw distance. The F22 is perfect in this respect – bright, consistent, rugged and reliable.”

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Madmapper 1.2.3 Update and Beta 1.3


The good folks at GarageCube have released an update to the popular Madmapper- to 1.2.3!

MadMapper v1.2.3 update
This version fixes a few important issues about the circles, multiple selections, compatibility, project files and more.
The following issues have been corrected in this new update:
Circle rotations and the modification of their center point was not working
Multiple selections of handles or points on a mesh caused unexpected behaviors
Incompatibility with Intel HD 3000 video cards caused glitches in the input view
Unwanted behavior with mesh warping and presets when opening a saved project
Loss of group selections when creating presets
Undo/Redo was disabled in some cases when using masks

More excitingly though, the Madmapper 1.3 Beta (now with Madlight!)-

The new MadLight extension will be free for all existing MadMapper customers and can be tested in this BETA version. It includes:

New DMX fixture surfaces
A fixture editor and library
Auto channel numbering
7 types of pixel configurations (RGB, RGBL, RGBW, LRGBW, RGBWL, L, CMY)
New ArtNet support
Full ArtNet range, up to 131072 DMX channels
Real time setup and pixel mapping
DMX dip switch preview
Real time ArtNet fixture preview
MadMapper 1.3 BETA has been tested with ODE Enttec hardware.
The ODE Enttec is available for purchase on the MadMapper yourspace page.

Head over and get your update so your projectionmapping won’t suck!

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Coolux Pandora’s Box Tutorials


I wasn’t sure if I had ever posted a link to these before, but Coolux has a bunch of great tutorials on using Pandora’s Box on their website. There’s a link on our Tutorials page along with a lot of other great tutorials on everything from ISadora to Madmapper……They’ve also issued an update to Pandora’s Box, to 5.1 so make sure to head over and grab it if you’re a user. Features of the update are:
The Pandoras Box Matrix Patcher introduces a new Map-View making it possible to re-locate individual pixels for creative setups when working with conventional LED processors such as Barco, Daktronics, Galaxia/Winvision, etc. When working with uncommon LED-fixture shapes, this new feature will be a time saver when it comes to repositioning pixels to fit the actual LED design.

Another major new workflow feature is the update-preset function. Pandoras Box users can now store and recall any amount of timeline keys as presets and update their data to all instances. This feature will significantly reduce the time needed to program the timelines for complex shows.

The Aeon FX Engine now supports multiple lights as well as real-time shadow projection onto 3D object layers. This is yet another step toward making it easier for users to realize larger parts of the content creation and compositing process in the Pandoras Box itself. This new feature makes it easy to add a beautiful sense of spatial depth to 3D objects.

coolux’s new media encryption technology will allow customers to protect exclusive content from being copied or misused, using AES 256-bit encryption algorithms. Users will have the choice between code based encryption generated within the Pandoras Box interface, or dongle-based encryption that would allow content to be played only during certain pre-defined times or on certain machines.

The Pandoras Box’s Warper has become more flexible. The Version 5.1 continues coolux’s quest for warping excellence through allowing users to animate and control the Warper via keys in the timeline. This new development is perfect for realizing projects that involve the tracking of moving head projectors and moving sets, where the warping has to change in a seamless way according to the different positions.

3ds Max files can now be directly imported and used for warping. In addition to this, the Warper mesh points can be moved and worked with along the Z axis as well. Warping specialists will be able to apply global planar textures to multiple meshes.

With this flexible desktop streaming and capturing tool, Pandoras Box users are able to easily stream content from one computer to another. For example: During a presentation, the presenter’s computer could be connected to a Pandoras Box system, which would get the presenter’s slide show presentation on to a big screen/projection etc. without the need for an additional capture card.

- ASIO audio tracks
All Pandoras Box 5.1 playback products will support ASIO audio tracks. The number of ASIO tracks available to each playback product will depend on the number of video layers.

The Curve Editor includes improved value references, different mouse modes and an improved zoom function. The value references create a more comfortable overview for the users, who can now choose between a select, a move and a zoom tool when working with the curve editor.

And a quick video from our friends at PLSN- Coolux at InfoComm2012!

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Dolby Theatre’s Brave New Technology


The Dolby Theatre, home to Cirque’s IRIS and the Oscars, is getting a couple of major technology upgrades. First is a configuration of two Christie Digital projectors stacked vertically using the new Christie Duo, an integration kit specially designed to optimize 3D and other special effects on the largest screens, and second is the new Dolby Atmos sound rig. Get your popcorn and candy- I want to see a movie!!! (more…)

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Moment Factory In-Depth with Super Bowl XLVI

Can’t get enough of the Super Bowl Halftime show? Thought so. Here’s a vid from media magnates Moment Factory going in-depth on the production behind the production. Incredible amount of detail and work! For other posts on this crazy event, check HERE.

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Coolux Pandora’s Box 5.1 Released


Pandora’s Box Version 5.1 has been released and is available at their DOWNLOAD SITE. This latest release offers a range of new features including AES 256-bit Media Encryption. To protect exclusive content from being copied or misused, users can choose between code based encryption generated within the Pandoras Box interface, or dongle-based encryption that would allow content to be played only during certain pre-defined times or on certain machines.

The new version 5.1 features are:

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Electrosonic at the European Parliament Visitor’s Center

London (May 1, 2012) – The Parlamentarium, the new visitors’ centre at the European Parliament in Brussels, uses a variety of interactive multimedia exhibits to take visitors on a unique and personal journey into the heart of European Politics. Electrosonic engineered and installed the main exhibition audio-visual hardware for Stuttgart-based designer ATELIER BRÜCKNER. The Parlamentarium is the first visitors’ centre fully accessible in 23 languages, and to-date has attracted over 120,000 visitors from across the globe.

