V Squared Labs Reveals the Scion FR-S

I’m a huge fan of Vello Virkhaus’ (V Squared Labs) work and it seems he’s lent his touch to a car reveal. Projection on cars has been in the news a bunch recently- I guess everyone just jumps on the bandwagon at some point, but I happen to like it. Cars are perfect for this type of treatment….sleek lines, interesting shapes, smallish (so a really bright projector can look great), and you can use a lot more than 1 or 2 projectors if need be. V Squared Labs put their touch on this reveal for Scion and while they
didn’t map the actual car per se, the reveal is pretty fantastic. Sufficiently thumped sound, very cool horizontal line treatment, strobing out the yan…..what could be more fun?  The cast of usual suspects also lent their talents…Leviathan, Touchdesigner programmer Peter Sistrom,…..you may recall this same team put together the mindboggling Amon Tobin ISAM tour. While not exactly a world touring VJ event, the Scion gig received the royal V Squared treatment.

Client: o2 Creative Solutions

V Squared Labs
Director: Vello Virkhaus
Producer: Anastasia King
Touch Designer / Lead Programmer: Peter Sistrom
Animation: Carlo Sa, Max Chang

3D Animation / Reveal Sequence

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