UVA Updates d3- Designer is here…

The United Visual Artist’s powerful d3 system underwent some changes recently. They now offer a software only version- dubbed ‘d3 Designer’ that allows designers to use the power of d3′s pre-viz capabilities on their own machine, and then run it on a server later. Right now, d3 is spec’ed for a Windows environment (or Mac running Windows). d3 was previously only available as a software/hardware bundle. The new d3 Designer is a software only solution that has all the powerful features of d3 but with the outputs water marked. Made specially for show creators; content designers; projectionists; project managers and other video production professionals, d3 Designer is the most advanced integrated production platform in the market. Created to design and simulate your show from concept design to delivery. Shows created on d3 Designer are transferable to both 2U and 4U d3 production systems. d3’s real-time stage simulator also allows for pre-vis of moving screens and props, giving you full control of your show – on the train, or the plane, or even in your hotel. All the power of d3 in a portable and affordable package, d3 Designer is the ultimate toolkit for professionals working on stage and set designs. Easily import your stage and screens, add props and lighting, then layer up your video content and see exactly what your audience will see. Use virtual projectors to test and configure your projection set-ups, including lenses and resolution, even on the most complex of buildings, or any 3D shapes. Finally, create professional fly-through movies to communicate with your team or client for immediate sign-off. When it’s show time, take your d3 Designer project, transfer it to the d3 show system and press play.

d3 on a keychain! What could be cooler? Give’em a ring or check their website:

Phone: +44 207 3780 303
Mail: sales@d3.uva.co.uk
URL: www.d3technologies.com

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