Guided through state-of-the-art exhibitions by a personal electronic multimedia guide, visitors see how policy decisions are made and how they influence Europeans’ daily lives. All signage and media is presented in 23 languages, which had an enormous influence on how AV techniques were used throughout the centre.

Electrosonic won the bid for the project in an open Europe-wide competitive tender; the
scope of work consisted of the detailed design, supply, installation, set up and commissioning of the media hardware for different themed exhibition areas. These areas include a pair of 360º theatres, nearly 100 LCD panels, (more…)

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MeshWarpServer- My New Favorite Toy….

My Dad was an architect. Well, first he was a draftsman, then an architect. When I was a kid, I used to hang out in my Dad’s office on the weekends (he pretty much worked ALL the time)….but I remember very clearly playing with all the models that were there. They had every imaginable scale of every kind of building- little cars, little people, tiny shrubs, fake grass, miniature trees. Combine this with all kinds of architectural drawing gadgets, erasers, and pens of every hue, and you had a little kid’s dream world…or a parent’s nightmare….

So it was with great pleasure that I came across this video of Martin Fröhlich’s MeshWarpServer that shows projectionmapping in a whole new way. Well, you should watch the video first then read on….

So for all of you that want to absorb the technical details, the following video really goes into depth. MeshWarpServer is powerful stuff. There are many features beyond just mapping, as you’ll soon see:

I plan on overdosing on MWS and doing a full write-up…(just as soon as I get time), but I seem to have inherited my Dad’s work addiction. Make sure to check it out and give it a test drive!

Plus it’s just fun to say “Meshwarpserver….Meshwarpserver…

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3D in the Darkroom

Motion graphics house The Darkroom (PF article on Glastonbury) were commissioned for the Sunburn festival in Goa by Percept D’mark to come up with a stage design and and perform live video mapping on it over 3 nights. The result was aptly named the “Cubezoid Stage” and by the end of the festival was voted by the public as the best stage at the festival. On the final night 20,000 pairs of 3D glasses were distributed to the punters and the the first 20 minutes of Axwell’s set was projected in 3D.

3 HD projectors, 3 Arena Media servers, a whole bunch of 3d! (Speaking of Arena, here’s a review I did for PLSN….) and make sure to check out their website for some pretty good examples of their work…

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UVA’s High Arctic

United Visual Artist’s puts out some fantastic work. One only has to look at Origin and Coachella to realize that they are pretty much at the cutting edge of blended technologies. I came across their piece “High Arctic” recently and had to show it off. This was from an install at the National Maritime Museum in the UK (man there are some really great installs that happen there…) that ran from July until this past January.

The installation is based on UVA Creative Director Matt Clark’s Cape Farewell expedition to Svalbard which he took with Nick Drake in September 2010 and fragments (more…)

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It looks like High End Systems has upped the digital light category once again with the introduction of the DLV. High End revolutionized the “digital light” market way-back-when with the intro of the DL1….wait, the Catalyst orbital head….wait, …the Catalyst Media server…The DL3, the Axon media server, jeez! It’s amazing when you consider what they’ve brought to the table. Here’s the official lingo on their latest baby: (more…)

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DPI Lightning 45sx+ Lights An Entire Arena

OK….not the whole thing…but it’s pretty damn bright in there. The pre-game and intermission display at Rogers Arena, home of the Vancouver Canucks, got a make-over this year that includes four DPI Lightning 45sx+ projectors and Green Hippo media servers. I’ve always thought that arena’s should trick out their team intro’s and halftimes. I mean, the mascot shooting baskets and “shoot-the-puck” contests just don’t cut it any more.

There are also lightweight scrims that come down from the rafters in the for corners of the ice so it really opens the dimensionality of the show. The displays are split into segments by a Datapath X4 video wall processor, creating a 200-foot by 80-foot image on the ice. The DPI Lightning 45 sx+ packs a walloping 30,000 lumen punch with a contrast ratio of 1800:1. It also has an Intelligent Lens Mount (ILM) system that allows up to 10 different presets for lens settings (zoom, focus, shift) that can be recalled automatically. I own 2 of the 35hd’s and I can tell you, these are not your typical PJ’s- they’re big and super bright and it looks like they’ve accomplished their mission for the Canucks.

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Voyagers at the National Maritime Museum


I posted a while back on Electrosonic’s involvement with the installation of the AV system at the National Maritime Museum, but I dug a little deeper and found the artists responsible. The Light Surgeons, a multimedia collective based in East London and founded by Christopher Thomas Allen, collaborated with media artist James George to create a one-of-a-kind immersive work called Voyager. The Voyagers Gallery acts as an introduction to the extraordinary depth and range of the Museum’s collections and is dominated by a 20 metre wave-like structure that stretches the full length of the room. Designed by exhibition designers Real Studio, this 3D wave is (more…)

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Street Drum Corps “BANG!”


I recently had the pleasure of working a show at our theatre called “Street Drum Corps“. For anyone who hasn’t seen them, it’s a quartet of guys that bang on everything from trash cans to printers to microwaves and drums. They also use grinders and powertools. It’s quite a trip. From “Since their formation four years ago, Street Drum Corps have constantly refined their sound on the road, blowing away audiences at nearly every major U.S. festival with their combination of thunderous percussion and visual stimuli. SDC’s shows are a primordial, stomping blast of energy, theatricality and passion. There’s a reason why members of No Doubt, Bad Religion, and Revolution tourmates Atreyu all want to play with them – why Conan O’Brien invited them to perform on his show – and why The Used’s Bert McCracken has practically adopted them as his pet band. SDC are more concerned with rhythm than genre. In their performances, one hears tribal, rock, punk, dance and industrial, all somehow blending together in a chaotic, beautiful mess.” (more…)

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