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Resolume’s Workshops for September

resolume Arena 4_1

Get to the Hague and learn Resolume! The company is offering workshops for everything from “zero to hero” to advanced live performance, to projectionmapping. You have to register so get to their website and enter. Here’s the lowdown:

5 hours. From zero to hero. No experience required.
This workshop teaches you all you need to know to start VJ’ing with Resolume. We go over what does what in the interface, and show you the best ways to use it. Starting with the basics on how to load and trigger clips, you’ll be compositing multiple videos, applying realtime effects and using live cameras in no time. First hand knowledge from the developers themselves will make sure you’ll pick up a few things even the pros don’t know about. The focus will be on practical knowledge and skills, and we’ll show you how to best prepare your footage, how to connect to a projector, and before the day is over, you’ll be VJ’ing on the big screen yourself!
Monday 3 September 2012
€ 150.00 Euro

Advanced Resolume Workshop
5 hours. Basic experience required.
This is for everyone who already has some experience with VJ’ing in general, but wants to get to the nitty gritty of the many options Resolume has to offer. Sync clips to the BPM or have effects pop to the music. Use Cue Points and the Beatloopr to remix your footage on the fly. Streamline your signal flow and get your compositions and decks organized. We’ll go over every nook and cranny, and leave no stone unturned. At the end of the day, not only will Resolume have no more secrets to you, you’ll also have the skills to take your visual sets to the next level.
Tuesday 4 September 2012
€ 200.00 Euro

Live performance with Resolume
5 hours. Basic experience required.
Okay. So you know the basics. You know which buttons to push and how to control effects in realtime. But when do you push that button? And which effects do you apply where? And how to map that shiny new midi controller or iPad? This workshop will show you how you can setup Resolume so that you can quickly improvise to changes in the music. Allowing you to focus on being creative with your content, instead of trying to remember which button does what.
Thursday 6 September 2012
€ 200.00 Euro

Projection Mapping with Resolume Arena Workshop
5 hours. Advanced experience required.
Warning, when this workshop is over, you’ll never again be able to look at the objects around you without trying to warp video on them in your head. Projection mapping has been the buzz word in the land of live visuals for a while now, and after this workshop you can get in on the hype too. We’ll go over the basic tools you have at your disposal when mapping with Resolume. Using the powerful warping features of Arena 4.1, you can tackle any surface. And if one projector wasn’t enough, we’ll show you how to extend your maps across multiple projectors.
Friday 7 September 2012

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Infected Mushroom’s Big Balls

Psychedelic trance artists Infected Mushroom needed a trippy show….so who would you call? V Squared Labs, natch,….and VV delivered a big pair of balls. Literally. Two huge orbs flank one another against a white cyc and the artists duel it out under the influence of Touchdesigner. From some other shots you can clearly see one of them using an Emulator DVS from SmithsonMartin to mix.

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3D in the Darkroom

Motion graphics house The Darkroom (PF article on Glastonbury) were commissioned for the Sunburn festival in Goa by Percept D’mark to come up with a stage design and and perform live video mapping on it over 3 nights. The result was aptly named the “Cubezoid Stage” and by the end of the festival was voted by the public as the best stage at the festival. On the final night 20,000 pairs of 3D glasses were distributed to the punters and the the first 20 minutes of Axwell’s set was projected in 3D.

3 HD projectors, 3 Arena Media servers, a whole bunch of 3d! (Speaking of Arena, here’s a review I did for PLSN….) and make sure to check out their website for some pretty good examples of their work…

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Mojo Video Tech in a 10 Hour VJ Meltdown

Projection Conniseur Dr. Mojo is co-producing the 10 Hour VJ Meltdown at the Flat Iron Hotel tonight. Looks like it will be a serious bash so get there if you’re in the NYC area!

Multo & Mojo Video Tech Inc
in association with Frère Independent
present a 10 HOUR VJ MELTDOWN
on Friday March 9th from 3pm – 1am
to celebrate the opening of the Pool Art Fair NYC
we will be taking over the entire lobby of the

26th Street & Broadway
New York NY 10001

featuring live mixes by
Liquid Light Lab * Miixxy * DoctorMojo
Guillaume Clave * Fuzzy Bastard

installations and presentations by
Globalrev Live * VJ Electrabelle * VJ KRUNCH
Francesco Carnesecchi * VJ Albert * Ray-V

plus international artists livestreaming
Ioann – Edinborough * Vlad/Niikky – Spain

music by
DJ JayPhantom * others tba

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