Video Sculpture from Polyphant

Check out this great wall hanging sculpture that uses projectionmapping for it’s effects. Stuart Alexander of Polyphant was kind enough to send some details after the vid:

“I made the model in Cinema4D to start with, I then used a japanese paper unfolding application to scale and print all the elements. I then put all the elements together and ‘mapped’ it by tracing over with photoshop and then used this trace to create the model again in C4D; this allowed me to then basically have the sculpture in 3d. All in all it is an illusion. I did not plan to project any text or definable graphics onto the sculpture, more to use lights and other bits within 4d cinema to give the impression of it being lit from different angles.

The project was for a confrence in London called Lovelight, (basically only architectural based lighting designers, but also some product and more specialist). I built the sculpture in a few days and then could only install at around 8pm the day before an all day conference. I had no defined place to be, or set up prior to this, so as soon as I put the sculpture up and mapped it, I have around 12 hours to make all the content (and needed to sleep a little before all day lectures and night drinking). One of the best moments was a lighting sales guy exploring the sculpture and saying: “I can tell it’s LED, but how is it done?!” to which all I could do was laugh and point at the projector, I was so tired.

Projector was a real bog standard office one, again I didn’t have any budget or time to set this up. I think 2800 lumens, optima… I used modul8 to loop and fade lots of different animations I had made throughout the day / night… Most of what I tried to create was slow and subtle, with some more intense loops for later.

The backing is wood and card, all the facets are made from paper (120gsm)… It was so quick and so fragile, it did not manage to survive after the conference.

Inspiration was (to start with) a cloud, but I soon refined it to what was capable in the time frame (about a week of evenings and half a weekend). The original drawing of triangles was a lot large and was going to be the whole entrance way and bend around the architectural features of the space, this is now being developed for a future, less temporary project. I am fascinated by early computer flight sim’s and the construction of 3d terrains via simple shapes, it has been habitual in my drawing and studies in Architecture, so it is somehow a progression on a theme.. It also made the perfect form for a single projector set up (the projector can project on to every surface).”

Stuart has performed regularly in London since 2007 as a VJ and works as an architectural lighting designer ( VJ’ing got the gig in lighting, and he’s still pushing and enjoying vj’ing. In 2011 he decided to start towards making one off events which were much more special than the standard projection size. He ran a club night, with a friend, called Carousel in Stoke Newington, where they built unique projection and light installations for each show. ( and have been involved in quite a few album launches and other one off events which have had a lot more to do. He finds this much more exciting, and it helps him to develop new ideas and learn new things each time. “When you are a vj in the evening and work with quite an intense job during the day, its hard to keep the geek level I love so high, so I was melting into a repetitive rhythm, something I had to stop.”

In 2012 he’s moving towards integrating projection and lighting together, and has a series of repeating monthly events for one promoter he’s currently working with, and has some exciting opportunities at very early stages, which he hopes will grow into beautiful projects.

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