UVA’s Origin: The Origin

I would absolutely love to see this in action. Unfortunately, the closest I’m going to get is through video, but alas, United Visual Artists knocked this one out of the proverbial park. There is a great write-up over at The Creator’s Project that is worth a read. UVA has had a busy year of it, and I’ve read quite a bit of press on the d3 in it’s various employ on tours and rigs around the world. Look for some posts soon on some of the larger gigs that have chosen to use the d3. Also have a look at UVA previously on PF.

If you were lucky enough to see either the Coachella install or the one at DUMBO, drop me line and let me know what you thought so I can be more jealous!

And be sure to have a go at the UVA website as well as a peek at their incredible d3 system. Like this kind of stuff? – hit the “donate” button on the right- or I’ll just settle for a follow on FB or Twitter. Try our RSS feed or subscribe by email for info like this on a timely basis!

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