Visual Drugstore to Map for Intel Again

Due to last year’s success of the Intel Visibly Smart Experience 2011 (Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg), Intel has decided to collaborate again with the Visual Drugstore to promote the new 2012 Intel Ultrabook 3D-Tour. With 8 locations in total, the premiere will take place in Hamburg starting at 22:00 on 28.04.2012,where renowned visual artist Markos Aristides Kern will map the Internationales Maritimes Museum, with visuals revolving around the theme of the Titantic. Many more new and unique visuals to top the the 2011 Intel tour. Accompanying Kern again will be popular DJ Boris Dlugosch providing an hour of the best audio visual live performance there is to offer. The following video shows some great highlights of last year’s adventure in mapping.

There seems to be a lot of Titanic going around these days…..but we like it! The Visual Drugstore always delivers a fine performance and these should be great! And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Facebook Page of Markos’ projection mapping journey into North Africa, using the awesome MMOV- it’s like a dream come true……

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